Character Analysis: Dogs In Space

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Dogs in Space is an Australian movie shot in 1987, and is focused on a group of outcasts in their early 20’s. They all share the same house, and have vastly different personalities. The main character is Sam, who is the singer of the punk band Dogs in Space, and is also in a relationship with one of the other main characters, Anna. Anna and Sam do not have too much in common at first. Anna has a job, is usually well dressed, and originally steered clear of drugs. Sam, on the other hand, is always dressed in old, ragged clothes, and doesn’t have a job, nor does he intend on looking for one. He is also almost never sober throughout the whole movie, and starts taking harder and harder drugs as the movie progresses. Sam also has a get rich quick plan, in which he will recover a piece of space debris that will be entering the atmosphere that week, and then turn it in for a reward. The other house members include a young girl who doesn’t wish to live with her parents, an engineering student, fellow band members, a hippie, and a man obsessed with chainsaws. The film highlights their life crammed into a small house, the growth of their band, and their increasingly chaotic lives. Overall, the movie was underwhelming, it had its moments, but overall it was not too memorable. Most of the characters were hard to sympathize with, as…show more content…
The largest problem with this movie is that it didn’t follow the usual schematic that most stories do. While when executed properly, this can add an interesting twist to the movie, but this was not the case for Dogs in Space. There wasn’t any true antagonist in the movie, nor was there a clear and defined conflict that the main characters faced. They just kind of went on with their lives, being bad people. One other problem is that, other than for Sam and Anna, there was little to no character development for any of the other band member or house members, making the whole movie even more
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