13 Moon Summary

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13 Moons by Ee Leen Lee.
Ee Leen Lee is the editor of a famous novel entitle KL Noir: Blue. She has published with Esquire Malaysia Magazine, MPH, Monsoon Books Singapore, Intellect Books UK and Mammoth Books, UK. She writes crime, horror, science fiction and the occasional film and book review. This is a little bit about the author of the book 13 Moons that I am going to review. This book contain 13 different short story and an additions of nine extra really short story (only one page per story) that is said is really happening and a real story in Malaysia.
Starting with the most noticeable thing in the book, most of Lee stories is using “I” as the pronoun. She is telling story from the first person view. She might do that on purposed to make the readers engage in the story and to make them to feel like they are the one who experiencing all those incidents. For me, this is what makes the stories to become scarier. As you read the book, you will start to imagine and feel like the character “I” in the book. What's more, it also makes the readers to have the feeling that they are the one who is telling the stories to others. There are also stories with the third person view in the book, such as in the story “The Batik Weaver” and “Joe Moth”.
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This story is also sad in a sense that, the child have to re-experience the day she was murdered. And the character “I” see the experienced too but cannot do anything to help the girl. Because of feeling sorry to the child, the character “I” decide to give the red balloons that the girl wanted. Never come in his mind that it will bring harm to his mother and himself. After the day he give the girl the balloons, his mother died. According to the doctor, his mother died due to heart attack. But he knew it was because the girl
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