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  • The Symbolism Of Rapunzel's Hair In Disney Movies

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    We all know the famous Disney movie, Tangled, with princess Rapunzel so here’s how it’s actually portrayed. It all started with the original story of the Grimm’s fairytale, Rapunzel, in 1812. Even though Grimms Tales was the original there is more insight on what really went on with Rapunzel,as in things like symbolism, sufferings, and the comparison of different versions. There is lots of symbolism in all stories of Rapunzel especially with colors. One example of symbolism is Rapunzel’s hair, “The

  • Psychoanalysis In The Wizard Of Oz

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    Psychoanalysis of the Wizard of Oz Of the many literary theories that have come about over the years, one of the most interesting is the idea of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis was first introduced in the 1880s by Sigmund Freud, he claimed that unconscious desires were the reasoning behind most behavioral problems. Furthermore, Freud speculated that one’s subconscious desires were influenced by what happened in one’s childhood ("Purdue OWL: Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism", 2018). Freud also

  • Gender Differences In Household Tales

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    From Cinderella to Rapunzel, the Grimm brothers’ stories are a household name. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, dubbed the Brothers Grimm, were collectors of stories armed with the passion to capture aspects of German culture in folklore (Zipes, 2002, p. 12). Although the brothers and their stories are celebrated in modern day, it took many editions of their first book, Children and Household Tales to gain traction (Zipes , 2002, p. 17). Originally published in 1812, the brothers extensively edited the tales

  • What Is Miss Havisham's Biggest Mistake

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    Miss Havisham’s Biggest Mistake Of course Miss Havisham made many mistakes in her life. Everyone eventually does. Was it falling in love with Compeyson? Was it adopting Estella in the first place? No, Havisham’s gravest mistake was the motivations she had for adopting her. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens uses Miss Havisham to illustrate the negative impact of her desire to live through her daughter Estella. Miss Havisham is selfish. This is not something the readers can tell right away,

  • Victimization In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    Victimization is the act of showing cruel and unfair treatment to a person. There are many different ways people can show the act of victimizing a person by physical, emotional, and even verbally. In this case four women being verbally by the men that controlled them in the plays. In Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream the women were very much treatment unfairly from the way they were talked to, and the duties they had which was all chosen by men for them live their life. But despite having the

  • Rapunzel Archetypes

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    Julia Vann 08/12/16 Archetypal Analysis of Folk and Fairy Tales Rapunzel 1. Rapunzel: The Innocent, The Rebel. Rapunzel can be seen as The Innocent in her tale because she has been trapped in a tower most her life, the Witch being the only other human she has interacted with. Her innocence can be easily seen when it is said that she has never seen a man before. That is how secluded she has been. She is also The Rebel in that she was sneaking a man up the tower without her mother knowing and had

  • Personal Narrative Writing: The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

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    I am fascinated by magic. Magic – magical things and moments that could take me away from the static and mundane rhythms in daily life. The list could go on from small flowers that grow on a pavement, my dogs’ happy and supposedly smiling faces, stories in books, movies and music, to my imagination and daydreams. With such fact laid out, it should come as a combo package that I am also in love with narratives; stories and tales in which I can indulge myself in different worlds and practically live

  • Poem Analysis: Life Doesn T Frighten Me

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    “Life doesn’t frighten me” is a priceless primer on poetry,that represents and raises the voices of children, that are mostly stoped silenced by those younger ones. The poet presents the poem in a personal manner to make the reader feel her and all the children that she speaks up for, because the speaker doesn’t want to be seen as weak anymore in representing the difficulties of the life and how they (children) can face or are facing it. The poem consists of eight stanzas, using rhymes

  • The Symbolic Pearl In The Scarlet Letter

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    The Symbolic Pearl Symbolism is a technique used by all writers, and The Scarlet Letter is no exception. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is full of symbolism. Actually Hawthorne is one of the most prolific symbolist in American literature. Characters, events, relationships, feelings, and even weather are part of or are symbolism. Pearl is a complicated symbol of an act of love and passion. This child is not meant to be a realistic character but rather a symbol of Hester’s sin, blessing

  • Symbolism In The Frog King

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    to take care of money and plan his future to make sure his mother and siblings would be financially secure”(Johnson 1). Jacob knew it would be hard to focus on his education while taking care of his family, but he was able to get through it. The brothers had been through a lot after their father died. The brothers didn’t have the best education, but they didn’t give up on themselves. “Their new teachers treated them rudely in the beginning. Most all the other boys came from well-to-do families and

  • Rapunzel Compare And Contrast

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    The story of Rapunzel is a fairytale of a young girl that lives in a tower with her mother in the middle of a forest. The girl is beautiful and cherished deeply by her mother, since she was her only child. The story has been rewritten many times, but two of the rewritten stories that stick out in particular is the 1812 Grim Brothers original version and the newest version, Tangled, by the Walt Disney company. The similarities with symbolism and what is valued between the old story and the new one

  • Rapunzel Character Analysis

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    appropriate for many viewers today. Disney in their version came up with some changes, so in order to fit their target audience needs. There are many differences between the Grimm Brother’s version of Rapunzel and the later rewritten Disney version. What are the differences that between Disney version of Rapunzel and Grimm Brother’s version? One of the biggest differences were, the characters of the story, the events that take place, and the ending of the story. First, the characters took a lot of part

  • Rapunzel Research Paper

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    Rapunzel Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a small house outside her house there was a garden that had rapunzel in it the woman saw it and was craving for it. The woman told her husband that if she dosen’t get the rapunzel she would die so her husband went in the garden and was about to get the rapunzel but just then the sorceress who owned the garden came and said i will destroy you for entering my amazing garden. The husband cried please don’t destroy me my wife is having a baby

  • Comparison Of Rapunzel And Grimm Brothers

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    similarities and distinguishing the differences between two versions of the fairy tale. I will be discussing the intended audience and the leading theme of one fairy tale in particular. The fairy tale that I will be exploring and evaluating will be Rapunzel. This fairy tale was originally written by the internationally renowned authors; Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. These authors were known as the Grimm Brothers. The fairy tale begins with a married couple who long for a child to have of their own. However

  • Rapunzel Rhetorical Analysis

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    primary colors, value, and poses to evoke a response from an audience of all ages. Her goal is to convince the audience that Disney and its theme parks is where dreams come true. In the photograph of Rapunzel, Leibovitz displays the phrase “where a world of adventure awaits” at the top left corner. Rapunzel (Taylor Swift), wearing a corseted long-sleeved gown with swirls of rich purple and pink, is seen perched upright atop a tower window; one foot is planted on the window seal while the other is hanging

  • Personal Narrative: Where Are Your Barbies

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    about the years of entertainment, comfort, and creativity these dolls have provided. In the bottom of the bin, I uncover Rapunzel. My eyes swell with tears as my heart begins to pound. I am transported back to when I was six-years-old and she was my favorite Barbie. Her hair is in rats, her beautiful gown is tattered but her familiar smile is still visible. Over the years Rapunzel played a beautiful Princess, a new high school student trying to adjust, and a villain. I turned her around and pressed

  • Why Gothel Stole Rapunzel

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    movie or book. The rudest, meanest, dirtiest villain that I know, is Gothel: Rapunzel 's evil step mom. Gothel stole Rapunzel as a baby from her parents, the king and queen. The only reason why Gothel wanted Rapunzel was for her magic hair that could heal and help and anyone. She didn 't even love Rapunzel for who she was inside. As she got older, Gothel always told her that she was her original mother and that Rapunzel has been with her forever. I would personally not like to live or be with

  • An Analysis Of Grimm Brother's Rapunzel

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    The Grimm Brother’s “Rapunzel” is arguably the best-known version of the classic story after the Disney version. As fairytales go, Rapunzel does not stray too far from the stereotypical representations of female characters, featuring the good mother, the misrepresented evil witch of a stepmother and the passive princess. Placed into their boxes, and never allowed to change the course of their storyline, these women are denied any form of activity or satisfaction unless their male counterpart allows

  • Rapunzel Vs. The Fair Angiola

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    Have you ever read Rapunzel? I’m sure you have because it is a classic, but you might not have read other versions of it that tell the same story but in many different ways. The Fair Angiola is one of these different versions, both Rapunzel and The Fair Angiola both share different aspects of what happened and also quite a few similarities. Although the “happily-ever-after” ending stays the same in both Rapunzel stories, the plot is changed in many irritating ways which makes for a very colorful

  • Rapunzel: Archetype Of Overcoming The Monster

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    Selected fairy-tale: Rapunzel A/ Archetype Analysis: The story of Rapunzel explores the archetype of ‘overcoming the monster.’ After a man is caught stealing a ‘Rapunzel plant’ from a witch named Dame Gothel’s garden to save his pregnant wife’s life though in exchange for his first-born. Rapunzel is taken from her parents after birth by Dame Gothel whom believes she is the most beautiful in the land and locks her in a tower on her 12th birthday. When a prince hears Rapunzel’s singing voice he comes