Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 Essays

  • A Piece Of Red Ploth Poem Analysis

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    The poems Tiananmen by James Fenton, and A Piece of Red Cloth by Cui Jian are examples of protest poetry, created around the time of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre in 1989. Within both of these texts, the idea of government control and censorship are interesting and significant. These ideas are shown through the use of imperatives, and second-person pronouns in Tiananmen, and metaphors and dialogue in A Piece of Red Cloth. Government control and censorship are still relevant and significant

  • Tiananmen Square Case Study

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    The Tiananmen Square protests, commonly known in Chinese as the June Fourth Incident (六四事件)[a] were student-led demonstrations in Beijing in 1989. More broadly, it refers to the popular national movement inspired by the Beijing protests during that period, sometimes referred to as the '89 Democracy Movement (八九民运). The protests were forcibly suppressed after the government declared martial law. In what became widely known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, troops with assault rifles and tanks killed

  • Literary Devices Used In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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    BRIEF ANALYSIS The use of various literary devices in Joseph Conrad’s novel helps to bring his story to life, which ultimately is to his advantage. Conrad brings the reader into the darkness, displayed the corruptibility of humankind and left them pondering the absurdity of evil and imperialism. One of the strongest literary devices that Conrad uses to engage the reader in his novella is the use of imagery. However other important literary devices that are used throughout the novel as well as in

  • Pollution Persuasive Speech

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    Karin 20/08/2014 English 8A Nearly everyday in our lives, we see banners, magazines, newspapers, as well as posters telling us to be environmental friendly and to stop pollution. But do people listen to the advices? Do people realize that pollution is one of the biggest global killers? Pollution is the number 1 cause of death in the developing world; it kills approximately 10 million people every year. It’s hard to tell when and where pollution began. When a volcano erupts, it sends toxic gas

  • Shell-BP Swot Analysis

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    Shell Petroleum Development Company, Shell-BP, started oil exploration in the country after it was granted an exploration license in 1938 and in 1956, the first commercial oil field was first discovered in Nigeria by Shell-BP in Oloibiri, Bayelsa State in the eastern Niger Delta region, leading to the first oil export in 1958 which changed the economic and ecological state of the community and Nigeria. Before then, the first exploration well in Nigeria was drilled by Shell-BP at Iho, Northwest of

  • Civil Disobedience And Satyagraha

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    INTRODUCTION Civil disobedience is the active, refusal to obey some laws, demands, or commands of a government, or of an occupying international power. Civil disobedience, not always, but can be termed as Nonviolent Resistance in nature. The word civil has many definitions: “relating to citizens and their interrelations with one another or with the state”and it literally means “disobedience towards state”. Mahatma Gandhi used civil disobedience to derive the relation between Thoreau’s civil disobedience

  • Advantages Of Authoritarianism In The Philippine Government

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    Philippine Government: Authoritarian or Democratic? They say democracy is not freedom in itself, but the institutionalization of it— a system wherein decisions rest freely on the public by majority rule. Standing in contrast to this, Authoritarianism, as defined in Britannica, is the principle of blind submission and concentrates power in the hands of a leader or a small elite that is not constitutionally responsible to the body of the people. There have been numerous types of governments throughout

  • Taj Mahal Thesis

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    For me, the romantic story behind Taj Mahal is an important factor that give me a positive view of Taj Mahal, and my social location also plays key role during this story telling. Even though people in China no longer carry out the practice of polygyny, a man marries more than one wife, this concept still influence people’s attitude towards female, especially in the suburb where people suffer the poverty. My gender identity as a female in the society where female somehow is a powerless group, I am

  • Tiananmen Square Book Review

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    :Last Kiss in Tiananmen Square The above literary work is edited by Scott Wong, David Palumbo, Cathy Schlund and Linda Trinh. Baiyun a lead character in the novel joins the pro-democracy movements to vent out frustrations. Baiyun hails from a struggling family but worked hard to secure a place at the prestigious Beijing University. We are thus presented with Tiananmen Square as a place where society’s frustrations are heard and treated with the seriousness they deserve. Tiananmen Square is further shown

  • Tiananmen Square Protest Analysis

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    TIANANMEN SQUARE PROTEST Evelyn Fung World History B2 May 6th, 2015 Mr. Bisset 2,377 words Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms created many unexpected problems, including improved living standards as the gap between the rich and the poor widened. The new policies admitted only Western investments and tourists but also including Western political ideas. Increasing numbers of Chinese students have studied abroad and learned about the West. In Deng’s view, the benefits of opening the economy

  • The Tiananmen Square Protest In China

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    "(Bernstein, The New York Times). The Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989 campaigned for a peaceful transition from Communism to Democracy. Although the protest itself was non-violent, the government imposed terror to suppress the violence. The bloodshed that resulted from the tanks and soldiers drew foreign attentions. Thus, the Tiananmen Square has destructed China’s communist image over the past decade. Nevertheless, the Chinese government did not take the protest as a turning point to its socialist

  • Tiananmen Square Movement Analysis

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    Parallelism between the Revolution of 1911 and the Protest of 1989 China had experienced waves of instability from the numerous events from the 20th century. Countless revolutions and protests have forged China into what it is today. The 1911 revolution, also known as the Xinhai revolution, was one of the major revolutions in 20th century China that acted as a stopping force that cut the Qing dynasty short of its path. The Tiananmen Square protest in 1989 also remains as a landmark rebellion in China

  • 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre

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    in the square and almost a million died and thousands injured that horrible day. The whole world was watching that brutal day when the army went in the square and killed thousands. In 1989 Tiananmen square beijing people all over the city were protesting for freedom of speech and press. A line of tanks were coming in the square. A man ran in front of the tanks and stopped them. He took a stand against the army and the tanks. He was surely going to die. He caused other cities to protest all around

  • Essay On Tiananmen Square Massacre

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    was called the Tiananmen Square Protest and Massacre occurred on 4th June 1989. People around the world also know this incident with the other name – the June 4th event. Actually, the protest was initially led by students and then received a wide advocate from laborers with the aim of calling for freedom of press, freedom of speech, and the restoration of workers' control over industry. However, several hard-line leaders in the administration made a ruthless decision that the protest would be quickly

  • Violent Conflict Causes

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    government were enraged by the initial failure and thus chose to take a harsher approach to quelling the protests. In 1989, it was barely a week before a second military force of combat-ready troops was mobilized to shoot its way into the heart of the city, reclaiming Tiananmen Square and thus discouraging further protests. Though not as violent, at some point of handling the 2014 Hong Kong protests, the police resorted to using tear gas and pepper spray on the protestors, and some protestors had turned

  • The Swadeshi Movement

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    Protests have had made great impacts; big and small. However, there is a question on how much protests are proven successful. These protests rather peaceful or hawkish, define a successful protest as a protest that has fully solved the problem or reason of protest. The Swadeshi Movement took place in Bengal in the early 1900s. This protest was to prevent and stop the Partition of Bengal. It was proven effective and also they protested by partaking in rallies, bonfires and labor strikes. Also with

  • Essay On Contemporary Chinese Art

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    It’s gone from propaganda to idealistic to cynical, each shift corresponding to political events in history coming from Mao’s anti-bourgeois campaign to the Open Door Policy to the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989. Considering the positive economic impact, ambivalent cultural impact, and limited social influence, I would say that contemporary Chinese art does not have an overarching positive or negative impact. It’s just not that simple. Art is

  • Essay On Non Violent Movement

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    Protests have been a way of communicating dissatisfaction towards governmental policies and actions. There are many different types of protest, however there are two main ones. Non-Violent protests usually consist of strikes, posters, rallies and abstaining from various procedures. Violent protests consist of riots, murders, vandalism, and damage to buildings. The two types of protests have many similarities and differences. There are many different types of protest, however there are two main

  • The Boxer Rebellion In China

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    officials ordered the crowd to leave, they refused. The outcome was Pro- Democracy supporters were arrested and others were killed. This was seen internationally. Since then, many Chinese human rights activists have been given prison sentences. “ Tiananmen Square demonstration for democratic reform is brutally suppressed” ( Benewick 72) China’s Economic superpower comes directly from being a member of the world trade organization (WTO). As a member China receives the same low tariffs or taxes on goods

  • Effects Of Media Censorship In China

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    anti-government in nature or that are calling for collective protests of all sorts are deleted and depending on the severity of the post, the person may have suspended internet or could even be jailed. Censorship in china is violating people's right to information by simply hiding valid information. Baidu, China's version of Google is known to simply hide facts about events and leaders. When Tiananmen Square (Where the pro democratic protests occurred in 1989) is searched on Baidu, the only information provided