The Smallest Dragonboy By Anne Mccaffrey

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What would you do if you got beat up with a shovel because you were small? Keevan, the main character from the short story “The Smallest Dragonboy” by Anne McCaffrey, would be very patient. Keevan is the smallest dragonboy and people are constantly making fun of him and hitting him for it. The only way for Keevan to gain some respect is to earn a dragon. Although faced with many challenges along the way, Keevan pushes through and it rewarded with a bronze dragon, the most valuable dragon. Keevan is a brave, selfless, and determined go-getter. To begin with, Keevan is very brave. Beterii, Keevan’s biggest enemy, is constantly calling Keevan “babe” and saying why Keevan does not deserve to be part of the Impression because of his size. Keevan always stands up for himself even though Beterii is much bigger than Keevan. Keevan always reminds Beterii to not jump to conclusions and assume that Keevan will not get a dragon because of his size. Beterii never listens to Keevan. …show more content…

This is shown when Beterii and Keevan get into an argument. Beterii was teasing Keevan, hinting that Keevan got kicked out of the Impression. Beterii gets very angry and annoyed and hit Keevan with a shovel. Keevan is badly injured, and his foster mother says Keevan should not go to the Impression because of the injury. “As much as he hated Beterii, he could not force himself to tattle on Beterii and force him out of candidacy.” (5) Keevan could have gotten Beterii eliminated from the Impression and raise his chance of getting a dragon, but Keevan decides to do otherwise for

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