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  • Pros And Cons Of Mandated Reporters

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    Mandated Reporters are persons who, as a result of their profession, are more likely to be aware of abuse or neglect of persons with disabilities. Mandated Reporters are required by law to report cases of suspected abuse to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) when they have a suspicion that a person with a disability is suffering from a reportable condition of abuse or neglect. Other persons who are not mandated to report may choose to file reports of suspected abuse. Who are Mandated

  • Gender Inequality In Sports Essay

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    Women have come a long way in the fight for equality – in the 1970s women fought for things like equal pay and equal opportunities in the workplace, yet this is still an issue today. This is even relevant to sport as sportsmen earn more than sportswomen for doing the same job. For years’ gender inequality has plagued professional sports, with people suggesting women’s sport is of a lower quality and women will never be as good as their male counterparts. On my cover I decided to blow up a picture

  • Poem By Sylvia Plath Analysis

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    Script for IOP Rationale I chose to do my IOP as a TV show because I think that it is a good way of explaining the ideas in the poetry written by Sylvia Plath. My inspiration came from YouTube channels such as CrashCourse and tv shows such as Voices from the Air. I strongly believe that a creative presentation like this will help in the process of explaining the poem “Totem” than doing a purely analytical presentation. Thank you! Introduction Thank you for tuning into Channel 9. You are about to

  • Child Welfare Paper

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    The child welfare in the United States is another role for many social worker diversity position for the well being of children. The child welfare system in the United States is a nonstop job in which role shift in optimizing family protection and child safety. In 1997 the law and process for adoption and continues advocacy for the safety of the family changed the background of child welfare practice. The purpose of the law is connected safety through a process and demonstration on how each factor

  • Bias: The Role Of Bias In The Media

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    when the news station wants to pick a side and wants the people to believe it and be in favor for it. It could be in favor of what the reporters think. Reporters usually side with one side of a story and either make it sound more positive or negative depending on the topic. This usually occurs with politics because there is always bias in the news and media and reporters want

  • Importance Of Sports Journalism

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    Sports Journalism is a form of specialisation with its own rules and conditions. Whether one is a sports writer, reporter or sub-editor, the basic principles of reporting remain the same. Within Sports Journalism, there are sub categories like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, etc. It is pleasant for the sports writer to be seated in the best seats and

  • George Clooney: A True Hero

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    recognized for more than just his superb acting. 2 Reasons Why George Clooney is a Hero of The Modern World Clapway FIRST REASON: THE HUMANITARIAN As mentioned earlier, George Clooney is a great humanitarian, and he recently got a little upset at a reporter. Just recently, he was in Berlin promoting his movie and meeting with the refugees in Europe. However, things

  • Un Recommends Eat More Bugs Analysis

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    Eating More Bugs” by David J. Tenenbaum is a report that informs and persuades readers to eat more bugs. In, “UN Recommends Eating More Bugs,” as reported in The Why Flies, the reporter builds an argument that eating insects as a source of protein in animal and human diets could help solve the world food problem. The reporter uses economical, ecological, and nutritional facts and evidence to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of his argument. First, Tenenbaum uses economical evidence to strengthen

  • Media Bias Analysis

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    presented in the choices of sorts of stories that they show on the news. It can be presented in the dialect utilized on shows, and that is composed in the daily paper and magazines. Is it wrong for a reporter to add things to the news that is not real to make it more interesting? It can be if the reporter is tending to his bias thoughts and disregarding the objectiveness, fairness, and balance that he or she promised to do. Anyhow is this truly an issue in the media?. Regarding people who believe

  • China Syndrome Character Analysis

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    but latter in the movie he then knew something was wrong, that it was more then just an accident but he didn’t want to say anything because his life was in danger if the word got out that the power plant wasn’t safe. While Jack hid in his house a reporter came knocking on the door to ask him some questions about what had happened that day back at the power plant. As he

  • Intellectual Disability Case Criteria

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    REPORTER: The reporter/School Nurse (Lana) called with concerns for the victim, Briana. Briana has an intellectual disability, and she can perform her daily ADL’s. The victim’s mother (Melissa) and father (Joseph) are her caretakers. On today (05/03/2016), the reporter, Kathleen McAllister (teacher), and Mrs. Brooks (counselor) met with the victim. According to the victim, on yesterday morning, the victim was brushing her teeth when her mother (Melissa) came into the bathroom, pulled her hair, and

  • All The President's Men Essay

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    Director Alan J. Pakula hit the nail on the head with his film, All the President’s Men, which does a fantastic job portraying the events of the Watergate scandal. Filmed in 1976, the movie encompasses the story of reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) from The Washington Post as they try to uncover vital details about the scandal. To keep an engaging audience, Pakula starts his film off with an eerie and controversial scene that portrays a guard ripping off

  • Industrial Revolution Environment

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    News reporter Welcome back to Everyday news. In yesterday's segment, it was said that an archaeologist found information about the industrial revolution and its impact within the environment. Today, this special guest, will be answering some questions about today's topic. To start off, I will be defining the meaning of the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed every aspect of human life and lifestyles, it was known to be one of the largest changes that occurred to

  • All The President's Men Analysis

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    Perseverance: The American way of Journalism The media works hard everyday to create new, interesting, and important stories for their readers, but most consumers don’t see the significant difficulties that the journalists, reporters, and others working in media face. The movie All the President’s Men depicts to the viewer the struggles Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein faced while trying to uncover the truth of the Watergate scandal through investigative reporting. Thanks to their hard work and

  • Controversy: The Lunar Effect

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    effect is by reporters blaming the lunar effect for causing certain events. For example, many reporters blame the lunar effect on crimes. An example of this would be "a reporter blaming the lunar effect for causing car accidents on Sunday, when in reality their were more accidents because it's busier on the weekends. In general, people tend to believe reporters, and tend to get suspicious about movies involving the lunar effect. This causes people to not realize that movies and reporters can deceive

  • Media Influence On Haiti

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    media portray Haiti and their citizens has a major influence on how their past history and present is interpreted. Gina Ulysse discuses in her book about an encounter a reporter had when she was on the scene of the earthquake. The reporter was stunned that Haitians were going on with their lives like nothing had occurred. The reporter noticed that some people still had dust and debris from fallen buildings on their clothes and were going on with their day

  • Analysis Of Haskell Wexler's Film Medium Cool

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    strong and general distrust in the American government and local authorities. In Haskell Wexler's film “Medium Cool”, the media is desensitized to the events that surround it. The film explores the exploitation of journalism, the responsibility that reporters hold in context to their stories, and the nature of the camera. The government may be seen as the problem to some for the political violence that came from this time, but I’d argue that Medium Cool highlights just how corrupt and unethical the media

  • A Summary Of In Cold Blood's Effect On Journalism

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    Go into detail and talk about the way it changed how journalist reported (took notes on events and what the journalist did with the reports to make it more interesting) B. How reporters did everything before the original way before the novel came out Examples Stories Facts (...) Body Section 2: (effects on the people that read the reports) Talk about the public and their opinion on the news before Capote's new style of writing

  • Argumentative Essay: Under The First Amendment

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    no law shall be made “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble” (U.S. Constitution). Yet in Ferguson, protesters were confronted by police officers carrying military-grade equipment, and reporters were arrested while simply doing their job. Zinn appears to have been right; at least temporarily, the rights an American has under the First Amendment are whatever the cop on the beat says they are. Since its founding, the United States of America

  • Informative Speech: The Zika Virus

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    serious threat to the general health of the world. There has already been 3 infected people in Korea and is regarded as a danger to pregnant women. Let 's head to NNN 's special laboratory, where the Zika virus is being tested and studied, in Chungju. reporter: Hello, I 'm Nawon. This is where the medicine and treatments are being developed by scientists. The infamous Zika virus still has neither cures nor any significant prevention methods up to this day. Moreover, some have already died in foreign countries