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  • The Salmon Industry Analysis

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    Performance and impact of the salmon industry The production growth and the export of farmed salmon comes from Norway, Chile, and Scotland, they account for about 80% of the total production of farmed salmon. As seen in Figure 1 (see below) the production of certain species has been increasing over time, while the production of others has been decreasing even stopping completely for some, king salmon. After the stock market crash in 2008, the production of fish in Chile dropped substantially, from

  • Coho Salmon Research Paper

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    same place at the same time. There are five different species of salmon that are found in Alaska; they are: coho, sockeye, pink, Chinook and chum. These salmon populations all range beween the Arctic Ocean and south to the Monterey Bay in northern California. Coho salmon can be found in the coastal waters of Alaska, from southeast to Point Hope in the Chukchi Sea, as well as in the Yukon River to the Alaska-Canada border. Pink salmon are located in the Pacific and Arctic coastal waters from northern

  • Sockeye Salmon Business Analysis

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    considered as the harvest season as various salmon species, especially Sockeye and Chinook, would swim return to the tahltan territory to spawn. The Tahltan would set up along “the mid-Stikine, upper-Nass and upper Skeena basins with gill-nets ready for the harvest.” (Rescan. 2012) The fish caught during this season are smoke-dried and are used to feed their families throughout the season. (Rescan. 2012) Even with their dependence on salmon. The data on the Sockeye salmon stocks in the nearby rivers shows

  • Smoked Salmon Case Study

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    environmental or social footprint. Smoked salmon is no exception, but the specific footprints may be different depending on which company the salmon is purchased from. The two companies in question for this example are Spence & Co. Tradition Scottish-Style and Echo Falls Pacific wild. Both of these companies have their own unique ways of getting the smoked salmon from farm to fork. Spence & Co. and Echo Falls both follow the basic stages of producing smoke salmon. These steps are: farming, transportation

  • Farmed Salmon Industry Analysis

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    When it comes to farmed salmon the federal and provincial levels of government in Canada, surprisingly, play two very separate roles. The federal government mandates jurisdiction of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, thus trying to protect and ensure the safety and sustainability of the wild salmon populations. However, being a federal level of regulation, the government also is looking to make the best political and economic move for Canada. The best economic move for the entire country is

  • Atlantic Salmon Research Paper

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    Endangered Native Atlantic Salmon: Salmon Presentation Project (Not a Final Draft) Salmo salar, most commonly known as Atlantic Salmon, was once native to almost every freshwater river connected to the Hudson River. Due to what people have treated salmon during their history, many species have been endangered and even extinct, this includes the Native Atlantic Salmon. When people first came to Maine, Atlantic Salmon was the main source of food to eat. The population was still very steady then

  • Essay On Human Effects On Salmon

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    The human effects on Salmon Salmon are a crucial part of are the environment. They create nutrients in the water and the forests but we are killing them with dams, fish hatcheries, and straight rivers. For instance, dams are dropping the salmon down a 200-foot waterfall, pulling down hundreds of feet from the underpull. (Robert F. service Jan. 10, 2018, 2:25 PM, et al. "Pacific Northwest salmon are in big genetic trouble" 2018) Fish hatcheries are taking the genetic diversity

  • Salmon Flies Research Paper

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    There are always many interesting discussions about which salmon flies are the right ones. It depends a lot on the conditions, such as the weather, the seasons and the specific location. So what are the best salmon flies? There is no one answer to this question. Salmon flies are so dependent on the conditions in the river. How is the river, the temperature, visibility etc. Someone has good experience with certain patterns, while the same pattern in a different environment might not work at all. An

  • Human Interaction Of The Pacific Northwest Salmon

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    Interaction and the Salmon of the Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest is home to a wide variety of species. Its ocean, forests, streams, and rivers allow for vast amounts of animals to reside in the area. A particular inhabitant, the salmon, is unique in that it not only lives in both salt water and freshwater, but that it also returns to its own birthplace to spawn. Because of these unique characteristics, the salmon has become a symbol of the Pacific Northwest. The salmon has lived in the waters

  • Alaskan Salmon Research Paper

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    Salmon play a vital role in the economy, culture, and environment of the Pacific Northwest. They form an important part of Native Alaskan tradition and are a traditional food staple in many communities. Salmon are also the base of one of Alaska’s three primary industries, commercial fishing. Commercial fishing is one of Alaska’s largest industries, the others being the tourism and oil and gas industries. Salmon also have a big impact on the environment, supporting many different types of wildlife

  • San Joaquin River Restoration

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    water, and bring back the salmon to the San Joaquin. An example I have is from Monty Schmitt which claims that “When were done,we’ll have a river that can safely convey flows necessary to restore salmon and other native fish to the river. This quote is meaning that hopefully once the river is restored, the salmon will swim upstream again. This proves that fishermen around the area will have their businesses again and people will come more often to the river. Also, not only salmon will be swimming in the

  • Negative Effects Of Aquaculture

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    Marine aquaculture is the farming of seafood species that are indigenous to the ocean. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “U.S. marine aquaculture primarily produces oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, and salmon as well as lesser amounts of cod, moi, yellowtail, barramundi, seabass, and seabream.” Although marine aquaculture can take place in the ocean, using cages on the seafloor or in suspended water columns, most of the aquaculture systems in the U.S.

  • Fish Anadromy In Fish

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    characteristic called which is called anadromy. Salmon falls in the third category of anadromous fish. This paper aims to examine the nature of anadromous salmonids which have the ability to exist in two different environments during their life time. Specifically, the paper will focus on the Atlantic salmon, also known as Salmo Salar. Atlantic salmon are fish,

  • Argumentative Essay: Why Deer Hunting Should Be Banned?

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    I chose the case of the exemption for whaling because it clearly shows how globalized opinion has the power to impact villagers that may not even be aware of the discussions that their activities generate worldwide. After reading this paper you will notice that I am against this whaling ban because I have already seen the devastating force that some hypocrite laws have and what they can do to small communities, usually constituted by poor people. Just to illustrate my point, a similar case happened

  • Natural Selection Case Study

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    It is observed that larger salmon tend to be more likely to die during spawning season due to stranding in shallow waters, and predation by gulls and bears. There is a selection pressure against large body size despite the advantages it brings, such as being able to gather more territory, ability to carry more eggs. Quinn and Buck conducted an experiment in various creeks in Alaska over the span of two years to determine the extent of size selection and sexual selection contributing to the mortality

  • Rainbow Trout Research Paper

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    Rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Introduction: The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a species of salmonids native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America. In 1989, the species name Oncorhynchus mykiss became the scientific name of the rainbow trout while the anadromous forms of the coastal rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus) or redband trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri) are commonly known as steelhead. Rainbow trout is a hardy fish, fast growing

  • How Does Dam Cause Evolution In Fish

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    Dams cause evolution in fish Introduction Fish migrate for habitat, reproduction, foraging, and wintering (Morita et al. 2009). Therefore, dam building affects anadromous fish and resident fish (Morita et al. 2009). Anadromous fish live in the ocean and migrate from the ocean to freshwater to lay eggs (Collins 1976, Bjornn and Reiser 1991, Limburg and Waldman 2009). Dams block fish migration pathways to freshwater for anadromous fish and affect distances. Because these fish migrate to lay eggs

  • Comparing Sonnys Blues And The Horse Dealer's Blues By James Baldwin

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    The lives of Sonny and Mabel are completely different, they were raised in completely different ways and in completely different places. “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin is about the life of a young man who is struggling with drug addiction; he has faced many challenges in his life. One of the many challenges he faces is what connects him to the main character of “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter”; both Mabel and Sonny experienced losing both their mother and their father while they were still fairly

  • Pitx1 Enhancer Lab Report

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    The Use of PCR and Gel Electrophoresis to Examine the Pitx1 Enhancer Region in the Stickleback Fish of Big Lake Hypothesis: Due to selective pressures in a freshwater environment, the stickleback fish in Big Lake will not have pelvic spines due to an insertion mutation in the Pitx1 enhancer region. Rationale: Since these stickleback fish are found in Big Lake, which is a freshwater lake that does not experience a marine environment, they will not have pelvic spines due to the specific selective

  • FSGSO Case Study

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    III. DIFFERENT TYPES OF GSO FSGSO Oliveira, Pacifico and Ludermir [15] are proposed Fish Swarm Group Search Optimizer (FSGSO) which is a hybrid Group Search Optimization based on the behaviors of fish swarms. The hybridization is based on the scrounging procedures in which were used the behaviors of Swarm, Follow, Prey and Leap from the Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm [16]. In FSGSO, the producer maintains its search procedures, but the scroungers will execute the search procedures of fish. In traditional