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  • Pros And Cons Of Texting While Driving

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    against distracted driving. The law has been established as a secondary offense instead of being a primary offense. The law only states that drivers must not be caught doing something illegal, like running a red light or swerving across the road, or they will face the penalty of a $30 fine. Followed by the counterclaim of while there is always the option of Florida raising the fine or considering that this offense shouldn’t be secondary, people who are inside of a vehicle also need to reconsider what

  • Four Loko: Alcoholic Energy Drink

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    Case Study 1. Identify the situation, and the basic issues presented. • Three friends from Ohio State University formed a company called Phusion Projects, LLC. The company produced Four Loko, an alcoholic/caffeinated beverage that quickly became a favorite drink of college students in the United States. This drink targeted college students who grew up with energy drinks. • This beverage was referred to as an energy drink that contained caffeine and 12 percent alcohol. • Four Loko caused people

  • The Vow Analysis

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    The Vow is a romantic drama movie produced by Michael Sucsy in 2012, and it is inspired by the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. The movie tells the story of Kim and Krickitt’s actual relationship, including how they were involved in a serious car accident, which caused Kim to lose her memory of the last 5 years of her life. In the movie, Paige Collin and her husband Leo are two main characters that played the role of Kim and Krickitt. The car accident occurs when the couple stopped their

  • Distracted Driving Equated Essay

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    Distracted driving is a serious issue in the United States that can have major negative effects and needs to be rectified. Everyday accidents on the road occur and distracted driving plays a major role in them. It is commonly agreed upon that it needs to be rectified, but the important question is, whether the repercussions for distracted driving should be equated to drunken driving. Based on data, statistics, and the effects of distracted driving, the repercussions for distracted driving and drunken

  • Importance Of Ethos Pathos Logos

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    The ethos, pathos and logos are derived from ancient words which mean moral character, emotions, and logic respectively, and were used as a persuasive approach in delivering messages. Ethos means that the simplest way to convince the audience to listen and believe the messages is for the speaker to use his moral character to establish his credibility, to be seen as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Pathos is an approach wherein you will touch the emotions of your viewers through a compelling story,

  • Importance Of Observation In Driving

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    down your vehicle and observe for other vehicles that might want to change lane. Do not speed up too much when passing another vehicle or changing lanes. Keep your eyes on the lanes to see if there are curves ahead and never change lane if there are curves. Whenever you want to pass another car indicate on the side you going to. In the stop sign take it into consideration to indicate before you stop even if there are no other users in the road. Indication is important to give other vehicle users an

  • Essay On Self Driving Ethics

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    Ethics for self-driving cars. ABSTRACT Automated vehicles have become much thought starting late, particularly the DARPA Urban Challenge vehicles, Google's self-driving cars, and distinctive others from auto makers. These vehicles can nearly eliminate diminishing accidents and improve roadway efficiency by means of automating the commitments of the driver. Still, automated vehicles will crash from time to time, despite when all sensors, vehicle control parts, and counts work radiantly. In case a

  • Persuasive Essay On Seatbelts

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    Seatbelts A seat belt, also known as a safety belt, is designed to protect you in the event of a crash. Seat belts save 9,500 lives each year. People who disagree with seat belt laws say that they take away their rights. Not wearing a seat belt has said to have caused more damage to people when in a crash. Seat belts do more good than they do harm, and it is illegal to drive without wearing one. Seat belts do more good than they do harm. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Self-Driving Cars Communication

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    important aspect of self-driving cars is their ability to communicate with each other. To create a communication network, which encompasses all self-driving cars, would solve the vast majority of issues on the road today, two of which include traffic and vehicle accidents. The biggest cause of traffic is human reaction time, the best way to lower reaction time is to get rid of it all together. A "roadwide" communication network would allow every car to move in perfect unison with each other. Speed limits

  • Argumentative Essay On Teen Driving

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    Teen Driving In America today it it almost vital to learn how to operate a vehicle. If you want to get around without having to rely on public transportation then the only thing you have to do is study the laws of driving, learn how to drive, and pass a test you are required to take to legally drive. Driving is a huge deal in society. When you are given your licence as a a teenage or even young adult it is very exciting. It is a moment in life when you are truly tested to see if you are constrained

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

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    Defensive Driving is a manner that can be utilized to practice safe driving strategies which enables drivers to address obstacles in a most predictive manner. These strategies are beyond the instructions of standard traffic laws and procedures. With a proper defensive driving knowledge drivers can improve their driving skills and the probability of risks reduced as they anticipate tough situations and make the right decision instinctively. These decision making abilities help them read the on road

  • Persuasive Essay Against Motorcycle Rider

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    driving too slow. This is considered an obstacle because 49 of the 50 states do not allow lane splitting for motorcycle riders. Lane splitting is riding a bicycle or motorcycle between roadway lanes of vehicles driving in the same direction. More narrowly, it refers to overtaking slow or stopped vehicles by traveling between lanes. This becomes bothersome because motorcycle riders, like automobile drivers, do not enjoy sitting in traffic for long periods of time for it can be tiring just sitting there

  • Importance Of Speed Limits

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    other built-up areas where motor vehicle movement is deemed more important, with development on both sides of the road which is the speed limit including 30 mph zone. Speed limits are set generally to balance road traffic safety concerns with the effect on travel time and mobility. Speed limits are also sometimes used to reduce death, consumption of fuel or in response to environmental concerns. A road speed limit is the limit of speed allowed by law for road vehicles, usually the maximum speed allowed

  • Driverless Car Ethics Case Study

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    the crashes as Bryant Walker-smith, says that today 90% of the accidents are caused by human errors. But with these amazing features, the driverless cars should also make ethical and moral decisions resulting in the rise of an ethical dilemma for vehicle manufacturers. What is going on? – What are the facts? Jodie Stephens published an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, on June 24, 2016, which discusses the issue of an ethical dilemma on driverless cars. The driverless cars are also known as self-driving

  • Informative Essay On Driverless Cars

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    in a couple of years. Driverless cars are taking over the road and it’s happening fast, but the real question is, are you ready? What is a driverless car? The dictionary describes a driverless car as, “an autonomous car and unmanned ground vehicle; a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.”, but it is much more than that, it is an innovation to the driving world. A driverless car works by using radars, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras. The radar works by sensing

  • The Pros And Cons Of A Driver's License

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    but not a requirement. No one should abuse this right. There are many rules to follow on the road. There are several different kinds of licences to get, many ways to lose a licence, and many ways to be safe on the road “Anyone who operates a motor vehicle, motorcycle or motor-driven cycle on public roadways in Kansas is required to have a Driver’s Licence.” (Handbook 5) There are many different steps people have to go through to get a Kansas Driver’s Licence. There are many restricted licence that

  • Essay On Autonomous Cars

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    Technology will evolve, as it is in its natural way to do so. Thus, in the car manufacturing area the purpose for the near future is to produce autonomous cars. People love the idea of making driving more enjoyable and comfortable, and less stressing by continuously keeping the steering wheel and pushing the pedals. Having such technology available is great, but everyone is thinking about comfort, enjoyment and pleasure of traveling by car. There are more sensitive matters that must be discussed

  • Traffic Jam In Kazakhstan Essay

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    happen too often in Kurdistan, and it can slow down other drivers and cause mass traffic jam. Drivers might slow down for many reasons. The reasons are drivers might slow down to watch what happened, or they might stop to make path for emergency vehicles to arrive on the situation. Another reason which happens a lot in Kurdistan is fighting after accidents and not forgiving each other or settle down their problems, this causes major traffic jams and annoying problems which affect our road traffics

  • Benefits Of Self Driving Essay

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    driverless cars have their pro’s and con’s. The text states that self driving cars have been around since the horse and buggy; driverless cars are nothing new to our world. A couple of benefits would be that people can’t go over the speed limit or break laws as easily. Self driving cars should be on the roads because they offer more benefits than if we were not to have them. The benefits of owning a self driving car are so great, more should be on the road. One of the greatest, most desirable advantages

  • Argumentative Essay: Does Speed Really Kill?

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    is moving it’s been stated to have kinetic energy. The faster you travel the more kinetic energy will radically increase. (Kinetic energy formula + examples) When caused in an accident the energy would spread and cause major or minor force on the vehicle and passengers. But the kinetic energy will try and move on forward but would have been crushed by the