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  • Lion King Reflection

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    so fitting to my life because I can related to the main character which goes by the name of Simba growing through life young wild and fearless

  • Religion In The Lion King

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    Mufasa has a son named Simba and the story revolves around his adolescent growth and how he is supposed to be next in line to become the future king. The idea of the “Circle of Life” ties into several religions but most specifically it goes hand in hand with Christianity. A ritual is performed on him by Rafiki as a newborn and he is presented to the kingdom with

  • Analysis Of The Lion King

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    Introduction The Lion King is an original Disney movie that follows the journey of Simba, who abandons his destiny as future king after being tricked into thinking that he caused his fathers (Mufasa) death by his envious uncle, Scar. The film was directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, who wrote the stories of Disney’s previous successors: Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast. Barry Johnson and Lorna Cook wrote the story, along with a team of an additional 15 writers. Hans Zimmer was in charge of the

  • The Importance Of Disney Movies

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    pretty and quiet like a porcelain doll, and saves her country. Her persistence inspired me to be an independent, adventurous person, no matter any kind of obstacles hinders me to be myself. In Lion King, the apparition of Mufasa tells Simba “Remember, who you are,” when Simba loses his identity

  • Similarities Between Hamlet And The Lion King

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    characters’ fathers reaches out to them in a ghostly or spiritual manner but for very different reasons. In The Lion King, Simba runs away from his homeland and later on was lead to a spiritual version of his father. In this scene, Mufasa’s spirit persuades Simba to return to his homeland and rightly take the throne. The spirit fails to mention anything about Mufasa’s death or that Simba should murder his Uncle Scar. In Hamlet, a ghost of Hamlet’s father reaches out to him in order to inform Hamlet that

  • The Importance Of Banquo In Macbeth

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    In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare includes characters that are important and unimportant to the progression of the plot. Banquo, is one the characters in the play, that is necessary to the progression of the plot. Even though Banquo is killed by Macbeth in the play, after his death, he comes back as a ghost and is mentioned throughout the rest of the play. Before he is killed, he serves as Macbeth’s most loyal friend and fights with him during the war. The character Banquo is just as much important

  • The White Home In The Poisonwood Bible And Things Fall Apart

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    The novels The Poisonwood Bible and Things Fall Apart consist of many indications that the characters home influences their behavior greatly. The white man has their own perspective and expectations on what a home is and should be. In the African culture they have a very different belief system that influences their decisions. In both novels colonization takes place and has a big impact on what each group thinks of the other. When reading these two works of literature the audience learns about the

  • Madness And Revenge In Hamlet

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    In the play, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the author claims that revenge and madness are related because the need for revenge can cause one to go insane trying to get their revenge. This comparison comes up when Hamlet kills Polonius, Ophelia goes insane, and when Laertes attempts to do anything to avenge his father and Ophelia. Shakespeare’s claims that madness and revenge are related are not true today because people generally get revenge through the legal system, and rarely have issues as large

  • Short Story: The Legend Of Aerowiph Ethereal Blade

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    His name was Aerowiph Ethereal Blade, and he was to be the next king of the StreakHunter tribe. He was the son of Gryphon – the king of the tribe and the most respected lion among the land. – He was fearless, serious, and kind but firm at the same time. He was not ambitious, though he wanted for his tribe what every good leader wanted; the best for his people. Aerowiph wandered along the huge field, playing in the luscious, green grass. Suddenly, he heard an intense, thundering roar. That roar

  • Essay On Tybalt In Romeo And Juliet

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    Catherine of Siena once said,“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.” When Catherine said this, she was telling people to be themselves no matter what in life. This can relate to Tybalt because he is someone who is always wanting to show himself off in a fiery daring way. Tybalt is never afraid to do this. But, who is also always getting closer to death every day, because of the rage of wanting to constantly fight someone. From all the unneeded things he has done to people

  • Shakespeare's Influence On English Literature

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    William Shakespeare is the most influential writers of the English Literature. Some of the very famous lines of literature today are from the writings Shakespeare. He has produced much praise worthy stories of comedy, drama, and sonnets. He has added over 1700 words to our vocabulary and it is said to be the largest contribution to the vocabulary to date. Shakespeare’s phrases are now our clichés. His influence has been enormous on our language as well as today’s writers. Shakespeare was born in

  • Essay About Vietnamese New Day

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    : Xin chao that is hello in Vietnamese. My name is Ly which means Lion and it represents one of the four sacred mystical creatures of Vietnam along with the phoenix, turtle and the dragon. Slide 2 Image Description: Narration: An extraordinary day in my life would be the day of Vietnamese New year. This year it was celebrated on the 19th of February. Tet which is the first day of the Lunar calendar thus the New Year day, is the biggest and most popular festival of the year here. And infact it is

  • Disney Feature Film Analysis

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    There has been a lot of debate on the various stereotypes within Disney films and the effects they have on their audience. Disney’s audience is predominantly children, which makes it even more important that they are sensitive with the views and ideas they portray. Media as a whole plays a large role in influencing the way children perceive society and shapes their own views and beliefs as they grow up. It is for the children that issues of representation, such as race and gender, need to be considered

  • Why Is Hamlet's Actions Justified

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    Are Hamlet’s actions justified? Did he do the right thing? In the story “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, Hamlets father (The Ghost) comes to him in a dream and tells him that his uncle (who is now married to his mother Gertrude just after two mother after Hamlet’s father’s death and the new king) killed him and that Hamlet needs to get revenge so that his father can move on. As the story continues Hamlet puts together a play and adds some lines about how his father was killed to see the reaction

  • Between Lions And Men Images Of The Hero In The Iliad Analysis

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    The article in titled Between Lions and Men, Images of the Hero in the Iliad by Michael Clarke is a very innovate piece of work. In the article, Clarke puts forward the idea of how the referencing of wild animals in the Iliad is symbolic and highly significant to the ethical and psychological problems of heroism within Homer’s Iliad. The focus that Clarke is placing in relation to the animal similes within the Iliad is the lion similes. As the Iliad is focused on Achilles and his death, it is no

  • Gender Roles In Hamlet Essay

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    Throughout Hamlet, the thoughts, intentions, and actions of all of the characters can be explained through predisposed gender roles in the play. Hamlet is a tragedy in which the main character, Hamlet, attempts to seek vengeance for his father’s murder, while the relationships with him and around him begin to strain. In the play, gender plays a huge role in assuming the capability and worth of people. Women are most commonly depicted as being weak, powerless, and confused, while men are commonly

  • Literary Speechs In Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine

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    Christopher Marlowe’s playwriting career was short, no more than six years. Yet, despite his reputation of a “bad boy”, Marlowe pushed the limits of literary form, especially in the use of the blank verse and his achievements remain in the history of English literature. Marlowe discovered what the audiences of his time wanted, violent fiction, and he was able to provide that. His first play, Dido, Queen of Carthage, was performed in London in the late 1580s. His second play, Tamburlaine, was performed

  • Human Nature In English Literature: Human Nature In English Literature

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    Human nature in english literature In this course we have studied works from literary periods all throughout history. Looking through, you can clearly see how styles and morals changed over the years as expressed in both fictional and non-fictional works. Taking a deeper look at it though, you start to notice consistencies and similarities appearing in the writings despite being from different parts of the world and from people from all different backgrounds and lives. By looking at writing from

  • A Father's Story Short Story

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    It is Luke’s fatherly love for his daughter that leads to his dilemma between pursuing the truth of doing what is just and right and demonstrating his love for his daughter. "A Father's Story," by Andre Dubus shares that the love of a father toward his own daughter means that he will protect her even if the process calls for him to misplace a part of himself. To protect his daughter, the father is forced to undergo challenges, a battle between his mind and his values. In the story, Luke Ripley,

  • Descriptive Essay On Grottoes

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    The Grottoes Near Cuetzalan and my uncle’s ranch, there are some cave entrances or grottoes. I used to be afraid of them, but now I know what is found in there and that there’s nothing evil. It’s very safe if you go in with grownups and with the necessary equipment. Sometimes I ask my uncle to take us to one of the grottoes and he immediately takes the ropes and lamps needed to visit one of them. I think that his favorite is one which entrance is really big and that in nahua is called Cohuatichan