Reflection On Dignity In Nursing

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Introduction In this assignment I will explore a clinical experience where dignity was maintained and reflect on my practice. It is important to reflect in both personal and professional development. Reflection will allow me to recognise both good and bad practice and how I can improve as a person as well as professionally. For this assignment I will be writing in first person, as it is appropriate for a reflective essay. Hamil (1999) can be used to support this, in the essay. I will also use Gibbs (1988) reflective framework to structure this assignment, as it can help with understanding what went well, what did not do so well and how to improve. Whilst reflecting on the clinical experience where dignity was maintained, I will analyse the situation and use literature to validate my findings. Royal College of Nursing, (2008) defines dignity as ‘Dignity is concerned with how people feel, think and behave in relation to the worth or value of themselves and …show more content…

Reflecting on this clinical practice has been unquestionably beneficial to me. It is helped me ascertain further information about dignity and the importance of it. It has also allowed me to evaluate the care I give and develop personally and professionally. Using the Gibbs (1988) reflective framework has enabled me to look at all aspects of the clinical practice and gain essential information relating the maintenance of dignity. I have found this assignment of reflecting extremely interesting and have enjoyed learning new things about myself and the care I give in clinical practice. It has given me more confidence in delivering care and enlightened me to always support patients as individuals. I have grasped a competent understanding of the benefits of reflecting on practice and will endeavour to reflect on all my practice placements in the

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