Rigor mortis Essays

  • Summary Of William Stafford's 'Traveling Through The Dark'

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    Death and Darkness On A Narrow Road According to State Farm, the average amount of collisions caused by deer is estimated at 1.23 million and about 200 fatalities a year. These accidents cost more than $4 billion in vehicle damage. In William Stafford’s “Traveling Through the Dark,” a driver encounters a dead pregnant doe in the middle of the road he was traveling. He had to act wisely so that he could prevent further accidents from happening since the doe was laying in the road. So, he decided

  • Personal Identification Essay

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    Personal identification is an integral part of all the investigations carried out at the scene of crime. Personal identification refers to the establishment of individuality of a person. The need of personal identification arises in cases of mass disasters like plane crash, bomb blast, tsunami etc. It is also important to establish the identity of an individual in cases where mutilated bones are recovered or parts of burnt bones are found. Developing the identity of the dead is obvious for social

  • Nursing Reflective Journal Report

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    NUR1014 Professionalism and Contemporary Nursing Reflective Journal(I) Name: Ko Wing Yi Student Number:15001448 My perception and perspectives of being a nurse in the healthcare team In the healthcare team, every member holds different role, such as nurses, doctor. And they will cooperate with each other which to provide care to patients. Nurse include many important roles such as caregiver, health promoter, client advocate, care coordinator, counselor, case manager, educator

  • Who Created The Locard's Exchange Principle And What Is It?

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    is the definition of Forensic Science? 2. Who created the Locard’s Exchange Principle and what is it? 3. What are the different types of crime laboratory units? 4. What is Forensic Pathology? 5. What is the difference between Rigor Mortis, Livor Mortis and Algor Mortis? 6. What is Forensic Odontology? READ: Done. WRITE: 1. What is the definition of Forensic Science? a. According to the textbook titled Criminalistics, Forensic Science is defined as the application of science to the criminal

  • Skeletal Muscle Structure

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    The contraction makes the Z discs closer to each other and increases density of filaments, therefore reduces chewing ability. After slaughter, but before the rigor mortis, it is still able for filaments to slide over each other. However, after rigor mortis, the two types of filaments become fixed. Because of some reason by which the rigor mortis comes right at the time of contractile state, the meat will be very tough. It results from not enough ATP to operate the calcium pump, so the calcium concentration

  • Essay On Muscle Glycogen

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    Muscle relaxation for the muscle to relax it is necessary to remove the calcium ions (which happens when there are no more nerve impulses) and to provide ATP so that more MgATP filler can be formed. Stored glycogen is the immediate source of energy for muscle activity. The glycogen is broken down by glycolitic enzymes to pyruvic acid, which is in turn broken down in the presence of oxygen (supplied by the blood) to carbon dioxide (removed by the blood) and water. During this process ATP is made available

  • Putrefaction And Decomposition Research Paper

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    down sugars in the intestines to the last vulture picking any the final scraps of meat. Decomposition can be broken down into five individual sub-stages. The first of which is fresh. The fresh stage may include the stages of algor mortis, rigor mortis, and livor mortis. These stages are where the body adjusts to the surrounding temperature, becomes stiff, and then discolored due to blood setting in the bottom of the corpse. The release of cellular enzymes then commences to breakdown nearby

  • Essay On Forensic Autopsy

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    Introduction Forensic pathologists are specially trained medical physicians that determine the death of people who died suddenly or violently. This essay will examine the steps they take to determine the cause of death, and . Autopsy The meaning of autopsy is to look at yourself. An autopsy is a medical procedure performed on a corpse to determine the cause of death. Autopsies are forbidden in some middle eastern religions, some believe in keeping the body complete. A medical examiner usually involves

  • Forensic Taphonomy Study

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    and late post mortem changes. Early post changes can be observed through the processes of rigor mortis, algor mortis and livor mortis. Rigor mortis is the stiffening of voluntary and involuntary muscles on the carcass or corpse. Livor mortis occur as a result from accumulation or blood pooling within dilated vascular channels at the lower part of body due to the gravity (Lee 2009; Powers 2005).Algor mortis can be defined as body cooling process or decreasing in body temperature until equal to ambient

  • Time Of Death In Homicide Investigation

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    The discovery of a dead body become a homicide case when during the preliminary investigation of police, it appears that there is a foul play involve in the nature of how the victim died. Homicide case is handled by homicide investigator. During homicide investigation, one of the important and primary part towards giving a victim justice he or she deserved is to find out the time he or she was killed. Because without such piece of information the case will go to nowhere. Therefore, in this paper

  • Decomposition In Murder Investigations

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    Decomposition is the process by which organic substances are broken down into a much simpler form of matter. A murderer could bury his victim in a grave, hide it in a unordinary place or leave their body at the scene of the crime, exposed to the elements. When the body is discovered forensic experts and police on the scene will try to figure out when the victim died. The time of death is very important during a murder investigation. There are many factors along with the decomposition process that

  • Personal Narrative: Eve's Murder

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    Eve claims her sister Carol used her car without her permission, had an accident, and she want 's her to pay for the repair cost to fix her car. Carol says she needed to go to the store to get diapers or something, so she took her sister 's car without her permission. Carol says her sister left the back door open, so she went into her house, grabbed the keys nd went to the store. Carol and Ever were neighbors at the time. Well, oh her way to the store a deer jumped out in front of her, and she

  • The Gas Poker Poem Analysis

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    it. Both stood aghast at the terrible sight. Their mother was lying on the floor with a gas poker rigid over her face with a rug over her mouth. And the place was full of gas. It was all packed with newspapers to stop the gas from getting out. ‗Rigor Mortis‘ (that is,

  • Explain The Destruction Of The Physical Body After Death

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    irreversible loss of brain function necessary to sustain life. Immediately after the heart stops beating, the body rapidly cools down until it reaches room temperature (“Algor Mortis”). Without the heart pumping, blood coagulates in the veins, arteries and capillaries, causing the entire body to stiffen. “Rigor mortis” sets in around two to six hours after death. A few days after death, bacteria begin to break down the body until finally one month after death the organs are liquified leaving

  • Forensic Death Investigation

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    The history of death investigation goes way back in time. Technology over the year has drastically increased in this field and has found the true perpetrators of the crime more often. It is getting harder for these killers and rapists to get away with their crimes. Criminal cases that were not solved or thought to be solved over 100 years ago can be solved now because of certain technology that can make the evidence more clearly of as to what actually did happen at the scene of the crime. Forensic

  • Essay On Constraction Model

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    Constraction: On Air Building a constraction model is different from building an usual brick model. First you must have a decent collection of parts in the scheme you want to build in, and a basic understanding of how to work with technic parts. You must also have standard computer knowledge. You should not start out by completely sorting out all of your constraction parts. Constraction has too many different categories to separate them logically. Also you should avoid using your teeth to take

  • Romanticism In The Masque Of The Red Death

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    The gothic period in American history was full of dark themes that reflected the response that romanticism had on individualist literature. Instead of viewing individuals with hope, gothic’s looked at individuals with the potential of evil. This was the source of the macabre styles like fear, greed, and betrayal that came to define the gothic era. One of the defining authors of the era was Edgar Allan Poe who wrote the story Masque of the Red Death with many of the themes of the gothic era in mind

  • Comparing Mark Twain's 'The Old Man And The Sea'

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    The Old Man and the Sea takes the story of the one that got away to a new level with a giant fish the size of two large sharks. From the beginning it is obvious the old man was destined to encounter the giant fish, “’I hope no fish will come along so great that he will prove us wrong.’ ‘There is no such fish if you are still strong as you say.’” (pg. 9) This is a very stereotypical story on the surface of the one that got away but there is a deeper meaning imbedded inside. Often the old man’s sanity

  • Final Montage Jain Mak Essay

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    The final montage from ‘Rigor Mortis’ showcases the skilled use of framing, music, lighting, and camera angles by director Juno Mak. Mak has a distinct style of filming, and the montage showcases all of his little details and quirks. In the scene, Mak shows how the story would have progressed without any supernatural interference on Chin, the protagonist; there would have been no damaged and dingy building, the family of Yang and Pak are happy, and Meiyi has successfully coped with the passing

  • Jonbenet Ramsey Murder Case Study

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    There have been many murders in the United States that have been left unsolved. A case that is still very publicized and very shocking to the nation was that of JonBenet Ramsey, the six-year-old beauty pageant contestant. This seemingly perfect child was kidnapped, murdered and left in her parents’ 15-room house to later be found by her father. This horrific story embellishes that of the complete innocence of the victim and how the media glorified the murder. The Ramsey family was a very wealthy