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  • Characteristics Of Aswang The Philippine Monster

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    Aswang, a terrible Philippine Monster Roselyn U. Consigo Capitol of Education, Capitol University 18 January 2017 The purpose of this paper is to share of how aswang as a folktale adapt to the Philippine Island. Aswang can be traced back to the 15th to the 16th centuries, Aswang was depicted as “a native superstition” from the view point of Spanish missionaries, trying to propagate their Catholic beliefs, or as “a demon” standing against their

  • Post 9/11: Global War On Terrorism

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    reckon off. Information and evidence seized in operations against JI linked suspects since 2010 proves JI poses threat and intent to use aggression to attain its goals. According to Kennimrod Sariburaja, JI still poses a threat in the South-East Asia region via its available links and cooperation with other terrorist groups, in particular Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). Thus, JI are assessed to continue to plan to conduct terrorist attacks in the

  • Racial Uplift In The Philippines

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    acquired many new territories ranging from Alaska to the Philippines. Through the Roosevelt Corollary and the dollar diplomacy, politics shaped broad relationships between America, Latin America, and the Pacific Ocean. The Guano Islands Act along with the relations with Hawaii and Panama represent the economic impact of foreign relations. Cultural relations stemming from racial superiority and racial uplift are also present in ties with the Philippines, Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Panama. Violent conflicts

  • Ferdinand Magellan In The Philippines

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    1521 in the Philippines that led the country to be under the colony of Spain for 300 years. His expedition began when royal officials gave him a command to sail to Maluku (the Spice Islands). By sailing westward, he finally arrived in Homonhon Island on March 17, 1521, a province of Eastern Samar, Philippines. On Easter Sunday of March 31, 1521, Magellan conducted the first Catholic mass at Limasawa Island in Southern Leyte that marked the birth of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. He befriended

  • How Does Water Pollution Affect Human Life

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    The major sources of water pollution in the Philippines are inadequately treated domestic wastewater or sewage, agricultural wastewater, industrial wastewater, and nonpoint sources such as rain- and groundwater runoff from solid waste or garbage deposits, which is also known as leachate. (The Problem) Water pollution in the Philippines can cause waterborne diseases by drinking polluted water: Typhoid, Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Ascariasis, and

  • Philippine Government History

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    Introduction As a democratic and republican country, the power of the government mainly comes from the people of the Philippines, as it is stated on Section 1, Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Because sovereignty lies in the people, a government structure should embrace to the individuals and not the individuals to a managed kind of structure. With the existence of Filipinos with distinctive influences and ethnic diversities, a decentralized manifestation of government would be more

  • Importance Of Federalism In The Philippines

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    Federalism is a topic one might be familiar as one of the advocacies of the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. In all cases and in the most succinct way, a federal political system is a political system in which there is equality of status between its constituent levels of government (Law, 2013). It has been deemed magnificently controversial, looming both threats of empowered regionalism and division and promises of nationwide development and solidarity. Regardless of the sentiments

  • Terrorism: Terrorism And Terrorism

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    town leaving no stone unturned. You find yourself in the face of an ordinary man behind a black mask and you ask “What is going on?” He smiled menacingly, as he pointed a gun at you, and replied “A Terrorist attack.” As Capitalism emerged, the Philippines was exposed to different cultures, religions, races, and ideologies. Eventually, this diversity of beliefs and ideas led to disagreements and wars. Up until now, it is still plagued with conflicts resulting from that diversity to the point that

  • Spanish Colonization Of Filipino Analysis

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    contact with the East Indies and mainland Southeast Asia would be a defining force in shaping the region for the last half of the millennium. In the next century, the British East India Company (EIC) and Dutch East India Company (VOC) were established to facilitate trade between Europe and Asia. Around the same time as the "discovery" of modern-day Indonesia, Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines and declared it a colony on the behalf of the Spanish Crown. Prior to European arrival, the people

  • Thesis Statement On Nutrition

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    Researchers: Kyle Antonio Latayan & Margaret Manuel General Topic: Nutrition Narrowed Topic: Effects of malnutrition on children ages 6-10 in NCR in 2013 Thesis Statement: There are several effects of malnutrition among children living in the poverty line because they do not receive adequate education. Literature Review Nutrition is one of the essential processes directly influencing the overall health and growth of an individual. This requires a person to be fully aware on the types and quantity

  • Meta Synthesis Vs Meta Analysis

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    With respect to its Southeast Asian neighbors, China is effective and can misuse that circumstance to expand its own security with respect to that of the Philippines. The Philippines, then again, considers itself to be unsafe concerning China and with the capacity to use its resistance to seek after its own particular security and monetary interests and those of its partners that are independent of China's. In the South

  • Local Government In The Philippines

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    Introduction As a democratic and republican country, the power of the government principally comes from the people of the Republic of the Philippines, as it is stated in Section 1, Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Because sovereignty lies in the people, a government structure should embrace to the individuals and not the individuals to a managed kind of structure. With the existence of Filipinos with distinctive influences and ethnic diversities, a decentralized manifestation of government

  • Domestic Violence Against Women Research Paper

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    big effect not only on individual, family and home but also to the economy and productivity in region, officials and experts. In Vietnam, there were 30 percent of women reported physical, sexual or psychological harm. In China, it is reported that around one in four women experiences domestic violence as per to All China Women’s Federation. “Statistics on violence against women and girls in our region continue to shock” (Maaren,

  • Essay About Public Health Nursing

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    Salle Lipa about Public Health Care in the Philippines Introduction Amid the Spanish regime (1591-1898) brother Juan Clemente began Public Health administration through a dispensary in Intramuros in year 1577. In this administration, water sanitation began, little pox immunization was likewise presented and the making of position of region, commonplace additionally national health office happened. In year 1906, the production of Bureau of

  • Essay On Politics Of Identity

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    In most Southeast Asian countries, religion plays a big part in preserving culture and tradition and is integral to social cohesion. In many parts of the region, religion is also closely linked with an individual’s race thus further enhancing the role religion plays in culture and the community. For example, Malays and Indonesians, and Indians see Islam and Hinduism as symbiotic to their race and culture

  • Pros And Cons Of Federalism

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    An Overview on Federalism Through the PH Debate Context The problem with concepts in political science like federalism is it’s taken for granted. When advocates and critics debate the pros and cons of federalism in the country, it seems as if it’s a straightforward issue and idea, devoid of nuances. Indeed, the need for clarification and understanding of the concept is important to raise the level of its discussion in our society. Paleker provided a conceptual analysis of federalism by delineating

  • American Imperialism Essay

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    over continents to take control of the Philippines. However, while the U.S struggled with an internal conflict of morality in conquering nation-states against their will, their incompetent ruling had caused trouble in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. Four American corporations privatized Puerto Rico’s best land and aimed to sell sugar. The result of that had “30 percent” of Puerto Ricans unemployed and “one-third” illiterate. The situation in the Philippines was even worse: the U.S elected a corrupt

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Government In The Philippines

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    's happening around us since it may instantly change anyway. The Philippines specifically, have gone through great changes in the past several years. These changes have rooted from problems that made it impossible for us to develop and progress as a country. It is perhaps opportunely that our government is able to push through boundaries and traditions to come up with resolutions and better policies/laws. All this time, the Philippine Economy has been deemed to have strong growth hindered by political

  • Pinatubo Vs St Helens Case Study

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    powerful volcanoes located in different economical settings. Mt. Pinatubo is located in an LEDC, this country is known as the Philippines. Mt. St. Helens is located in the United States of America. Volcanoes often cause worldwide issues and distress when they erupt causing large economic struggles and battles for people’s lives. Mt. Pinatubo is located in Botolan in the Philippines. The volcano is on the island of Luzon and erupted in 1991. The exact time that the eruption started was 1:42pm on June

  • Trauma Center Essay

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    The proponent will analyze the medical condition within the specified region to justify the need for a trauma center that will cater emergency cases. The guideline provided by the study deals primarily with a facility-based trauma center. The study will focus on a level 1 trauma center design guidelines and consideration set by the Department of Health (DOH) together with the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS). The proposal will be a Trauma Capable Facility which is a Department