Jury Deliberation In Reginald Rose's 12 Angry Men

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Juror are randomly chosen citizens brought in to watch and interpret the case, and break it down and decide whether the defendant is guilty or not. Reginald Rose´s 12 Angry Men was written after while watching real murder trial it inspired him to reveal the positives and negatives of Jury deliberations. While bench trial have strong merits, trial by Jury is more effective for many reasons including,the diversity and variety of backgrounds the jurors bring, the increase chance of discovering the truth, as well as, the fact that Jurors are usually more caring then a Judge who may be calloused from previous experiences is why trial by Jury is the fairest way to decide a criminal case. A significant advantage trial by jury offer is the diversity and variety in backgrounds the Jurors. While the Jurors were discussing the stab wound Juror Five presents the relevant the point with his jurors saying, ¨ You don 't hold this of knife that way. You hold it like this the release the blade¨ (61). This demonstrates, that jurors bring a variety of backgrounds and variety that can influence the case. It is likely judge wouldn 't have known that is not how to use the blade. However, the variety is jurors allows many people with different experiences to come together and synergize to find the truth and get the fairest verdict. While it is true a Judge has more professional training than jurors it is not the Fairest way. Judges cannot experiences as many things as twelve different people so they will not have as much background …show more content…

While bench trials has its benefits, trial by jury is the fairest way to decide criminal case considering the diversity and variety of juror, the increase chance of finding the truth, as well as the fact that jurors are generally more caring. It is worth thinking about which you would prefer if you or a family member was the one on

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