Sainsbury's Social Media Case Study

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. Introduction
John James Sainsbury and Mary Ann, his wife Sainsbury founded Sainsbury’s, pioneer of the self-service retailing concept in the UK in 1869 with a shop in Drury Lane, London. The company has become the largest grocery retailer in 1922. At present times Sainsbury’s is one of the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK with a market share of the UK supermarket sector of 16.9% and the holding company, J Sainsbury plc is split into three divisions. The vision of the company is to be the most trusted retailer from where people will love to work & shop. They’ve also refined the goal to reflect their commitment as to make the life of the customers easier by offering great quality and by serving at fair prices to meet the needs …show more content…

This is actually the kind of new form of marketing typically based on the efforts to create content that will attract the attention and will encourage the readers to share it across their social networks, which will bring both possibilities and challenges. The use of models and theories which are traditional has also challenged by the ever-evolving field of social media. Due to the fact of the global companies are changing their marketing towards social media marketing rather than traditional forms of marketing. Sainsbury’s also using the social media as part of their marketing strategy to attract and to increase loyalty of the …show more content…

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are providing advertisers with information about the nature and the demand of their consumers. This technique is crucial, as it is providing the businesses with a “target audience”. On the other hand, it is apparent from the view point of the consumers that the customers are frustrated due to lack of information shared with them by retailers. Therefore, role of social media marketing is helpful for achieving consumer’s loyalty and increase of the share of the market.
Why is it an issue now?
Researches of the past years shows- In Europe and America over 80% of teens and young adults are using social media of different types. Soft drink giant Coca-Cola is already integrating Facebook as a part of their marketing plans with 20 million of Facebook fans. Those kinds of changes indicate to significance of social media marketing for present world.
What could this research shed light on?
This research will explain positive as well as few negative impact of social media marketing. Example of recent social media marketing mishaps will be included to protect any type of incidents. Overall, it will examine the importance of social media marketing & how it can enhance the consumer

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