Cloverfield Movie Analysis

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Just over ten years ago, Cloverfield was released to the public. The movie starts off as a group friends prepare for a going away party. During the party, New York City begins to start having mysterious earthquakes and power outages. The entire movie follows the group of friends as they try to get to their friend stuck in her apartment building, and then getting out of the city while trying to avoid whatever is terrorising the city. 10 years later, The Cloverfield Paradox was released. This movie is meant to be the prequel to Cloverfield and sets up how the entire incident in New York happened. Within the movie we see that a group of scientists from around the world board a spacecraft and head to space. There, they try and figure out how create a sufficient unlimited power source to save the Earth from power depletion. In order to create this power source, the scientists fire up this machine that accidentally create this portals to other dimensions, and as a result, the monster in Cloverfield is able to transport onto the Earth and wreak havoc on New York City. Although these movies are connected in their storyline, they also have many differences. These differences can be spotted by the way the movie is shot, the actors, and the conflict. Both movies were produced by J.J. Abrams. Abrams has also produced movies like the newest Star Wars trilogy and the new Star Trek trilogy. In the first installment of the Cloverfield series, Abrams takes a different camera angle than

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