Essay On Human Effects On Salmon

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The human effects on Salmon Salmon are a crucial part of are the environment. They create nutrients in the water and the forests but we are killing them with dams, fish hatcheries, and straight rivers. For instance, dams are dropping the salmon down a 200-foot waterfall, pulling down hundreds of feet from the underpull. (Robert F. service Jan. 10, 2018, 2:25 PM, et al. "Pacific Northwest salmon are in big genetic trouble" 2018) Fish hatcheries are taking the genetic diversity away from the salmon along with putting them into the wrong environment. In order to save the salmon, they need to modify the amount of breeding in the fish hatcheries, remove dams, and let the rivers run freely.
In 1895 the average size of salmon was the size of the average human weighing 60-70 lbs (31-21 kg.) Nowadays the average size of salmon is 19 lbs (8 kg). The worldwide …show more content…

This also has a big part of why salmon are going extinct. ("Sockeye Salmon" 2017)
In order to save the salmon people are needing to let nature take its course by letting the rivers flow free to take down the dams and, minimize the amount breeding in the fish hatcheries. People have had too big of an effect on salmon by building dams, causing climate change, and straightening rivers. The human effort alone is causing the population and size of salmon to decrease. ("Salmon Information, Facts, and Photos")
This decrease is causing a lack of nutrients in the water and forests. Are ecosystem relies on salmon more than we realize people need to do more for the salmon by not completely taking over and controlling the reproduction and environment that the salmon live in? The world needs salmon and us humans need to decide if they are willing to give up their control on the salmon to save

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