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  • Case Study: The Journey Of Tata Motors

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    Prologue: TATA Motors, subsidiary of the TATA group, is considered as the only automobile company of India, which is growing drastically and which has acquired the foreign automobile industry. Especially during the time of Mr. Ratan Tata, company grew the most. Also TATA motors developed new engines and technologies across the couple of research centers located in India. We will see how the company grew day by day, starting from history. Timeline: The Journey of TATA: • Tata engineering and locomotive

  • Tata Motors Strategy

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    Introduction Established under the parent organization, Tata Group, in 1945, Tata Motors Limited has turned into India's biggest car organization. It was the main Indian vehicle organization to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Tata Motors started producing business vehicles in 1954 with a 15-year coordinated effort concurrence with Daimler Benz of Germany. This partnership has drove Tata Motors to end up distinctly India's biggest car organization as well as India's largest commercial vehicle

  • Tata Steel Porter's Five Forces Analysis

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    Tata Steel is the second largest Indian Steel Companies in terms of domestic production. The vision of Tata Steel are “To be the global steel industry benchmark for Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship”. While for the mission are sustainable growth, differential value creation, enhance employees' competencies, continuous improvement of business processes and being responsible corporate citizen. Tata Steel has develop strategic management for their company. Strategic management is the formulation

  • Case Study: The Nissan And Renault Merger

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    The Nissan and Renault Merger (March 1999) As Nissan was in such an immense financial difficulty, a merger with another auto company would prove beneficial to Nissan both from financing and management point of view. Around the same time, Renault was looking for a partner to expand at the global level. Around the year of 1997, Renault’s revenue was earned majorly due to the European Market and most of the remaining from Latin America. Renault was targeting the Asian and North American markets and

  • Swot Analysis Of Tata Motors

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    Introduction Tata Motors Ltd is an Indian multinational company which has operations spread across geography. It is an automotive manufacturing company which has its headquarters in the financial hub of India i.e. Mumbai. Tata Motors is one of the most important subsidiaries of Tata Group. Tata Motors deals and manufactures across the automobile segment ranging from passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, construction equipment and military vehicles. It is one of the most respected and trusted

  • Dabur Case Study

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    Competitors of Dabur are the following: 1) HUL – The FMCG giant is the biggest competitor of Dabur in a wide range of products like- • Personal care- Dabur’s herbal soaps compete with HUL’s Lux, Breeze, Lifebuoy, and Dove. • Oral Care- Dabur’s herbal Babool, Meswak compete with Pepsodent, Close up etc. 2) Marico- The Indian consumer good company which was founded in 1987 owns the Shanti Amla brand which gives tough competition to Dabur’s Amla Oil. 3) P & G- The American Multinational has a dominant

  • Tata India Case Study Strategy

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    Reasons: TATA is an Indian company operating at that time, in one only automotive segment, low-end segment precisely, with high dependency of the home market and the utility vehicles. In fact, 90% of the revenues comes from India. This acquisition meant for TATA acquire a well-known brand like JLR, and with the latter also Lanchester’s brand, spreading its business risk across more and different geographic areas and segment without overlapping the existing TATA’s markets and products. JLR is a UK

  • Case Study Of Jaguar Land Rover

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    company 1.1 Tata Motors Group Figure 1: Logo of Tata Motors (Glass, Lewis & Co, 2016) Founded in 1945, the Tata Motors is the India’s largest automobile company, and was formerly known as TELCO (Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company). It has grown rapidly since it was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868 (Tata Motors, 2018). The Tata Motors are more focus on producing and selling the commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, midsize car and also utility vehicle segments to the customers. The Tata Motors

  • Swot Analysis Of Nucor

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    Maharashtra and engages in the manufacture, production and sale of iron and steel. Its growth strategy included acquisition of various global steel businesses such as NatSteel in 2004, Millennium Steel in 2005 and Corus in 2007. The acquisition made Tata Steel world's 8th largest producer of Steel (with an approx.. production of 24,400,000 MT of crude steel) in the world . The three major segments of companies operation includes Steel, Ferro Alloys & minerals and Other. It has also been awarded the

  • Challenges Facing Tata Motors Case Study

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    1. What were the key challenges facing Tata Motors in the process of moving to produce passenger cars from successfully producing commercial vehicles? The Key challenges faced by Tata Motors in the process of moving to produce passenger’s cars from successfully producing commercial vehicles were: Tata wanted to expand their operation to produce car in collaboration with Honda of Japan but realised political barrier because Government of India refused the permission. There were many complexities in

  • Tata Motors Case Study

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    Brief According to the article, Tata Motors, Ltd., was India’s leading automobile company by revenue and was the number one commercial vehicle manufacturer and the number three passenger vehicle manufacturer in India in 2012. It was also the world’s fourth-largest medium and large-sized bus manufacturer, and the fourth-largest truck manufacturer in the world. However, Tata Motors was a very successful company but there are also many international markets in India. Moreover, Indian government has

  • Tata Motors Swot Analysis

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    Introduction Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India and a subsidiary of the bigger Tata Group. Its products list includes varied assets like passenger cars, vans, buses, trucks, construction equipment and military vehicles. It is the world 's 17th largest motor vehicle manufacturer, 4th largest truck manufacturer and 2nd largest bus manufacturer by volume. Founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of locomotives, it manufactured its first

  • Indian Automobile Industry Analysis

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    market and tenth largest passenger car market. After the economic liberalization, the companies like Maruthi Suzuki, Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra expanded the production and

  • Tata Motors Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION In June 2008, TATA Motors announced the acquisition of brands Jaguar and Land Rover from the car producing giant Ford Motors. The deal was valued at US$ 2.3 billion and is considered an overall success even from intercultural perspective. On the contrary, the deal was speculated to be a huge failure as the world was entering into recession in 2008 and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) was incurring huge losses. The deal was an all cash deal with 100% acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover’s businesses

  • Maruti Cars Case Study

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    Brand Car Name Price TATA Nano 2-3 lacs Renault KWID 2.7- 4.16 lacs TATA Tiago 3.29-5.85 lacs Hyundai EON 3.3-4.5 lacs Datsun GO 3.32-4.23 lacs Chevrolet Beat 3.66-4.25 lacs Nissan Micra 4.2-5.22 lacs Fiat Punto 5.5-7.5 lacs Hyundai Grand I10 4.3-7.7 lacs Tata Bolt 4.67 - 7.33 lacs Ford Figo 4.69 - 7.31 lacs Honda Brio 4.75-6.02 lacs Tata Indica 4.48-5.52 lacs Chevrolet Sail 4.8-7.5 lacs Volkswagen Polo 5.49 - 9.22 Lacs Toyota Etios 5.67 - 7.54 Lacs Table 2: Comparison of Maruti cars Brand Car

  • Swot Analysis Of Tata Motors

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    TATA MOTORS Tata Motors Limited had a consolidated revenues of rupees 2,32,834 crores making it the largest automobile company in the Indian market. Tata Motors is among the top 3 manufacturers in the passenger vehicle segment while in the commercial vehicle segment, Tata motors have been able to sustain their number one position for a long time. It has won a lot of awards for its products in the commercial vehicle segment and is also accredited for the production of top vehicles in the passenger

  • Demand In Automobile Industry

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    Acknowledgement I express my sincere gratitude to my faculty guide Mrs. Shivani Jaswal, Lecturer, Amity School of Economics, Amity University – Uttar Pradesh, for her able guidance, continuous support and cooperation throughout my dissertation, without which the present work would not have been possible.   Abstract India being the second most populated country in the world and the growth rate of Indian economy is also high as compared to developed countries, which attracts the

  • The Automobile Industry

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    India represents one of the world’s largest automobile industries. The automobile industry can be classified into two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Passenger Vehicle Industry is an important sector of the automobile Industry. Increasing buying power of the Indian middle class along with easy availability of financing made passenger vehicles an attractive proposition. Besides, the growing organized used car market has also been a positive growth factor in the

  • Swot Analysis Of Maruti Suushi

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    the 3rd largest sales and service network.it has 14 current models and 4 discontinued models.it also focused in producing concept vehicles.it enter with tata sierra but it was not successful in Indian market .in the year 1998 ,tata launched indica which was first fully indigenous Indian passenger car.it has several other company which comes under TATA GROUP .these are few

  • Tatra Ace Case Study

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    TATA MOTORS –An Introduction "Best in the manner in which we 0perate, best in the product we deliver, and best in 0ur value system and ethics." Tata Motors Limited, previously Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) is an Indian international automobile assembling organization head quartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and a subsidiary of the Tata Group. Its things join voyager cars, trucks, vans, mentors, public transports, development supplies and military vehicles. It is the world