Thermometer Essays

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coffee Cup Calorimeters

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    and placed slightly below the rim of one cup. The cup with the cardboard lid was stacked inside the other cup. A hole in which the thermometer could fit snugly was poked into the cardboard lid, and aluminum foil with a hole of the same size was placed over the cups to provide extra insulation. The commercial calorimeter provided for the experiment and two thermometers were also

  • Water Thermometer Research Paper

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    Babies R Us LED Whale Bath Thermometer- Babies R Us bath thermometer shows the temperature on the LED display at the top. If the water is above 100 Fahrenheit or below 90 degrees, the display flashes. The bath thermometer is activated by water, turns off automatically when removed in the water and re-reads the temperatures after every 5-second. It has a dimension of 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and requires 2AA battery which is included in the package. This floating has an eye-catching

  • The Invention Of The Galileo Thermoscope

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    The Galileo Thermoscope In 1603 there was an invention that changed how our society works. Thermometers gave us a sophisticated understanding of heat. Thermometers are used almost everywhere, doctors use them, people in the weather industry use them, it is so efficient it is even used by your parents to immediately check if you have a fever. They are more efficient and reliable than measuring temperature with a hand or using your feelings to tell the weather. But how did this amazing invention come

  • Essay On Different Types Of Soup Containers

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    Through this experiment, getting the best container to be used is determined. Using a thermometer, this was very conventional. It made getting of results easier rather than feeling the heat with hands. The temperature was written on a paper and the average temperature was known. Four different types of soup containers. The containers used

  • Symbolism In Leo's Mercury

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    looking daily at the thermometer, which is filled with mercury. What L.P. Hartley symbolises with the thermometer is the heat of the relationship between Marian and Ted, one which Leo is unknowing of. Leo is waiting for the thermometer, between himself and Marian to rise significantly, which is why he checks the thermometer daily for a rise in temperature. “The thermometer stood at 84.” “But I was confident it could do better.” This shows the dedication of Leo to the mercurial thermometer . His twelve year

  • Freezing Point Depression Lab

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    a hot plate with a thermometer. This beaker’s temperature needs to stay constant at 60℃ so the hot plate settings may need to be adjusted throughout the lab. Next, fill the 1000 mL beaker ⅔ full with cool tap water (roughly 700mL full) and place a thermometer in it. Set this beaker aside and maintain a temperature of roughly 25℃. Place the test tube of benzoic acid/lauric acid in the 60℃ water on the hot plate and when the solid solution begins to melt place the thermometer that was in the water

  • Lab Experiment: Catalase Experiment

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    Catalase Experiment Can hydrogen peroxide be broken down by catalyst other than those found in a living system? Independent and Dependent Variables Independent Variable: The independent variable is the chicken liver and the potato. Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is what I will be measuring which is how much peroxide I will use for each individual experiment. I will also need to measure the temperature of the peroxide during/after the experiment and the pH balance. Purpose “What was

  • Cetane Number Fuels Lab Report

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    tightly by the cork carrying the test thermometer. The position of the cork and the thermometer was adjusted so that the cork fit tightly, the thermometer and the jar were coaxial, and the thermometer bulb resting on the bottom of the jar. The test jar was places in the ice box containing freezing mixture. In the determination of the cloud point the sample was cooled and inspected at intervals of 2°C until a cloud and haze appeared, than noted the thermometer reading. This was the cloud point. As

  • Recrystallization Synthesis

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    Some of the factors are thermometer was calibrated to determine its precision. The actual melting points of water, phenylacetic acid, o-anisic acid, and benzilic acid to their observed melting points were determined by calibrated thermometer. Then the solubility tests were run in order to determine the appropriate solvent for the unknown solute (Table 1). After determination of a solute

  • Exothermic Reactions Lab Report

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    Introduction This project used four different exothermic reactions to boil one litre of water, in doing this the reactions’ economic and environmental friendliness were tested and compared. The following exothermic reactions were tested: the combustion of charcoal, the combustion of wood, the combustion of propane gas and the combustion of hydrogen gas. It is important to note that we did as much as possible to carry out all the experiments fairly, however we faced a few difficulties and were not

  • Commercial Headache Powder Lab Report

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    Aim This experiment separates the constituents of a commercial headache powder employing the use of extraction method. The active ingredients of the commercial headache powder were extracted by dissolving the powdered tablet in propanone solvent. The suspended fine particle binders in the propanone solution were removed by filtration method. The solid analgesia was obtained by evaporating propanone solvent. It was then collected on Hirsh funnel by filtration. Melting point determination was performed

  • Alka Seltzer Reaction Lab

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    Place the thermometer into the water and let it settle in order to ensure that the temperature has remained at 41°C. Carefully remove four Alka-Seltzer tablets from the package making sure not to crack any. With the timer ready, place one tablet into the cup of water

  • Essay On Exothermic Reaction

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    One thermometer was then placed into the 20mL of water in each graduated cylinder and left to sit at room temperature. When both thermometers reached the same temperature (the assumed ‘room temperature’), the water from one graduated cylinder was transferred into a 100mL beaker. The water from the other graduated cylinder

  • Crystal Growth Lab Report

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    beaker; it was filled with water. Both items were taken to the lab counter where a beaker was already placed. The copper sulfate was poured into the beaker. Afterwards, the beaker was placed on the hot plate. A thermometer was also placed in at an angle. After ten minutes the thermometer was adjusted until it was completely straight in the middle of the beaker. Then the hot plate was turned on. One group member monitored the hot plate, while a second group member retrieved a stirring stick to stir

  • Goldfish Temperature Regulation

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    Temperature regulation is one of many aspects of homeostasis, the ability to maintain an organism’s internal environment at a comfortable temperature. An organism can be a temperature regulator or a temperature conformer. An endotherm is a regulating organism that maintains homeostasis by producing its own heat thus keeping the internal environment stable regardless of the conditions of the external environment. This means that the metabolism of an endotherm is always at a constant, rapid rate. An

  • Ice Diving Activities

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    Experience 1: For children to experience the solid form of water, and to understand freezing and melting process. This experience helps children to see the relationship between ice and water. It support children to understand temperature can make water change its form, and for children to recognize the term solid, freezing and melting. Activity Title: Ice making and ice dig activity Resource and Equipment: Equipment to make the ice block: • Stones • Plastic crystals • Shells • Jag • Toy dinosaurs

  • Sodium Bromide And 1-Butanol Lab Report

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    Sodium bromide and 1-butanol are dissolved in water since the bromide ion from the sodium bromide and the four carbon chain from the 1-butanol are the desired components of 1-bromobutane. In order to get the sodium bromide and the 1-butanol to react sulfuric acid is added to react with the sodium bromide and combine with the sodium ion producing hydro-bromic acid. Later, when the flask is heated the bromide ion will be able to combine with the four carbon chain of the 1-butanol. During the process

  • Empire Red Swot Analysis

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    EQUIPMENTS KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer, Empire Red. I used to mix everything by hand after taking an Ayurvedic cooking class, in which I learned that love for your family can be incorporated into your food. I figured I could get more lovin' into my cookies by sweeping my spoon beautifully around the bowl as I hand-creamed butter and sugar, but it really became more of an exercise in cutting, mashing and stabbing. That just incorporates violence, aggression and frustration

  • Exercise 1 Physics Lab Report

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    Exercise 2 began with measuring the milliliters needed to fill a coffee mug and measuring the liters in a gallon. Then we went to the sink and filled a graduated cylinder with 70 ml of water and then placed a pencil in the water. Our lab partner, Temi had to use both of her hands to push the pencil in the water in order to completely submerge it, because it kept floating upward. After completing these steps, we then calculated and recorded the volume. Once we finished this, we then repeated steps

  • Enthalpy Changes Of Combustion Of Ethanol And Butanol Lab Report

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    ring clamp belonging to the ring stand. Place the 250ml beaker on top of the wire gauze. Arrange so that there will be a 10 cm distance between the wire gauze and the wick of the burner when the alcohol burner is placed underneath the clamp. Use a thermometer to measure and record the initial temperature of the water. Light the wick of the alcohol burner containing ethanol using a lighter or a match. Use a stopwatch to track the time of the combustion of ethanol. While the water within the beaker is