Type I and type II errors Essays

  • Essay On Patternicity In Oresteia And Hamlet

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    tendency to find meaningful patterns in both meaningful and meaningless noise (Shermer, 2010). There are said to be type I and type II errors in patternicty. Type I errors are when you believe a pattern is authentic when it really isn’t; you find a nonexistent pattern. Type II errors are when you do not believe in a pattern that is really there; not recognizing a real pattern. These errors are examples of self-deception. Our minds trick us into finding patterns that aren’t really there. Oresteia by Aeschylus

  • False Null Hypothesis

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    With Type I error, this is an incorrect rejection of a true null hypothesis. By mistakenly rejecting the null hypothesis means erroneously accepting different a hypothesis. So basically, in this scenario or situation, this means that the drug is classified or considered unsafe (but in reality the drug is safe). Also, Type II error is the incorrect failure to reject a false null hypothesis. That is incorrect as well and accepting the null hypothesis. For this scenario, it correlates into that the

  • Essay On Informed Consent

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    Should Informed Consent be required for Genetic Testing on Newborns? The Dilemma Should informed consent be required for genetic testing on newborns? Informed consent is defined as “voluntary agreement given by a person or a patients’ responsible proxy (for example, a parent) for participation in a study, immunization program, treatment regimen, invasive procedure, etc., after being informed of the purpose, methods, procedures, benefits, and risks”. (Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary, 2012) With

  • Health Literacy: Determinant Of Health

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    “Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” (Healthy People, 2010) It includes knowing how to control with your own health and to benefit your own health through making informed health decisions, seeking appropriate treatments. Anyone can be health literate. Anyone at home, at school, work, or even the society as a whole. Health literacy can impact our health

  • Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme Lab Report

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    Introduction 1.1 Aim: To determine the kinetic parameters, Vmax and Km, of the alkaline phosphatase enzyme through the determination of the optimum pH and temperature. 1.2 Theory and Principles (General Background): Enzymes are highly specific protein catalysts that are utilised in chemical reactions in biological systems.1 Enzymes, being catalysts, decrease the activation energy required to convert substrates to products. They do this by attaching to the substrate to form an intermediate; the

  • How Kids Changed My Life Essay

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    had the time to even watch a movie? Now, you need to well remember the baby channels in order to stop you baby from crying. “What should I wear?” The good news is that it’s all baggy after kids and no one can judge you for it. The bad news is that you have no option. You can neither fit in your former clothes or you don’t have a proper occasion to wear them. “I need to tidy my living room for the guests tonight” Gathering friends and having long and fun nights was just about every night and now,

  • Us And Them By David Sedaris Analysis

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    knocked on their door trick or treating a day late.. The mother demanded to give them candy but the young boy was selfish and greedy , he did it want to give up his candy to the Tomkeys.The mother of the young boy then said “You should look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself” , such as he only thinks about him and no importance to other people.

  • Anthro 3211: Test Your Knowledge

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    An indirect transfer is where it has a few different stops before it is stationary. Like a drug dealer selling drugs to someone, but then that person selling them again. 7.It is when evidence remains in a area until it is moved again or degraded 8.I do think so. Lets say that we have fibers that have transferred from a

  • Breast Screen Australia Persuasive Essay

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    about the potential benefits and harms of participation. Argument: In this essay I will argue that The Breast Screen NSW program are justified for the prevention of breast cancer but it should be available for every woman aged from 50 to 74 not only for those women who can understand the epidemiological evidence about the potential benefits and harms of participation. Background: Before addressing the question I would like to clarify some initial concepts and assumptions. Breast cancer is the second

  • Pt1420 Unit 4 Paper

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    Part I Which of the concepts in these chapters was the most difficult for you? In 5-7 sentences, explain what you think you understand and ask 2-3 questions about things you know you don 't understand. Standard error of the mean I read the section on standard error of the mean (SEM) three times and unfortunately, this concept is difficult for me to understand. I do understand that the standard error of the mean is the standard deviation of a sampling distribution of means. I understand how to

  • The Scientific Method: Do The Facts Support Your Educated Guess?

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    Empiricism is the point of view that knowledge is acquired by using the senses—by seeing, hearing, touching, and so forth. Empiricism represents what William James called a tough-minded attitude. The attitude can be expressed with the words ―I‘m stubborn. I can be convinced— but you‘ve got to show me.‖ Today‘s researchers do their best to gather data, information relevant to questions they ask about human behavior. In order to gather data, various methods are used. And these methods are the principal subjects

  • Gel Electrophoresis Synthesis Lab Report

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    electrophoresis. The plasmid pBR322 was introduced to two restriction endonucleases, Hind III and Hinc II. These restriction endonucleases are meant to cleave a part or parts of the sequence of the plasmid DNA; in this case Hind III should cleave one part of the sequence while Hinc II cleaves at two parts. To observe this cleavage two reaction mixtures were created, one with Hind III and the other with Hinc II, along with other reagents that were necessary for the mixture. These mixtures were heated at 37°C

  • Kinetic Energy Lab

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    II. Introduction: For this lab, students are getting knowledge and understanding of how many types of energy work while throwing an object from high position to the lower position. It also depends on a certain level, energy will changes while throwing an object up and down. Students will also learn about the principle of the physics, which are the law of conservation of energy. Energy cannot destroy or create; students can change one type to another type of mass to force. One of the most important

  • Arguments Against Electronic Voting

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    candidate. The system will record the voter’s selection. The vote then sends to a computerized tallying system. For write in candidate, voters can type the name of candidate in designated area on screen. Electronic ballots can reduce queues and speed up counting. These are the arguments for and against their use of closed party list ballot: Argument for use: i. Increase accessibility Electronic ballot allow voters that is eligible

  • Stoichiometry Lab Report

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    In this experiment, we sought to determine what type of iron was used in the nails which we utilized in our reaction. In order to determine this, we added the said nails into a mixture of H2O and CuCl2 with the intention of reacting the two to create copper. Because of the law of conservation of mass, the creation of copper had to take mass from one of the reactants, in this case, iron. We observed the mass of the iron nails decrease between the start and the end of the lab, and we then converted

  • Explain How To Find The Percentage Composition Of Hydrates Lab Report

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    Percentage Composition of Hydrates The Introduction: Hydrates are ionic compounds and are often a type of salt with a definite amount of water as part of their structure. Hydrates are decomposed into anhydrous salt, a no-water compound, and water vapor when heat is applied; water vapor is released from the hydrated compound, which leaves with an anhydrous salt that weighs less than the hydrate. But how do we find the percent of the water that was lost after applying heat to the hydrates and how

  • Essay On Auditor Skepticism

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    This will helps auditors in assessing the fraud in the management. However, the limitation of this theory is that type I and II errors will happen if auditors wrongly accept an audit evidence even though there is a fraud. This will cause type II errors where auditors may incur legal cost that is being sued by the client as auditors overlooked the fraud. While type I error will caused the auditors to do more audit procedures. Therefore, auditors need to exercise their skepticism instead of using

  • Attribution Error: Protestants Are Dispositionally Focused Review

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    1. Fundamental(ist) Attribution Error: Protestants Are Dispositionally Focused Review a. Author’s Reasons for Conducting this study i. Many social psychologists have conducted research on the attribution theory, but none have well studied the religious influences on attribution. ii. Eastern versus Western world cultural identities on attribution have been well studied, but other cultural influences on attribution haven’t been studied yet. iii. The studies these authors conduct expand the understanding

  • What Impact Does A Representative Sample Have On Research

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    Hypothesis testing refers to the formal procedures used by statisticians to reject or fail to reject the statistical hypotheses (LaMorte, 2017). The best way to determine whether a statistical hypothesis is true would be to examine the entire population (LaMorte, 2017). Since that is often impractical, researchers typically examine a random sample from the population (LaMorte, 2017). Random samples are the best method for selecting a sample from the population of interest (Greenwood & Banner, 2015)

  • Reliability And Validity Essay

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    example, if I use the measurement twice (e.g. take a test twice) would my scores be the same? Reliability focuses on the consistency of the measurement. If a measurement is reliable you should get the same results if you repeat it. With any measurement the score you get is the observed score. This score is a combination of the true score and error score. Researchers would of course like to eliminate or at least minimize the error score. Four sources of measurement error include: (i) Subjects -