Weird Tales Essays

  • Isolation In The Shining

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    Unlike other movies, The Shining forms its horror through psychic power. One of the most important example would be Danny’s supernatural ability to “shine”. Danny's ability to "shine" was a main reason that cause Jack getting insane and the supernatural events to happened in the hotel. This ability “shine” is what brings the hotel to life. Shine was an powerful ability and reason that brings all the scary event and ghost in the hotel, which they are able to materialize themselves due to the “shine”

  • The Wizard Of Oz Film Analysis

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    Genre theory is a break down of different types of films. It is a recipe that is put together to make it a whole. When you break down the type or category of your film, that will become a formula for your character types/conventions, settings, and visual imagery, which is called iconography (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014). When this is used, it will help the viewers to understand the prediction of the movie they are watching. A lot of genres falls alongside with sub-genres, which have a more defined

  • Touching Spirit Bear Summary

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    Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen is a story written about a boy named Cole Matthews who is a nuisance to everyone around him. This delinquent has been in trouble with the law since he was a mere child. His latest crime? Almost beating a kid to death after a boy named Peter told on him for robbing a hardware store. Cole is sent to court where they will decide his future. Instead of going through the regular process of court, he is taken through a different court system called “Circle Justice

  • Portable Childhoods

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    Portable Childhoods by Ellen Klages Portable Childhoods is a collection of stories about childhood with a twist from the average normality of childhood infused with elements of fantasy and science fiction. The stories range from fantasy to horror most relating to childhoods and often in the voice of a young girl or woman. They leave quite an impression as your move from story to the next. Upon, finishing the book, two stories were left in mind replaying over and over until I was lost in its story

  • Essay On Oppression Of Women In Margaret Atwood

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    Imagine living in a society where oppression is used in everyday culture. In the novel THE HANDMAID’S TALE, author Margaret Atwood portrays a very different world, one that keeps the reader thinking about this strange lifestyle throughout the entire book . The female gender faces massive obstacles in which all power is taken away from women and left in a male dominated power. Oppression of women is seen throughout the novel, women in this novel are forbidden to read and write, each and every woman

  • Perrault's Fairy Tales

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    Perrault’s Fairy Tales Introduction: Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a small child eagerly exploring everything that the world had to offer. Through my expenditures and the influence of my parents, I watched many different Disney films that would be considered fairy tales. As a child, I did not think about this. I was just interested in living out my childhood fantasies in these movies, and they did not fail to deliver. And after I had finished these movies, I needed to find another way

  • Cinder: A Cinderella Story

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    Cinder a book my friends have been nagging me to read for over a year. I was really hesitant to read this book, it didn’t seem to be something I’d be into. The whole plot sounded weird. I mean, a cyborg mechanic is Cinderella? But when I finally couldn’t stall any longer, I was blown away, it wasn 't anything I’d expected it to be. WHY? WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS BOOK SOONER? I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this story. Although some parts of Cinder was really predictable and I felt that the plot

  • Similarities Between Red Riding Hood And Goldilocks

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    Have you ever wondered what was different and similar between those silly and unrealistic fairy tales you were told as a kid? Red Riding Hood was an interesting one about a girl that mistakes a wolf for her granny and, and almost gets eaten. Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Basically, there was a girl that stumbled across a house in the woods and thinks, “It is totally not weird if I walk into someone’s home and use their things.” They catch her and she runs away. While both

  • Rapunzel Vs. The Fair Angiola

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    same in both Rapunzel stories, the plot is changed in many irritating ways which makes for a very colorful and new read; including how the girls were taken and the escape of them with the prince. Let 's start at the very beginning of this fairy tale. The story of Rapunzel starts when the child is taken because before she was born her mother saw

  • Essay Comparing The Handmaid's Tale And Tehran

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    Nowadays, most people live in democratic countries where they have fundamental freedom and rights. However, The Handmaid's Tale and Prisoner of Tehran describe the opposite side where both characters are imprisoned in their societies. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian novel which describes a society is ruled by a extreme religion. The setting changes from a democratic country to a dictatorship where people live in fear. The novel is told by the protagonist, Offred, who is a Handmaid

  • Analysis Of Vampires Never Die

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    Danijela Akrapovic ENGL 1104-70 John Berke Chapter 8 questions 2/2/2018 Vampires Never Die Questions on Meaning 1. “With “The vampire” Polidori gave birth to the two main branches of vampiric fiction: the vampire as romantic hero, and the vampire as undead monster (Del Toro and Hogan, par.4). I believe, del Toro and Hogan wrote this essay because they wanted to give details of how vampires are made and analyze the motivation behind why they never die. Their purpose was also to draw comparisons

  • Vampires Never Die Analysis

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    Danijela Akrapovic ENGL 1104-70 John Berke Chapter 8 questions 2/2/2018 Vampires Never Die Questions on Meaning 1. “With “The vampire” Polidori gave birth to the two main branches of vampiric fiction: the vampire as a romantic hero, and the vampire as a undead monster (Del Toro and Hogan, par.4). I believe, del Toro and Hogan wrote this essay because they wanted to give details of how vampires are made and analyze the motivation behind why they never die. Their purpose was to also draw comparisons

  • Analysis Of Hypocrisy In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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    of power because it was the only one at the time. As expressed in The Canterbury Tales, it even oversaw the court, so one could propose that the Church had exponential power. They seemed to rule the economy and hold a lot of land. Kings and queens were even preceded by the Church. Supposedly, in those times, the Catholic Church was a source of great hypocrisy or a good number of its people were. In The Canterbury Tales, readers met so many religious figures who amount to a pure source of hypocrisy

  • Putney Mountain Short Story

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    of Charleston, West Virginia are massive pine tree covered mountains. Small towns peppered the mountains except for Putney, and that mountain had only one town, Howardsville. Mysteries and old wives tales had swirled around the mountain as long as anyone could remember and it’s probably those same tales that isolated Putney Mountain. The residents of Howardsville learned years ago to live with the legends. They just accepted that “things happen” and structured their lives, as not to get

  • Essay On Modern Day Fairy Tale

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    Fairytales and writings about a dystopian world have been popular for a long time, but putting the two together is quite a recent phenomena. The reason for its popularity could be that fairy tales in a modern context are easier to relate to for today’s generation. Also, as the target audience of these is usually teenagers and young adults, the dystopian setting could serve as a warning for them. Behind the exciting and adventurous story, there is usually a deeper meaning, as the authors of dystopian

  • Lying And Acting Phhony In 'The Tell-Tale Heart'

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    know what your child or/ children read at school? Do you want your child or/ children reading about murder, dismember bodies, lying and acting phony? The Tell-Tale Heart is a story about a mad man with a lot of issues like, being mad, having a disease and murdering. The story encourages lying, murdering, and fakeness. Therefore, I feel tell-tale heart is not appropriate for middle school students. I’m go to first, this story is inappropriate he killed a man for no reason. The narrator wanted to kill

  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft Themes

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    Howard Phillips Lovecraft is responsible for the themes in almost all modern science fiction and horror today. He is most notably known as the writer of “Call of Cthulhu” and other related tales. These tales are what make up the Mythos of Cthulhu. Lovecraft created a new type of horror that focuses on the fear of the unknown universe. The stories and themes are widely known, but lesser known is his actual life story. Ironically Lovecraft’s life was humble and without fame, but after his death,

  • Mental Illness In Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

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    In Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, the main character recalls an event in which he did strange, utterly deplorable things, yet still maintains through the entire retelling that he’s perfectly sane. Although he protested to the idea, after analyzing his account of the events, it is clear that this man is not mentally sound. The young man in The Tell-Tale Heart murders a kind old man he lives with. He claims to love the man, and the man had nothing he wanted. At the beginning of the story,

  • The Narrator Of Tell-Tale Heart

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    Have you ever been two-face? In the story of Tell Tale Heart, the narrator is nice in the morning and a stalker at night. The narrator of Tell Tale Heart is definitely guilty of 1st degree murder and should go to jail., first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or "lying in wait" for the victim. In the beginning of the story, the narrator would stalk the old man. Www.vocabulary

  • Literary Influences In The Tell Tale Heart

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    famous writer like many others because of his stories, poems, and written figures. After years of practice, Poe published more stories including the “Tell Tale Heart.” It included images of blood, death, and creepy descriptions of the characters. Over Edgar’s life, he was influenced with multiple things which affected many of his reads like “Tell Tale Heart,” such as the memories of blood from women’s tuberculosis, the rejection of men’s company towards