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  • The Wave

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    even crazy.  In the novel, “The Wave”, individuals  in Gordon High are under the severe influence of a classroom experiment lead by Ben Ross. “ The Wave” impacted many students by making them feel part of a greater good, giving them a leader with reasons to follow, and letting conformity get to the best

  • The Wave Salute Quotes

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    Three quotes that are significant are “‘ You mean I can’t go up into the stands unless I give The Wave salute? ‘ Laurie asked. Brad looked around sheepishly. ‘ Well, that’s what they decided, Laurie. ‘“ page 95, “ Almost out of control, he screamed ‘ Shut up! ‘ and threw her down on the grass… The Wave could hurt anyone, and at the same time he’d hurt Laurie, his own girlfriend, in the name of The Wave. “ page 114, and “...Ben thought, this was something he must make sure they learned: to question

  • Longitudinal Waves Experiment

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    Introduction: A wave is a disturbance in the medium that transfers energy from one place to another, there are two types of waves; longitudinal waves and transverse waves. Longitudinal waves ' are waves that vibrate or travel in the direction of propagation; back and forth. Transverse waves ' are waves where the medium oscillates at right angles to the direction of the propagation; up and down. Sound waves are categorised as longitudinal waves as they produce oscillations, along with having compressions

  • The Wave In Pursuit Of The Rogues

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    Composition 26 March 2018 A Shortened Version of The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean For centuries, the ocean has fascinated mankind with its intimidating immenseness and ominous unpredictability. The waves it produces- the large, freak waves in particular- attract surfers and scientists from all across the globe who indulge in the entertainment they produce and the chance to study their patterns. In her book, The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of

  • Quotes From The Wave

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    The Wave The Wave is a novel written by Todd Strasser and published in 1988. The book takes place in a high school in America and is about an experiment where a teacher tries to show the kids how people can follow orders without thinking like they did in WWII. The events of The Wave demonstrate how being a member of a group can improve well-being, productivity, and behaviour. Being a member of The Wave can improve well-being as we can see when we examine Robert's behaviour. We can see that he

  • Effects Of The Wave By Todd Strosser

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    students what it was like in Nazi Germany. The Wave By Todd Stasser is a book based on a real life experiment where a social studies teacher attempted to recreate the environment of Nazi Germany to prove a point to his students. The Wave movement had both positive and negative effects on students and still has a lingering effect on them today. The wave had many positive effects on students throughout the movement. Mr Ross was still explaining what the wave was doing and it was spearing quickly throughout

  • Summary Of The Wave By Todd Strasser

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    book, The Wave by Todd Strasser, the reason that the students decided to be a part of The Wave, and the reason that The Wave lasted as long as it did, was that the students felt like they were being a part of something, and that The Wave made everyone equal. Ever since The Wave experiment began, Robert, the class nerd, was now seen as one with The Wave, and not referenced as the “nerd” anymore. Even the Jocks started to let him hang out with them. In the book, Laurie noticed that “The Wave had given

  • Standing Wave Investigation Essay

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    Investigating The Variation of Wavelenght on Standing Waves: The Relationship between the Tension and the Wavelenght of a Standing Wave Research Question: How is the wavelenght of a standing wave dependent on the tension applied on the string? Hypothesis: If the tension on the string increases, the wavelenght of the standing wave will increase. Aim: To investigate the relationship between the Tension and the Wavelenght of a Standing Wave. Introduction: As a musician myself, I have always

  • Analysis Of The Wave By Vince Lombardi

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    you can’t win”. In The Wave, a social experiment based on ideals of the Nazi Party was conducted by the Gordon High School students. This experiment actually proved Lombardi’s quote to be true. The Gordon High School students who were a part of the wave were viewed as the “winners” in this novel, and the “losers” were those students not committed to the wave. The members of the wave did not accept the other students who were not associated with the wave. Members of the wave even went so far as to

  • The Wave Mr Ross Analysis

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    Introduction This is an essay about the wave in which many people have to overcome their own personal challenges. In this essay we will look at three characters, ben ross coach schiller and the wave members. Each of these people overcome their challenges and this is an analysis on how they do it. Paragraph 1 The Wave does not only affect the students in Mr. Ross's history class. It also effects Mr. Ross. After the students embrace his ideas about discipline, community, and action, he has even more

  • Waves At A Sports Stadium Research Paper

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    answer is waves. A wave is a rhythmic disturbance that carries energy, not matter, through the particles of a medium, one of many aspects that make up what we call waves. A wave is made up of many parts. One of them is the medium. The medium is the material through which the wave travels. Think of the wave at a sports stadium. The hands in the air represent the wave, and the crowd, which carries the wave from one end of the stadium to another, could be represented by a medium. Most waves need a medium

  • Jay Moriarty's Three Story Wave

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    Have you ever surfed a three story wave? Against all odds, Jay Moriarty was training to do just that. In preparation for this enormous task, Jay would have to train physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Should one of these goals were left unfulfilled, he would be ultimately unsuccessful in quest to surf one of the largest waves ever recorded. In order prepare physically, Jay would first have to painstakingly paddle over thirty lonely miles across the treacherous, blue, California bay to ensure

  • Personal Narrative: The Wave That Changed My Life

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    I was pulled underwater by the strong current, holding my breathe for as long as I could while I waited for the right time to swim back to the surface. My board kept me aware of where I was because I was completely disoriented by the wave that had just hit me.I was fearing for my life, hoping that one of my friends who I was surfing with would come and help me back up. I was struggling to not be sucked deeper by the oceans current and was trying to get back to the surface. Going through my head was

  • S-Waves Vs P Waves Research Paper

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    Earthquakes are made up of P-waves and S-waves. P-waves and S-waves can be very different but also similar. P-waves are very different compared to S-waves. P-waves are also known as primary waves because they are the first waves that hit. The first difference is the type of motion. P-waves are compressional, they travel in the direction of movement.The movement of the waves can be compared to a vibration or a push-pull movement. The second difference is the speed or travel. P-waves move with a speed of

  • How Do Sound Waves Affect Human Hearing

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    Sound Waves, Frequencies, and Human Hearing By: Hanan Sabovic Sound is made up of vibrations, or sound waves, that we can hear. These sound waves are formed by objects vibrating. Sound waves travel through air, water, and solid objects as vibrations. When they reach our ears, these waves make the skin of our eardrums vibrate. The brain recognizes these vibrations as sounds made by different things. Scientists have been making amazing discoveries about sound for many years. For example, vibrations

  • Are Waves Measured Just By Amplitude, Frequency, Strength, And Energy

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    There are many different waves. All of the waves can be measured just by amplitude, frequency,wavelength, and energy. Amplitude is how high or low the waves are. If you use energy like screaming the amplitude will create a higher frequency. Amplitude is the distance from one of the starting line which is the highest point of each wave. If you are just whispering or saying a note in the same pitch it will create a low frequency and amplitude. By creating a high amplitude you can scream or you can

  • Change In The 5th Wave

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    with time and effort. I want to address to my readers is that everything changes and that nothing stays the same. Change is everywhere, especially in literature . An example of how a character’s relationship changes and evolves would be in The 5th wave by Yancey. The main character which is named Cassie and Evan, one of the “others”, as told in the story, are a perfect example of a change in a character 's relationship.The character 's feelings change which then affects the work as a whole. Their

  • How Do Frequency Amplitude And Wavelength Of A Vertical Wave Affect Its Energy

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    Waves travel through medium or matter. When someone speaks, they send out a pressure disturbance in the air. You can also create a wave by using a rope or string. Use what you know about waves and energy to design and carry out an investigation that will allow you to describe the relationship between a wave’s energy and its amplitude, wavelength and frequency. How do frequency, amplitude, and wavelength of a transverse wave affect its energy. What I did for my experiment was play around with “Wave

  • Blinky To Test The Speed Of S And P Waves

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    hypothesis, “If we experiment with a slinky to test the speed of S and P waves then the speed of the S and P waves will not be accurate to motion of S and P waves in the real world earthquakes because of the friction from the slinky”, was correct. In an earthquake P waves travel through the earth faster, as P waves can travel through solid rock as well as liquids such as liquid magma underneath the earth’s surface. S waves only move through solid rock, which means that the energy from the fault takes

  • Positivism And 3rd Wave Feminism

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    In this essay, positivism and 2nd/3rd wave feminism are being compared and contrasted on their theories of how victims are given their status. In particular looking into the view of rape victims as this shows differences and similarities between the two theories. In the Sexual Offences Act (2003) it defines rape as forced penetration, with lack of consent, to the vagina, anus or mouth by a penis. Both of these theories explore the views of ‘ideal victims’. The United Nations stated that the term