Stephen Krashen Essays

  • Communication In English Grammar

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    intellectual development. Stephen Krashen's Second Language Acquisition Theory. Krashen's theory was not only providing a motivation for abundant research in the field of SLA but it also influenced second language teaching. Second Language Acquisition Theory served as the foundation for the Natural Approach (Krashen and Terrell, 1982) that has long dominated thinking about effective language teaching and is still useful on a daily basis in the school set-up. According to Krashen (1982), second language

  • Essay On Eyewitness Testimony In Children

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    Eyewitness testimony in children (Memory) Eyewitness testimony is something which describes a person’s observations about any event or incident. Remembering something and recalling it later is possible because of memory. So, the ability of an organism to record information about things or events with the facility of recalling them later at will or when asked is memory. Eyewitness testimony in children is a part of their reconstructive memory according to “Elizabeth Loftus”. Reconstructive memory

  • Filione And Komfili Summary

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    Results and Discussion Filione • enhance macro abilities • teach entire concept of the Filipino language • develop critical thinking skills Komfili • understand standard concept of Filipino language and culture • recognize contemporary literature The course outlines of Filione and Komfili are made in the same pattern. Each of them contains statement of the objectives, list of topics and the span it will be taught, teaching methods, requirements and the grading system. Lastly, they contain list

  • Pragmatic Reflection In The Classroom

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    2.1 Introduction Some researchers believe, instruction in pragmatic skills and knowledge needs to be carried out formally, as part of the regular content in L2/ FL curricula. Although there exist proposals for instruction in different aspects of pragmatic competence, few have been examined in action, as they are implemented in classrooms with the purpose of determining how effective they are for the actual learning of the targeted feature. In consequence, it is necessary to conduct research exploring

  • Essay About The First Language In Early Childhood

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    Learn the first language in early childhood The first years of a child's life are considered a critical phase in the evolution of the linguistic abilities of this resort Some parents ways to teach their children two languages: there first language and foreign language. "Because education is at a young age, like drawing on the stone." The child can learn the first language by listening to his parents and surrounded around him, that the first language that a child learns will be the mother

  • Task-Based Language Teaching

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    Preparing learners to communicate successfully in language classes is one of the most important issues. Teachers face a lot of difficulties in teaching English in EFL contexts. One of the major problems is students' unwillingness to take part in reading classes. Reading is one of the four skills which is difficult for students. It’s not a productive skill which makes the students to produce language in words but it’s the skill which gives the students for good input so they can get the information

  • Classroom Speaking Anxiety Analysis

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    Anxiety is probably a number one problem among learners of L2. It follows that it is “a major obstacle to be overcome in learning to speak another language” (Horwitz et al., 1986: 125). In fact, the problem of how to overcome learners’ anxiety has always been encountered by teachers of English, for whom teaching to speak the target language may be an exceptionally demanding activity. Tsui (1996), for instance, emphasizes that a vast majority of teachers of English admit to face dilemmas of encouraging

  • Examples Of Narrative Inquiry

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    There is a myriad of reasons why narrative inquiry is appropriate for this study. The rationale for applying a narrative inquiry to this study is because it is one of the best ways to reflect upon experiences that explore multicultural and linguistic teaching strategies (Cavendish, 2011). Additionally, narrative inquiry is about knowing, as it allows teachers to reflect upon their individual teaching practices, which has the capability to shape and transform current teaching practices into something

  • Disadvantages Of Second Language Teaching

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    There are so many different approaches and methods that go into the practice of second language teaching. But the teacher and the learner will think about which method is the best decision. This paper observes of the three methods which are the Grammar-Translation Method, Audio-lingual method, and Total Physical Responses method. The majority of research on methods will describe briefly about the merits and demerits as well as principle. The Grammar-Translation Method (GTM), the method which is the

  • Essay About Language And Identity

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    HOW LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY CAN BE CONNECTED Language and identity can be connected very well because I believe that every human being is born from a particular family speaking a certain language. Having that language, for example a Zulu language it means that Zulu family have their own identity. The fact of being who they are and knowing their true roots results in them being proud of their language and excelling it on daily basis because it is a language which is close to their hearts and close to

  • Reflective Reflection As A Teacher

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    As a teacher, I always strive to help each learner achieve meaningful and long-lasting learning whatever his/her abilities are. To do this, I know that my planning and teaching strategies need to be learner-centred in which each learner is actively involved in his/her own learning process. This course has helped me gain insight into various effective strategies to achieve this. I have come to understand and experience the effectiveness of such strategies by integrating them myself into my teaching

  • Disadvantages Of Dictation

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    Does dictation truly enter your mind boring, uncommunicative and age-old connotation? Dictation has come as a teaching aid in the second language learning for so long. Whereas language could be defined as a chain of sounds, dictation would assess how well this sound chain is grasped (Fisher, 2001). Dictation has been considered as a clear indication of overall language competency as though methodologists put a real value on it. “The dictation by itself could be substituted for the total” (Oller &

  • Barriers To Mastering English As A Second Language Essay

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    For these barriers may be resolved, reduced or even eliminated so that we would be successful in reading, writing, speaking and presenting in English, therefore we need to set a goal to master English for instance. We need to do well by writing paragraph using proper English without any error. We have to read as many books as possible not only textbooks but also non-fictional books, magazine and newspaper. Furthermore, all of our entertainment, radio, movies and TV should be in English language.

  • Pros And Cons Of Bilingual Education Essay

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    Is bilingual education necessary? We find that in the present. Bilingual education has a role and necessary in our life very seriously. Both the economy and the tourism industry. True that we have local language as our own, but in the same way. On the communication for business, we need to help to bring the middle language to make it easier for communication. We need for instill, speaking, reading and writing in at least one language in the universal language, such as United States, Australia and

  • Error Analysis In Foreign Language

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    Error Analysis One of the most inhibition factors from the students in learning a foreign language especially in written and oral performance are making mistakes and errors. The making of errors is shows that the students have not mastered the rules of the language being learned. Students may commit grammatical mistakes and error when they miscomprehend what is taught and explained by the teacher. To cope with this problem, one of the technique widely used by the researcher is error analysis. Error

  • Essay On Bhutanese Grammar

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    Although Dzongkha is considered as national language, teaching and learning English grammar has become essential part in the Bhutanese classroom. English is the medium of instruction for most subjects taught in the Bhutanese school: Almost all the Bhutanese schools provide English as a second language ( ESL) programme and most of the learners too are ESL students: for ESL students and teachers, it is challenging to learn and teach English without grammar for grammar is integral part of the language

  • The Importance Of Speaking Skills

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    Language learning is a process including receptive and productive skills. They all contribute to each other and one cannot be separated from the other. Speaking is the skill that people use to communicate in their business, family, and social life. As Bahadorfar and Omidwar (2014) state speaking is the most important language skill of all four skills because speaking has an importance in everyday life and people usually leave the first impression with their speaking abilities. Even though speaking

  • Diary Panget Tetralogy

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    The Diary ngPanget (Diary of an Ugly) tetralogy is a romance comedy by a Wattpad writer HaveYouSeenThisGirl. The story made up of four books bestselling books in Philippine bookstores. "Sobrang simple langpo, sobrang cliché, isang girl namahirapna di kagandahanmakaka-meet ng guy nasuplado at mayaman. Yun langpo”This isthe famous dialogue from the main character Eya. Diary ngPanget’s popularity catched the attention of Arnel Gabriel, a worker from PSICOM Publishing that lead of turning the novel into

  • The Effects Of Revenge In Hamlet

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    Revenge have always been off missguided thoughts. If you were put in an situation where a person harm you or did you wrong. What would be your first instinct? Most people would determine how to get back on the person or vengeance. It is in human nature to find the best way to get revenge. When people finally achieve there revenge it most likely won’t deliver any satisfaction. Revenge have always affected people actions, people suffering, and decisions afterwards. Revenge is the action of imposing

  • Speech On Optimism In Life

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    The understanding and adoption of optimism into my life had the most profound impact than any other experience. One of the toughest things in life is staying determined when everything else around you falls apart. Good and bad things always happen simultaneously in life and it is important to overlook the negative, and focus on the positive. If I fall on my face tripping on my own foot, I would be happy that no one saw me. I have to believe that no matter what happened it can only get better from