The Upstairs Room Essays

  • Grotesque Imagery In A Rose For Emily

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    A Rose for Emily is one of Faulkner's most anthologized stories which reveal grotesque imagery and first-individual plural portrayal to investigate a culture not able to adapt to its own death and rot. A Rose for Emily starts with the declaration of the death of Miss Emily Grierson, an estranged spinster living in the South in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. The narrator, who talks in the "we" voice and seems to represent the populace of the town, describes the story of Emily's life

  • A Rose For Emily Symbolism Essay

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    hand. Blood that runs red like the petal of roses. Roses have a very strong aroma and sometimes are used by funeral homes to cover up the smell of decaying bodies. Another way the word rose was used is that the room or tomb that Homer laid in was decorated in a rose color scheme. The room is described as “upon the valance curtains of faded rose color, upon the rose-shaded lights.” (315) Perhaps the people of the town of Jefferson were looking through rose-colored glasses as they were oblivious to

  • Personal Narrative: The Leprechaunt

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    and I said,” Why is this happening to me I can walk upside down!" I yelled "Mom, Dad, where are you?” When I went upstairs I saw all my mom’s books were gone. There was a note saying a leprechaun changed the house, and then there was another note from the leprechaun. The note said, “ If you want your house to be normal again go to your bedroom and find a clue." I went to my room and looked around for a clue. I looked and found a note on the floor that read, “If you want your next clue go to

  • Sample Case Scenario

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    He said he was upstairs when he heard fighting coming from downstairs. When he came down the stairs he saw his brother standing in the dinning room with a knife in his hand. And his father was standing in the living room with the air rifle, Garrison walked around the table and got between his parents and Christopher. Garrison said he pushed Christopher in the chest in

  • Ancient Rome: The Roman Colosseum

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    there were different categories of dwelling depending upon the wealth and power; palaces for emperors, town houses for wealthy Patricians, country villas for wealthy Romans, and tenements for poor Romans. The Roman Colosseum was humongous with 300 rooms decorated with fine stones and gold leaves on the walls and ceilings. The palaces were equipped with heating, bath and fountains. The Roman Town houses were massive buildings with portico where the windows were glazed with expensive thick glass. Insulae

  • Milton Larsen Case Summary

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    is as followed: a medical diagnosis of hypertension and left knee osteoarthritis. He is prescribed metoprolol tartrate and spironolactone for his hypertension and he takes ibuprofen for aggravation of the left knee related to frequent trips to the upstairs bathroom. At a recent visit to his primary care physician Milton Larsen stated the following subjective data “Dina gets mad at my cat and takes it out on me.” Milton Larsen’s aging body will go through many physiologic changes, specifically the

  • Rummage Sale Short Story

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    she would give me a puff or two of her powder. I inhaled my wrist and laughed as I remembered the fuzzy puff in my face and choking on powder dust. That’s when I noticed Momaw’s orange quilt lying across her bed. I snatched it up and hid it upstairs. She used to put that quilt out on her bed every winter. Before bedtime, she would get it out and tell me where each piece of cloth came from. This piece from your grannie’s dress, that one from Uncle Norm’s pajamas, that blue piece here came

  • Personal Narrative: Zombie Apocalypse

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    the head Ivy." Opening my eyes, still gripping the knife, I look around the kitchen. Dodging cans, bowls, and bottles, I peek around the corner to the living room. Seeing nothing there, I head to the last room downstairs, the laundry room. Realization dawned upon me, my dogs sleep in there. Running at full speed towards the laundry room, I stop at my dad's dead body at the base of the stairs. Quickly squatting down, I stabbed him in the head, just to be safe. The moan is louder now, and I figure

  • Thanksgiving Day Speech

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    Thanksgiving break has just ended, and now I’m back at school, that means I have to see Mrs. Gulon’s scary face again, and go to her classes, which are pure torture. Everyone thinks she’s an evil witch and I do too, her laugh sounds like an evil cackle, she has really dry lips, and yellow teeth, she has a big scar under her eye, and a big wart on her chin. Her classroom has a cellar in the corner that she locks kids in that angers her, I heard that sometimes she leave kids in there all day. Soon

  • Case Study: Freda Mae

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    The kitchen, dining area, main bathroom, and bedrooms are located on the top floor and the family room and garage are located on the bottom floor. A flight of stairs leads from the second level of the home to a landing and turns ninety degrees down to the first floor. In order for Freda to utilize the lower level of the home, her parents have to

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Analysis

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    What would you prefer a big unfulfilling Christmas or a small and joyful holiday with friends and family? The author Hugh Martin of the song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” did a great job on demonstrating the the theme in every verse. The theme of the song is that you do not need a big Christmas to enjoy the holidays, that family and friend are what Christmas is about. This analysis will show the poetic devices used to carry the theme. The poetic devices that were used were repetition,imagery

  • Literary Analysis Of All Summer In A Day

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    All Summer in A Day by Ray Bradbury is about how a little jealousy can turn into rage and reveals that children, along with adults, can be blinded by something so simple.The author of All Summer in A Day believes jealousy and bullying are the key emotions played in this short story. Bradbury claims that the main characters, Margot, is being bullied because she was Earth longer. Whereas, the other students don’t even remember Earth because of how early they all moved to Venus. When Margot arrives

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Place In The World

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    As I stepped out onto the field, my gaze drifted upward. The sky was speckled with millions of tiny, glittering stars. We were so isolated out here that even the Milky Way was visible. I had never seen it in person before. That’s just one of those things that only happens at camp, the most magical place I know. Still admiring the constellation, I took a deep breath of cool mountain air and started walking. Under the dim light, I could see the faint features of my cabin mates and my counselors. Even

  • Nonverbal Communication

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    Abstract Walking into a party and you notice people keep giving you an odd look, and you’re unsure why. You then go to the bathroom and notice your nose is bleeding. A couple things happened in this situation. The first you were reading people’s nonverbal facial expressions they were giving you. Secondly if you would’ve been more self-aware of the looks you were given, going to the bathroom to figure out why people were giving you this look you would’ve done more promptly. Thirdly why didn’t anybody

  • Interior Designer Essay

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    Turning into an Interior Designer Interior Designer or Interior Decorator? Individuals frequently romanticize the work of an interior designer with the deceptive thought that the work comprises singularly of choosing hues and fabrics for a room. These obligations are a touch closer to interior adorning. In any case, an interior designer has a variety of obligations that incorporate both those of an interior decorator and also more mind boggling occupations. They incorporate light administration

  • Essay On Airbrush Paint

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    Best Airbrush Paint Airbrushing is a fun and creative approach in creating unique artworks for your home. You can use this technique to redecorate your house and paint on various types of surfaces. However, there are certain types of paints that work well on particular surfaces. Before buying an airbrush paint, make sure you select the right type of material. In this write-up, we are going to give you a preview on the best airbrush paint in the market. This will give you an idea on what product

  • Descriptive Essay On Rehab

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    to escape from, as I noticed every detail over the cigarette and air freshener smell. The faint yelling of the girl with the name of Maddison rang in my ears, leaving an aftertaste of dismay as she tried to relate to the incapacitated people in the room. As I continued to chip away at my baby blue nail polish and twiddle my thumbs I noticed my reflection in the spotted window as I stared out into the world that was stolen away from me. Continuously, I glance over at the rehab

  • Multicultural Competency

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    Ahmed, S., Wilson, K., Henricksen, R., & Jones, J. (2011). What Does It Mean to Be a Culturally-Competent Counselor? Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology, 3(1), 17-28. Retrieved from The article is based on the changing demographics and the needs for the need for the human services field to become more proficient as it relates to being multiculturally competent. The author presents several strategies to include awareness, knowledge

  • Kimpton Beach Hotel Rhetorical Analysis

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    A Rhetorical Analysis of The Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel Website The Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel is a luxurious hotel that has tons of wonderful amenities that are displayed using different forms of Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. The design of this website also comes with different shapes that have what is called shape grammar which are basically feelings associated with different shapes. There is also color psychology, each color is also associated with different feelings. This gorgeous escape uses these

  • Acrylic Latex Paint Essay

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    How to Thin Acrylic Latex Paint Are you planning on decorating your walls with acrylic latex paint? It is widely used in various DIY projects. You can use it to paint your walls, ceiling, and interior furniture. If you are working on decorating your walls using this type of paint, you need to make sure that it has the right viscosity. Otherwise you might end up with an ugly, uneven, and blotchy wall. During my first DIY wall decorating project, I made the mistake of not checking the paint consistency