Imagery In The Amityville Horror

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Imagery in Horror Many authors utilize an array of literary devices and techniques with the intention of adding depth to their narrative. If done correctly, the literary technique could enhance the reader’s connection to what is happening in the story. I think horror is a genre of literature that could benefit the most from literary techniques. Depending on which technique is used, it could place the reader directly into the creepy setting in which the story takes place: thus instilling a sense of actual fear in the reader which will ultimately connect them to the story. This could be the equivalent of a horror film using a “jump scare” to directly place the viewer into the action. Out of the plethora of literary techniques that most …show more content…

“His neck felt stiff and he rotated it, trying to work out the tight feeling. ‘It’s alright!’ he yelled back to Kathy. ‘Jodie’s not here!’ ‘There he is, daddy!’ George looked down at Missy. She was pointing to one of her windows. His eyes followed her finger and he started. Staring at him through one of the panes were two fiery red eyes. No face, just the mean little eyes of a pig! ‘That’s Jodie!’ cried Missy. ‘He wants to come in’”. (pp. 263)
The imagery for this scene in the novel is not as strong as my previous example, but I feel that there is a subtlety present that adds to my personal version of horror. The fact that the pig, Jodie, is not described in full detail leads the reader’s imagination to fill in what this creature actually looks like. The author is essentially using imagery in a negative way by omitting defining features. By only showing the eyes of the pig, the author creates a sense of ambiguity for the reader and leads to speculation about what Missy’s friend Jodie actually is and why he is floating outside the window. I read this book in high school and this was one of the few scenes that genuinely scared me. I think the imagery was very effective because it painted a picture for me without going into full detail about the creature; I was able to create my own version of what I thought the pig

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