Tonya Harding Essays

  • How To Figure Skating

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    Tonya Harding was an elite american figure skater. She was very well respected as an athlete until the scandal that would go down in history. The scandal that would bring more light to figure skating than ever before. When Tonya Harding was accused of hiring a hitman to attack Nancy Kerrigan, her biggest rival. On October 6th, 1994 as Nancy Kerrigan was leaving practice in Detroit Michigan, she was attacked by an unidentified man (Oregonian). The man hit her in the right knee with what seemed to

  • Ethical Issues In Sports Essay

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    Ethical issues in sports Sports in today’s world have gained a lot of importance and there have been a lot of additions to sports in the form of new rules, policies the way it is meant to be played etc. Though many stringent laws are framed, implemented and monitored there are always some sort of issues in the way the sports activities are carried out. Regardless of the level of participation some of the players resort to unethical ways of winning the event. The attitude towards the sportsmanship

  • Spiro Agnew Speech Analysis

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    On November 13th, 1969, Spiro Agnew, who was the Vice President at the time, gave the speech, Television News Coverage, about how news producers are becoming too powerful ( To successfully inform his audience, he uses many rhetorical strategies to keep everyone engaged and attentive. Agnew delivered an exceptional speech by using multiple techniques such as analogies, anaphoras, parallelism, and rhetorical questions to justify this problem to his audience. To help his audience

  • Should Drugs Be Banned In Sports Essay

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    One of the common debates in the sports industry is whether performance drugs should be banned from athletics. The common argument is that pills should be prevented because they are dangerous and harmful to the athletes. Basing this argument of several ethical theories, the argument drugs should be forbidden in sports may or may not be justified. This paper will use several ethical theories as the bases of the pro and con arguments and conclude with a reason for supporting either a pro or a con argument

  • Crime And Corruption Wave In The 1920s

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    Warren G. Harding was a president that was adored by many, but shortly after his unexpected death, scandals such as the Harding Administration Scandal and the Teapot Scandal came to light and ruined the reputation of this once adored president. Another form of corruption seen at the time

  • Return To Normalcy Speech Analysis

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    States. Just coming out of World War I the people wanted change. Warren G. Harding saw that the people wanted change so that is what he talked about in his “Return to Normalcy” speech in 1920. Many people were very pleased with what Harding had to say in this speech. Calvin Coolidge who was Vice President under Harding also gave a speech in 1925 that had similar ideas as Harding’s speech. The Republican party was on the rise. Harding and Coolidge both were Pro business, wanted to lower taxes, have high

  • Essay On How Did The Treaty Of Versailles Punish Germany

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    HOW FAR WAS THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES TO BLAME FOR THE PROBLEMS OF THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC 1919-1923? Martina Occhetta Total Word Count: CONTENTS In what ways did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany? pg. 3 Why did Germany object to the terms of the Treaty? pg. 5 How far was the Treaty of Versailles to blame for the problems of the Weimar Republic? pg. 7 Bibliography pg. 9 In what ways did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany? When Germany surrendered, they knew they had to pay a price, but

  • Prosperity Of The 1920s Essay

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    In stark contrast to the prosperity of the 1920s, the Great Depression affected every industrialised country from 1929 to 1929. Under Republican administration, laissez faire capitalism incited the emergence of fundamental flaws within the manufacturing sector, as well as high tariffs. These policies ultimately precipitated extreme disparities in wealth and civil liberties. Although such policies were major causative factors in this era, they cannot be identified as the sole cause of the Depression

  • A River Runs Through It Summary

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    Society in the late 20th century was confused about the difference between leisure and labor time. In (A River Runs Through It) by Norman MacLean he writes about how his father, Rev. MacLean, Paul and Neal who all had different ways and definitions of how to spend their leisure time. From knowing the clear difference between the two, to having leisure be the hierarchy of them and to have leisure and labor meaning the same. Fly fishing played a major role in, A River Runs Through It, and Norman

  • Dracula By Bram Stoker: The Gothic Elements Of The Gothic Era

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    Dracula For a long period of time, literature was focused on real life circumstances often lacking sinister characteristics. During the Gothic Era, literature began to take a turn towards the dark side. Stories written during this period were filled with terror, isolation and darkness. The presence of supernatural beings and experiences were incorporated in to these writings as well. Stories written during the Gothic Era have a dark nature to them. One story that highlights the prime elements

  • Essay On 1920s Slang

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    1920’s Slang Language is important in everyone’s lives: from small talk, to speeches, to ordering food, to teaching, and everything in between. Language never stays the same, though, as it is constantly changing with every day that passes. The changes on language from the past have big effects on the language of the present. Slang from the 1920s has impacted language used in the current era. In the 1920s, the entire culture of The United States was changing as women gained more rights and black jazz

  • Calvin Coolidge Reflection

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    Through reading the Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge and pondering over its contents, I have come to love the ideals this president once foreign to me. I am able to identify with many family, educational, political, and life values exhibited in the book, and take great pride in the comparison of qualities with this historical figure. While reading about Coolidge’s childhood, I was able to see my own parents in his. Just like in my life, his parents were adamant that their child would treat others

  • What Are Herbert Hoover's Major Accomplishments

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    He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in mining engineering which he used for many impressive accomplishments including such ideas as the Hoover Dam and working in the mining industry. Hoover had worked for Presidents Coolidge and Harding as their Secretary of Commerce. His life before presidency was dedicated to humanitarian works, one example of this work included helping to feed people in war torn countries. However, his presidency was undermined by the members of congress due

  • Egalitarian Society In Kurt Vonnegut's Slapstick

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    In the novel Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut, the author portrays a society which is often bizarre, with many science fiction overtones. Despite the many oddities that are portrayed, Vonnegut is attempts to show a society which has become mostly egalitarian, through the diminishing of class conflict, the renewed importance of family, and ultimately, the irrelevance of status and hierarchy. The protagonist of Slapstick, Wilbur Daffodil-II Swain, is the President of the United States, and was born into

  • Social Transformation In The Roaring Twenties

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    Roaring Twenties In America, the 1920’s was remembered as a decade of great social and political change. The prosperity of the twenties seemed to temporarily fix the nation’s problems, but by the end of this flourishing time period the nation hit an emotion of pessimism as a crash of the economy took place. The “Roaring Twenties” consisted of a change fashion, social and political life, the fight for and against prohibition, and the rise and collapse of the economy. There were also many influential

  • American Literature's Influence On Sinclair Lewis 'Babbitt'

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    The Influence of American Literature (rough draft) The Roaring Twenties is the most known era in history. This era impacted and influenced many lives. It was during this decade in which many people moved to cities to live the great life of The Roaring Twenties. It was the decade of prosperity and influence in America. The Roaring Twenties greatly impacted Sinclair Lewis’s writing of the Babbitt in several ways. The Roaring Twenties were the result of the expansion of mass production and economic

  • President Warren G. Harding Scandal

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    attention and recognition would be Warren G. Harding. During Harding’s short-lived presidency, Harding took part in scandals and affairs that decremented his reputation as a leader. The Harding election was the result of a much needed end to highly popular party boss politics that had great influence over the campaigns (Faykosh). Party Bosses were responsible for the corruption, fraud, and propaganda that took place during the elections. The problems that Harding faced during his election have shaped the

  • Macbeth Human Ambition Analysis

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    Although centuries apart, Macbeth, a noble who wants to seize the position of King, and Tonya Harding, a figure skater who wants to win an Olympic gold, are two examples of ambition, its misuses and consequences. Through Macbeth’s murderous rise to power and Tonya Harding’s shocking scandal in the figure skating world, what began as an ambitious desire to reach

  • What Is Ambition In Macbeth

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    would later be known, the assailant was hired by Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly. With Kerrigan injured, Harding was able to secure gold at the championships and a spot at the Olympics. The attack rattled the Figure Skating World and attracted international attention, as many people believed Tonya Harding had attempted to sabotage her teammate to ensure her own success at the Olympics. Harding later pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder the prosecution, during the federal criminal investigation.

  • Theme Of Fate And Freewill In Macbeth

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    Two main examples of people who made choices that eventually led them to their downfall despite the good fate they may have had are former U.S. president Richard Nixon and athlete Tonya Harding. Although both could’ve been successful where they stood, their ambition for power and desire to eliminate all enemies that may come in their way led to their own demise. Macbeth clearly starts off in a high place in the military and in society