The Amityville Horror Essays

  • Imagery In The Amityville Horror

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    Imagery in Horror Many authors utilize an array of literary devices and techniques with the intention of adding depth to their narrative. If done correctly, the literary technique could enhance the reader’s connection to what is happening in the story. I think horror is a genre of literature that could benefit the most from literary techniques. Depending on which technique is used, it could place the reader directly into the creepy setting in which the story takes place: thus instilling a sense

  • Amityville Horror Film Analysis

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    Horror films have the capacity to be utilized as vehicles to discuss or address issues of social change and societal transformation. This essay is concerned with the function of the nuclear family in horror films. The question that is the focus of this essay is: how does the horror film use the family to address social issues? Therefore, this essay theorizes that horror films utilize the nuclear family to demonstrate the impact and effect that societal change can have on individuals within the family

  • Gothic Elements In The Film Black Swan

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    received very positively, being nominated for five Oscars the next year and even winning the award for best leading actress. Today, seven years later, it is still known for Natalie Portman's portrayal of an unstable ballerina. Mostly categorized as a Horror film, Black Swan can also be argued to be a Gothic story realized on film. When watching the film, I was especially interested to see it's Gothic elements and more precisely how tropes like the Gothic monster and the double are handled both when it

  • Compare And Contrast Edward And Warren

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    In the later part of the 1970’s, Edward and Lorraine Warren would conduct an investigation on the now well-known house in the city of Amityville as a result of concerns from the homeowner at the time. Ed was a demonologist, while Lorraine was a trance medium, which Reverend Stefanidakis defines as having the gift that allows the spiritual communicator to speak through her consciously. While in the house, Lorraine’s gift enabled her to experience unpleasant visions and was be given disturbing messages;

  • Foreshadowing In The Fall Of The House Of Usher Essay

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    How is the horror genre element of foreshadowing shown in “The Black Cat”? The strongest example of foreshadowing comes in the form of the black and white cat, who not only is missing an eye like Pluto, reminding his narrator of his violent act; but his white mark on his chest changes shape to look like the gallows. This foreshadows the judgement that will ultimately find the narrator. The quote, “Yet, mad am I not- and very surely do I not dream. But tomorrow I die, and today I would unburthen my

  • Addiction In The Tell Tale Heart

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    The Haunting Retribution of a Tortured Man The “Tell Tale Heart”, published in 1843, is a gothic short story written by the infamous author Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is known for many poems and short stories such as “The Raven” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” to name a few. “The Tell Tale Heart” is an eerie fiction of an unreliable narrator attempting to convince the reader of his sanity. In doing so, he reveals more about his insanity while he tells the tale of a dark deed. The narrator is psychotic

  • Mid Term Break Seamus Heaney Analysis

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    In the poem “Mid-Term Break,” Seamus Heaney expresses the reality that death provokes in a family and within himself through the use of devices such as emotional diction and symbols. First off, Heaney begins the piece by having the speaker observe the family members around him, seeing all the grief and sorrow that has engulfed them from the tragic death of his little brother. The family members observed are rather openly distressed, for they seem to express their feelings rather than contain them

  • Main Characters In The Tell Tale Heart

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    What is the definition of crazy? Crazy means to be mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way. And that is the definition of the main character in the story “Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. The story “Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe is told in the first person perspective by the main character who is the narrator. It starts with the narrator. This narrator wants to kill an old man.The reason for this is because of the old man's “ugly eye”. Thus the narrator

  • Funny Games Film Analysis

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    completely feminised the hell out of that handsome jock). It is one of the most viscerally assaulting pictures ever produced; a film so utterly subversive in craft that rivals the greats of Hitchcock or Carpenter. “Funny Games” is a masterwork of horror, a film that pierces our minds with stunning imagery, symbolism, dark humour and, implicit violence with hyperbolic effectiveness. The premise is simple –a vacationing family who gets an unexpected visit from two deeply disturbed young men. Their

  • Similarities Between Zombies And Vampires

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    When one compares two monsters such as a zombie and a vampire it is easy to see the differences between them. Zombies and vampires have more differences than they do similarities. With one being a walking corpse only seeking the consumption of flesh, and the other being a blood sucking un-dead creature with some human qualities. These monsters also represent specific fears that people have, and in return make the people of today so much more drawn to these movies. People like things they can relate

  • Horror Movies: The Acceptance Of Horror Films

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    Horror Films Horror Films are defined as unsettling films created to scare and frighten; cause stress, alarm and dread; and to awaken the worst hidden fears that are locked away in people’s subconscious, often in a terrifying and shocking climax while capturing their ascination at the same time ( Horror films are easy to identify because they have a distinguished and recognizable pattern that happens again and again. They play on the audiences’ primal fears;

  • Horror In The Monkey's Paw

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    receive it”. Horror is a genre that seeks to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on their fears. “The Monkey’s Paw” falls perfectly in this genre. “The Monkey’s Paw” is a horror story written by W.W Jacobs. In the story,the monkey’s paw grants three wishes to three different people. The wishes always lead to a bad event in life. “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W Jacobs fits the criteria necessary to make it a part of the horror genre because of the source of horror, the suspense

  • Elements Of Horror

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    you define the horror genre and it’s characteristics of what it contains? My perspective of how the genre of horror is categorized. Many people describe the horror genre as being related to monsters, well that’s not so, all of the horror genres contain the five elements of the horror genre, but not all deal with monsters. Like the monkey’s paw and the tell-tale heart, most horror genres contain the elements; fear, surprise, suspense, mystery, and spoiler. These elements give the horror genre a great

  • The Giver Society Vs Society

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    “When you receive the memories, You have the capacity to see beyond.” said The Giver when he explained the job of being the receiver to Jonas, in Lois Lowry’s The Giver. In the novel The Giver, the main character Jonas lives in a bland, boring community where everyone is the same. When he receives the assignment of being the receiver he realizes how disappointing the life he is living is once he gets memories from The Giver, of how life used to be. He lives in a society that is very different from

  • Cinematic Characteristics In The Film Tim Burton's Cinematic Techniques

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    The movie that Tim’s famous for, have those styles and elements in it. For example, the movie Vincent has element that are dark and a childhood imagination story. The story itself is also a bit creepy and dark, childhood experience, and classic kid horror. Burton uses those styles to empathize the mood and tone. Today, the topic will be about those cinematic

  • Literary Criticism In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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    A Rose for Emily William Faulkner was an American writer and Nobel prize laureate from Oxford Mississippi. Faulkner wrote novels, short stories, a play, poetry, essays and screenplays. He had assorted styles of writings. He is one of the most celebrated writers in American literature generally and Southern literature specifically. One of his styles of writing included Southern Gothic. Southern Gothic style focuses on grotesques themes, and my also include supernatural elements. It mainly focuses

  • Why Do Vampires Exist In Society

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    Vampires: The Truth about Their Existence and Survival in the Modern World The modern media industry vastly overuses the story of a mysterious, hooded figure attacking a helpless young woman, dramatically biting her neck as she cries into the night. Any regular media consumer cannot go to a bookstore or flip through the channels on a television without seeing a story similar to this. The story of a bloodsucking vampire has intrigued people from all over the world for centuries; however, what most

  • The Causes And Effects Of Institutionalization In The Shawshank Redemption

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    The Causes and Effects of Institutionalization in “The Shawshank Redemption” “Everybody in here’s innocent.”. This humorous albeit extremely dark phrase is one the audience will get well acquainted with in The Shawshank Redemption. Based off a Stephen King novel, this movie is filled with dark humor, wit, and, most importantly, introspective looks into the way people adapt, think, and act in a harsh, shackled environment. Combining both realism and imagination, Stephen King managed to fashion a

  • Literary Analysis Of Guy De Maupassant

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    Guy de Maupassant is considered one of the most major nineteenth-century French naturalist writers. Maupassant was a meticulous writer devoting much attention to the reality of everyday existence. His major stories are characterized by their focus on irony. Human beings are weak thus forces, which they cannot control, influence them. Usually, Maupassant characters exhibit or portray various degrees of weakness, such as hypocrisy, callousness or even cruelty. He also demonstrates through his characters

  • Warm Bodies Film Analysis

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    The good thing about Warm Bodies not being a full comedy movie is that it has funny and sweet moments to appear and those elements mixing in with some of the horror/gothic elements creates a different mix of film for several different audiences. The film also generates and emotional response through the horror/gothic genre because of the horror/gothic elements and film techniques as said below: The camera perspective/film technique is as if it was shot through his eyes. As the