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  • The Poem 'Ozymandias' By Percy Bysshe Shelly

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    a traveler from an ‘antique land.’ The traveler tells the author about two large stone legs standing in the desert. Close to the legs lies another large stone, but this one has a face. The face is distinguished by a look of anger or sadness. In the sand, there is a pedestal that has a message inscribed on it – the message reads: ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings/ Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’ The poem is a story about tyranny and how time makes a mockery of the boastfulness of even

  • Analysis Of Percy Bysshe Shelly's Ozymandias

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    defeated. The broken statue basically shows that Ozymandias is a person not worth remembering because if he were, the statue would have been taken care of and still in one piece. The two legs are not that is all left, on the ground half buried in the sand is the head of the statue. The traveler describes the face having a “wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command” with a frown (P. Shelley, line 5) This description of the face shows Ozymandias being a total ruler. The cold command description Shelley

  • Advertising Campaign Analysis

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    follows: Bali: Cloudy sky, the sun appeared between two clouds and shining brightly/ a stretch of coastline with white sun pads/ lined up along the coast interspersed with several smaller boats/ the beach becomes part of the front page of several hotels/ faraway look background of the hills; Sea waves crashing on a rocky beach cliff/ people milling around by bike or on foot/ the beach views from the top of the cliff/ the fisherman was working in his pond/ thousands of white mat for sunbathing/ tourists

  • Tourism In The Philippines

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    Travel Guides Boracay Boracay is a tropical island in the Philippines encircled with sublime white sand beaches just off the larger Philippines island of Panay. Only 7km in length and, the little island of Boracay has rapidly become the Philippines number one destination. White beach is usually has large groups of tourists. The ocean is filled with passionate paraws (an outrigger sailboat); gaudy parasails fill the air. After flawless dusks, the live music starts, the party goes never ceases. The

  • Crime Rate In Jamaica

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    Introduction Sand, sun and sea that’s how Jamaica and the Caribbean has been marketed across the world, relaxing on white sand beaches and swimming in clear blue waters are what instantly come to the mind of tourists. However there is a darker side to the idyllic atmosphere of the birthplace of reggae. Crime, especially violent crime, has plague the region, causing reduced levels of investment (The Economist, 2008) and tourism (Alleyne and Boxill, 2003) than would otherwise be the case. As such,

  • Descriptive Essay About Nai Harn Beach

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    destinations in Thailand. Nai Harn’s fine sand and clear blue water could match other beaches within the country and the place is great for swimming from November to April. Only a few hotels and shops are established in Nai Harn making this beach an excellent option for those who prefer a tranquil and serene place to stay.   2. Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang Beach is considered one of the finest beaches in the world because of its wide stretch of white sand beach and majestic cliffs at the end of the

  • Persuasive Essay On Beach Vacation

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    Soft sand under your feet, skies as blue as the ocean itself and a majestic view of a blazing sunset-- what more can spell romance than a wedding by the beach? Swapping vows on the sand may be as lavish or peaceful as you like- from private you-two-only ceremonies to small gatherings packed with family and friends. What can be more perfect? Although a seaside serenade may be a universal dream for the ladies, you should not forget that it has its own set of considerations. So, here are some tips to

  • Chennai Essay

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    Chennai provide the splendid scenic view together with calm sea, shimmering white sand and cold breeze. These stunning beaches have magnificently charmed the locals as well as the tourists with their scintillating natural beauty and panoramic exquisiteness and vivacity. Marina Beach - Known as the Pride of Chennai, the Marina beach is the second longest beach in the world. The urban beach is branded by golden sand, rising and falling surf, a shimmering blue sea, and scenic beauty and is considered

  • Ozymandias Comparison Analysis

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    Ozymandias is a poem written by Percy Bysshe Shelly also Ozymandias is an Egyptian King. Ozymandias’ real name is King Ramesses II; he is known as Ozymandias by the Greeks. Percy Bysshe Shelly hears about a finding of Ozymandias’ statue near his funeral temple and this basically motivates him to write this poem. The statue is completely demolished, leaving only a few pieces from the statue on the ground and there is no other form of life near it, everything around the statue is deserted. Percy Bysshe

  • How To Be A Beach Lover Essay

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    lover you understand that a long walk by the serene shore, resting occasionally on the sturdy rocks, soaking in the scenes of the setting sun and chirping birds, picking some pretty shells or simply adoring the beauty of mighty waves crash onto the sand, is the most amazing way to let your soul adopt some calmness in the times of turmoil and unrest! However, it is not always that you can experience this serenity and fascination that the beaches adorn themselves with! A perfect travel plan to the most

  • Little Gasparilla Island-Personal Narrative

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    ferry service that would be useful for the trek to your island sanctuary. The contents and the amenities of your rental are very important, there is truly no place to shop once on the island. Inquire if vital items such as beach chairs, beach towels, sand buckets and shovels are available. Many homes have kayaks/canoes available. Investigate anything large or bulky that you will not want to bring over on the ferry. Lastly, ask about the screening on the windows/porch. Pesky no-see-ums will bother

  • Descriptive Essay On Treasure Island

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    Located along the Gulf of Mexico just a short drive from St. Petersburg and Tampa Treasure Island is an ideal destination for your next vacation with its white sandy beaches, unspoiled waters, unique restaurants, hotels, and family-friendly attractions. The three miles of white sandy beach surrounded by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico is the cynosure of the Island. You can walk along the sea shore or stroll on the Treasure Island Beach Trail, enjoy parasailing, deep seas fishing charters, boat rentals

  • How To Describe A Place To Remember Essay

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    Walking down the sidewalk until you glimpse the shining sun hit the white sand and crystal waters, the waves crashing down. The sun is slowly going down, the horizon is bright red with the reflection going across the entire ocean it seems. Sinking your feet into the warm sand, the feeling of relaxation rush throughout your body. The seagulls flying overhead feeling the water drop of their bright white feathers as they fly above. The closer you get to the water you realize it is clear as a crystal

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Cowboy Action Shooting

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    The gritty sand and dirt swirled around me and into my mouth as I crunched through the dry Idaho desert. It was a slightly breezy day, and the wind played with my messy ponytail. I felt excitement and anxiousness as I walked toward the old timey gallows. Beyond the gallows was a hotel, a jail, and some other buildings I couldn’t identify. My dad led the way as we moved from the parking area to the shooters. They all looked as if they had jumped straight out of an old western book. Each had a belt

  • Most Beautiful Beach

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    The most beautiful beaches of Croatia Where to go on a holiday is a question, that we ask ourselves at least once a year and then everything else begins. 100 and one desire, wish, request of what should be and what we don 't want while spending our holiday. One of the said wishes usually is for the beach, where we 'll spend our time, to be beautiful and pleasant. While beautiful is a relative adjective Croatia can still boast with multiple beautiful beaches. To make your search somewhat easier and

  • My Writing Place: My Perfect Writing Workplace

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    My perfect writing workplace, My first inclination, when I was assigned to write about my perfect writing workplace, was to pick a verandah at a beach house overlooking the ocean maybe in the Caribbean. I absolutely love the sound and smell of the ocean. But upon further reflection, I decided that would not be my perfect place. At least, it would not be my perfect writing place, for a vacation it would be fantastic. So, after much consideration, I decided that I would love to have a writing retreat

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Day Of College

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    The last day of college, finally I get to spend my summer break with my two best friends Amanda and Bethany. We have planned to travel to three different countries this year, the most exciting part about it is that all the countries we are visiting are islands. With seas and oceans as clear as a pure diamond, so we get to tan and get some Vitamin D. We have organized to travel to the Maldives, Bora Bora, and Bali. We arranged to meet at our local Starbucks to finalize everything for tomorrow. At

  • The Persuasive Speech: Melanoma And Skin Cancer

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    Every person loves to go to a hot beach and go tanning. Every year more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed. (1) Although as we are enjoying ourselves we are actually hurting our bodies extremely. If you are going on a sunny beach vacation be smart about what you are doing. Have you ever thought about that? Lying in the sun getting that perfect tan is extremely dangerous to your body. Melanoma is a skin cancer which can be located all over you body. So why not tan in a tanning

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Day Of Summer

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    my outstretched fingers, caressing cooly. Every movement distorted the pebbled sea-bed. Beneath the surface, it’s lovely, it’s like being in the different world. There were schools of brightly coloured fish and strange sea flowers that decorated the sand floor. In the breeze, my body is tingling, yet my back is warmed by the early summer sun. Here I could stay all day. “Beep-beep-beep” The high pitched screech echoed through the city, piercing the ears of millions including myself. Not shortly

  • Patagonia Swot Analysis

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    Patagonia is a company that sells outerwear for sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, surfing and mountain biking. Headquartered next to the beach in Ventura, California, where executives don’t have offices and come to work in flip flops, and surf conditions are prominently displayed on the reception desk. Employees prefer surf breaks to gathering at the water cooler, and complementary outdoor excursions are just one of the perks of the employee benefit package. The culture at Patagonia prides