16 To 18 Research Paper

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Increasing the driving age from 16 to 18 would be detrimental to the youths in today's day and time. A teenage lives for the freedom of being able to drive, it is something they all look forward to in the middle of their time in high school. High school is hard on kids, and the ability to drive, the chance to earn a freedom through hard work, is something they all look forward to. If we take that away from them, it could pose to be detrimental for all teens in not only their personal lives, but also in the schooling. To begin with, The first thing is to look at is many kids work so hard in school to earn their license. Most parents put the stipulation that a student must have good grades in order to drive, so this causes them to work harder in school, to get this wonderful reward. It allows them freedom to go about, and prove they are responsible to their parents. If you take that away, it could cause many kids to have lower grades, and even make the graduation rate drop. If they don't have incentive to work hard, it could work against everything they are trying to do. …show more content…

They need their parents to drive them everywhere, and this causes things to be harder on parents. They also win when their kids get a license. Their kids can drive where they need to, and they can also help their parents out more by running errands as

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