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10 Cloverfield Lane is an intense sci-fi thrill. Before going to see this film, I already had an idea in my head of how the film would be. I saw the first one and I was completely disappointed with the entire film. After learning that J.J. Abrams would be the producer of this film, it raised both my excitement and expectation of the film. The combination of the acting, special effects, and sounds completely made this movie better than I could've imagined. Most of 10 Cloverfield Lane takes place in an underground shelter that the main character, Howard (John Goodman) builds for himself. Since the film takes place within the small confines of this shelter, it relies heavily on the actors performances more than anything else. This isn't the type …show more content…

There isn't as much soundtrack music compared to other thrillers so the film relied more heavily on the sounds that seem to come from both inside and outside of the shelter. Michelle often uses sounds to convey where she is and deduct whether or not it truly is safe to go outside. The sounds of the film are heightened in order to give to film a more unsettling and tense feeling. Invisible sounds help to create these feelings such as the creaking of the stairs, opening and closing of locks, moaning pipes, and when Michelle believes that she has heard a car above her room. The sounds are used to tell the inner story and convey Michelle’s emotions as she struggles to deal with her current situation. The few songs that are in this film also help to create an emotional setting for the both the audience and the characters as we all try to determine what might happen next. In the end, 10 Cloverfield Lane is one movie that you shouldn't miss. It is like no movie of its kind, especially the original Cloverfield. Although I might not be willing to fork over another $8 to see this film again in theaters, it is definitely one that I would pick up from Redbox. Overall, I give 10 Cloverfield Lane a 7.5. The combination of the acting, special effects, and sounds help to create an emotional thrill that will keep you

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