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  • Radar Cross Section Report

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    Radar cross section (RCS) or echo area or effective area is the measure of target’s ability to reflect radar signals in the direction of the radar receiver i.e. it is the measure of the ratio of the backscattered power per steradian in the direction of the radar to the power density that is intercepted by the target [1]. RCS is a measure of how detectable an object is with the radar. The IEEE dictionary of electrical and electronics terms[1]defines RCS as a measure of reflective strength of a

  • Radar: The Doppler Effect

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    INTRODUCTION 1.1 Overview of Radar The word RADAR is an acronym coined in 1942 by U.S Navy for RAdio Detection And Ranging whose principle of operation is if an electromagnetic wave encounters sudden change in conductivity, permittivity or permeability in the medium, a part of the electromagnetic energy gets absorbed by the second medium and is re-radiated. Radar was originally developed to satisfy the needs of the military for surveillance and weapon control. Radar is an electronic sensor for the

  • Factors Affecting Aircraft Radar System

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    1.1) Explain the principles of operation of the aircraft radar systems with appropriate block Diagrams and pictorial representation. (Assessment Criteria 4.1) Radio detection and ranging is an electromagnetic sensor used for detecting, tracking, locating and recognizing objects of various types at considerable distance. Radar operates by transmitting electromagnetic energy to objects commonly referred to as targets and observing the echoes of target which returns back. The target may be aircraft

  • Case Study: Understanding Aircraft Radar Systems

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    Aircraft radar systems Contents : 4.1 - Principles and operation of aircraft radar system. 4.2 - Factors affecting aircraft radar system ( Transmitter power and antenna size,receiver noise and atmospheric conditions ) 4.3- problems on height, bearing and range. D1 - Doppler effect and doppler radar and working principle. Find the radar which uses doppler shit phenomena . Bistatic radar Continuous-wave radar Doppler radar Fm-cw radar Monopulse radar Passive radar Planar array radar Pulse-doppler

  • Remote Sensing Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Introduction. Generally, “Remote Sensing (RS) is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from distance, typically from aircraft or satellites.” {} also, the remote sensing is the sensors that collect information by detecting the energy that is reflected from the Earth. Moreover, these sensors can be located on aircrafts and it can be satellites. Remote sensors divided into two types. One type is passive sensors and another type is active sensors. Passive sensors are the sensors

  • Airport Success Factors

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    Success factors of airports There are numerous factors that leads to the success of a particular airport. The study of the success factors divides the areas that impact the success of an airport into business and finance sides. Identifying the factors that are critical for success or in some case contribute to failure of any airport, will evidently help the managers to focus on areas of concern and avoid future failures during the planning process of the airport strategy (ACRP, 2009). The planning

  • Swot Analysis Of Indigo Airlines

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    Airline industry in India Indian Aviation Industry is one of the fastest growing airline industries in the world. India is currently considered the third largest domestic Civil Aviation market in the world. Recently the Aviation industry has been influenced by growth drivers like low cost carriers, Foreign direct investment, Information technology, modern airports and continuous emphasis on regional connectivity. According to the IBEF report Domestic air traffic rose to nearly 16% in Aug 2017. The

  • Deepwater Horizon Movie Analysis

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    “Deepwater Horizon” is a movie regarding explosion of oil rig based on true event which happened in the year of 2010 at United States. It is a dramatization of the April 2010 disaster, when the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded and created the worst oil spill in U.S. history. In this movie, the disaster was happened on 20 April 2010, the drilling rig exploded at the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico and kills eleven crew members. Main character and his colleagues fighting for

  • Pest Analysis: PEST Analysis For Airbnb

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    PEST analysis is a model that uses environmental scanning to analyze the four factors, such as political, economic, social-cultural and technological. PEST analysis is a part of external analysis when making market research, giving the company an overview of the different factors in the overall environment. This strategy tool can also effectively understand the growth or decline of the market, the business situation, potential and operational direction. Political factor include government type and

  • Vehicle Tracking System Essay

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    2.0 Introduction: The vehicle tracking system is an electronic device that is used in tracking a vehicle’s location. Almost all tracking systems use GPS module to locate the vehicle’s position. Many systems also combine communication components such as satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Google maps are used to view the vehicle’s location. The GPS can transmit the collected information about the vehicle at regular intervals or at least could transmit

  • Root Locus Case Study

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    Design of Missile with Two-Loop and Autopilot Yaw Using Root Locus Abstract:This paper aims at designing Automatic Landing Systems for MISSILE based on Root Locus modern control system. The control method is used to determine gains of the controllers in order to apply the Root Locus method. The block diagram of the proposed control system with required controller gains is established. The transfer functions for open loop and then the closed loop are obtained based on automatic control principles

  • Essay On Weather Radar System

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    Write a brief description of how a particular aircrafts Weather Radar system operates? Introduction In the following assignment a Boeing weather radar system will be analysed. The history of weather radars will also be looked into along with all of the parts connected to the system, the interface used, data these interface normally carry on the aircraft and the methods used for testing and checking the system. Abstract Weather radar has a very important role on any aircraft. It allows the detection

  • Importance Of Religion In Social Work

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    RELIGION V/S SPIRITUALITY: THE BLURRING LINE By Sahil Chopra (PGP/17/343) Submitted in partial fulfilment of course on Business Research methods No portion of the work referred to in this proposal has been submitted in support of an application of another degree or qualification of this or any other university or other school of learning. Acknowledgement Writing a business research proposal is a very challenging aspect of a student’s life. This however would not have been possible

  • Disadvantages Of Stealth Technology

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    aircrafts, ships, submarines, missiles and satellites to be invisible for radar, infrared and sonar devices. HISTORY The idea of stealth technology comes from camouflage and its usage was started for gamekeepers in England. In 1940s, stealth technology was tried for a ship and aircraft with using diffused lighting camouflage (producing light to match with background) but they are disproved by radar.

  • The Missile Guidance System

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    The computer determines the desired trajectory for the missile to intercept the target. This trajectory is sent as commands to the missile. The missile in turn, uses them to provide the necessary actuation. Usually, a RADAR or LASER system is used to keep track of the missile. Alternatively, imaging systems can also be used to keep track of them. The computer computes intricate details such as the desired position (specified by the roll,pitch and yaw of the missile)

  • Disadvantages Of Microwaves

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    helped mobile phones too by making them more compact by making them be able to use smaller antennas since the microwaves have allowed them to receive more compact waves. Microwaves are also useful because they can be used for traffic speed cameras and radars which are used for various transportations and weather forecasters. Microwave ovens are used by using microwaves. Inside the microwave oven, there is an object which generates microwaves called a magnetron. After the start switch has been pressed

  • Stealth Technology Case Study

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    come from radar-absorbing paint used on the tail section. Pakistan had allowed the people's Republic Of China scientists to examine the helicopter's tail section and were especially interested in its radar-absorbing paint. Picture5 Silver finish makes it harder to detect on radar and by infrared sensors. Shape of tail boom has been altered and possibly enlarged to evade radar. Pan-like cover or hubcap over the rear rotor head conceals exposed machinery which is more easily picked up on radar. Extra

  • Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Analysis

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    (2006) used the continuous wave microwave radar, pulsed Doppler microwave radar and UHF Doppler radar for measuring the surface velocity which was converted to mean velocity by multiplying a factor 0.85. The cross-section profile of the stream channel was carried out by Ground penetrating radar (GPR) which helped in area computation. He used these radars at various sites and concluded that the non-contact methods of streamflow measurement were efficient

  • Avionics In Aviation Engineering

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    Avionics components such as navigation, weather radar and radio communication equipment. Figure xxx shows the basic UAV avionics architecture. A UAS data link typically radio transmitter and a receiver, an antenna, and modems to connect these parts with the sensor systems. Based on the scenarios of Logger operation, the specific requirements of the transport operation include [Concept of unmanned light airship]: 1) Navigation and Doppler radar to determine

  • The Importance Of The Print Press

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    Radio waves are commonly used as a war strategy and were heavily used during World War II. In fact, the proper use of radar could have very well changed the entire course of the war. On December 7th, 1941, operators of a radar plane detector in Oahu, Hawaii, detected the approach of Japanese aircraft. During war situations, radar is used to detect incoming attacks and to accurately aim attacks, providing immediate news about war status. The operators spotting the incoming