1.1 Explain The Importance Of A Child-Centred Approach To A Play Environment

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It is important that children are able to receive holistic care while in a play environment, both inside and outside. Some of the principles which would apply to both indoor and outdoor play include a child centred practice, ensuring the child 's welfare and safety, promoting a child 's rights, and enabling a child to reach their full potential. It is important that we provide a child centred practice, as it promotes a child 's learning and development through play. By having a child centred approach, we should support the children giving them guidance, but to allow the opportunities for them to learn independently, instead of taking over an activity and showing them. It encourages us as practitioners, to encourage children to explore and to make their own …show more content…

However, there needs to be a line drawn so that we are not too over protective whilst children are playing. By allowing supervised play, we can allow children to have the opportunities to learn out risks, and to later risk assess situations for themselves, all the while being in a safe environment. By allowing children to take risks, which they are very inclined to do due to their curiosity, they can learn for themselves, that, for example, running could result in them hurting themselves and also others. This can help children understand how to proceed in situations which might not be safe, but to do so in a safe manner. This is supported by Pether A, https://www.designsforeducation.co.uk published June 2015, (accessed 30/01/2018), states that "This unstructured style encourages a child’s natural curiosity". However, we do need to ensure that our equipment is safe for use of the children, and that they are not in any danger if they do use the equipment, such as a broken slide wouldn 't be able to be used, as a child could be seriously hurt if

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