Syncope Essays

  • Reflection On Dignity In Nursing

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    Introduction In this assignment I will explore a clinical experience where dignity was maintained and reflect on my practice. It is important to reflect in both personal and professional development. Reflection will allow me to recognise both good and bad practice and how I can improve as a person as well as professionally. For this assignment I will be writing in first person, as it is appropriate for a reflective essay. Hamil (1999) can be used to support this, in the essay. I will also use Gibbs

  • Narrative Essay On The Virginia Road Crash

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    I had to make several pickups before meeting Detroit Jeff, who then briefed me on how the California shipment was coming along. Jeff said he had heard from the guys, and they would not be back until next week. I asked if the police were investigating the hit-and-run. Nobody seemed to know anything. I left my meeting with Jeff and headed over to make a drop to some people from the 82nd. After I had arrived, they invited me to snort a line. I took a big whiff, it burned my nose; they all started laughing

  • Patient's Case Study: Syncope

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    CASE STUDY INTERNAL MEDICINE: SYNCOPE MICHAEL RAMARA 27419399 22 SEPTEMBER 2014 Table of Contents 1. Patient’s Case Information. 2. Introduction to Syncope. 3. Epidemiology. 4. Pathophysiology and Etiology. 4.1. Vasovagal Causes. 4.2. Orthostatic hypotension. 4.3. Cardiac causes. 4.4. Cerebrovascular causes. 4.5. Other causes. 5. Approach to the diagnosis. 5.1. Is it cardiac or not? 5.2. Investigations. 6. Treatment. 7. Prognosis. 8. Conclusion. 9. References. 1. PATIENT’S CASE INFORMATION

  • Micturition Syncope: A Case Study

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    patient’s symptoms, thus resulting in a positive test. As previously mentioned the patient’s symptoms occurs after passing urine in the morning and is known as micturition syncope. This micturition syncope is thought to have a relationship with vasovagal syncope. As the patient has vasovagal episodes and in relation to micturition syncope, the patient will not prescribe alpha-blockers for his prostatic urinary symptoms. Alpha-blockers are also used to reduce blood pressures and a side effect of dizziness

  • The Integumentary System

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    2. The integumentary system consists of the skin, hair, nails, and sweat glands. Its main function is to act as a barrier to protect the body from the outside world. It also functions to retain body fluids, protect against disease, eliminate waste products, and regulate body temperature. Skin: First the skin protects the underlying structures by providing a physical barrier against the external environment. This can include anything from pathogens to abrasions. The skin helps to regulate temperature

  • What´s Cardiac Arrhythmia?

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    ARRHYTHMIA Description Cardiac arrhythmia, also known as cardiac dysrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, is a group of conditions in which the heartbeat is irregular, too fast, or too slow. Arrhythmias are due to problems with the electrical conduction system of the heart. The most common forms of arrhythmia observed is either, tachycardia (A heartbeat that is too fast - above 100 beats per minute in adults) or bradycardia (A heartbeat that is too slow - below 60 beats per minute). While most types

  • Shorter Lunch Time Research Paper

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    Have you ever been so hungry because you didn’t have time to eat? Has that ever affected you in class? Out of a 100 student 85 said that the feel rushed or doesn 't have enough time to eat. That why kindergarten-8 students need to have a 45 - 60 minutes lunch time because it improves efficiency in class, it improves students moods, and improves students’ chances of not becoming obese. First a shorter lunch can cause your body physical harm and cause you to feel sick, light headed, or have organ

  • Crab Shack Reflection

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    attention. Upon arrival, I made contact with P.R.P.D. Engine 42 and Pasco County F.D. Rescue #11. The subject, later identified as Patricia Jeanne Brown, was laying prone on the ground next to a table at the bar. The EMT's advised me that Brown had a syncope; however she was conscious and breathing. Brown's friend, identified as Kathleen Effingham, advised me that Brown consumed several alcoholic beverages and an unknown amount of anti-depressants in a possible attempt to commit suicide. Effingham stated

  • Out Of Body Experience Essay

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    An ‘Out Of Body Experience’ also known as ‘Astral Projection’ is exactly what the name suggests; it is the separation of one’s conscious from one’s body. In an Out of Body (OBE) experience a person feels like they have left their body and are floating above it. During an OBE the person is said to hear things and see things happening around them even though the person unconscious in a very liberal sense of the word. People who have out of body experiences also tend to have lucid dreams and the ability

  • Pros And Cons Of Vaccine Refusal

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    Vaccine refusal is the intentional rejection of the use of vaccines by an individual, or other individuals by themselves, their guardian, next of kin, or the government. Due to the measurable immense benefits of vaccines, it is the general assumption that their use will be widely supported and publicised, especially by governments of nations that are constantly challenged by one health problem or another. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and, in fact, in this Twenty-First Century, vaccine

  • Stylistic Analysis Of Partheneia

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    Parts of five columns are preserved in POxy XXXIV 2687. The subject of the second and the third columns (from where these fragments come from) is the occurrence in various meters of syncope. The scholiast uses as examples of this figure quotations from lyric poems. These fragments are examples of the occurrence of syncope in iambic meter. Wilamowitz was the first to stress that the metric variation encountered in these fragments, is an indication of their later date. Fragment 22 CA is full of repetitions

  • Postconcussive Syndrome: Case Study

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    Complaint Postconcussive syndrome. History Patient was an unrestrained driver, who was rear-ended on 07/05/2015. She may have struck her head. She was ambulatory at that time. She did complain of some left face problem, left neck pain, headache, left shoulder and arm pain. She was seen in the emergency room for this. Her neck CAT scan revealed decreased disk space height at C5-6, C6-7, but no fractures. Head CAT scan was normal. She presented to her PCP couple of days later complaining of

  • Amiodarone Study

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    Torsades de pointes in amiodarone-associated acquired long-QT syndrome Amiodarone was developed in Belgium in 1961 and became popular in Europe for the treatment of angina. Based on Dr. Bramah Singh's investigation, (1) the Argentine physician Dr. Mauricio Rosenbaum started using amiodarone for the treatment of ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias with good outcomes. (2, 3) This drug is a class III agent in the Vaughan Williams scheme, with class I. II and IV antiarrhytmic effects. Amiodarone

  • Summary: Childhood Illness Case

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    RK is a 26 year old married Caucasian female working as a waitress while attending nursing school. Source: RK, reliable. Chief Complaint: “My right shoulder hurts” HPI: Noticed shoulder pain while working 3 days ago, lifts heavy trays, pain hasn’t resolved with rest. Doesn’t recall a specific injury/incident. Describes anterolateral shoulder pain and burning sensation that worsens when lifting arm over head or lifting trays at work. Past Health: Depression Childhood Illnesses: Pt

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a common illness and growing cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world especially the United States. Currently, COPD is the third leading cause of death in U.S. COPD is often preventable and treatable. Patients with COPD often become symptomatic during the middle adult years around 40 years and above, and the occurrence of the disease increases with age. Majority patients with COPD seek medical attention late in the course of their disease

  • Too Many Misconceptions About Aphasia

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    An elderly Kurdish refugee who has over 25 years lived in the Netherlands. In the old days in this country, we were concerned about that. Everyone looks after his own, and God takes care of us all. Nowadays, one `has to manage all by himself´. Apparently no man worries about how to stay alive during this crisis. This even while his meager monthly income plummeted by hundreds of Euros. Every man for himself and God for us all! An old woman with her disabled child worries whether the law for social

  • Clinical Pathway Summary

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    (2010) aimed to implement a computerized clinical decision support for physicians based on Syncope recommendations. This pre-post intervention involved a medical chart review, followed by the computerized clinical support prompting physicians to explain their decisions. Following this, another medical chart review was conducted. There was a significant

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: A Case Study

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    2010) • Arrhythmias: This condition mainly occurs when heart rhythms of the patient are irregular due to improper flow of blood from the heart to rest of the body. This could further lead to cardiac failure along with sudden death of the patient. • Syncope: It does not occur frequently but usually in patients having left ventricular outflow

  • Environmental Impacts Of Immigration Essay

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    Men, women and children all save their money for years in order to pay off the “coyote”, one who will help them make their journey across the U.S/Mexican Border. To make this journey, they have to be prepared and ready to encounter anyone or anything that could possibly happen to them. Every immigrant traveling will encounter a dangerous situation as they are traveling. No one can predict what may happen on this journey but one can only think of the possibilities. Many immigrants preparing to

  • Unit V Cardiovascular System

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    Unit V- Cardiovascular system Subheading: 1. Cyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases 2. Acyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases 3. Acute Rheumatic Fever 4. Rheumatic Heart Disease 5. Congestive Cardiac Failure Keywords: Congenital, heart disease, cyanosis, oxygenated blood, deoxygenated blood, structural defects, systemic circulation, pulmonary circulation, Mottling, Pallor, Pulmonary Rales 1. CYANOTIC CONGENITAL HEART DISEASES (CCHD) CCHD is a group of congenital heart diseases that occur due to deoxygenated