1920s Consumer Culture

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During the 1920s when media first started to become an advertising technique, new cultural attitudes were forming alongside dramatic social changes. These changes included the rise of consumer culture which pitted itself against traditional methods of subsistence production and trade. Mass entertainment in the form of film, radio, and magazine prints were a primary causation in the rise of mass consumption of certain products. Initially, media served as a method of advertisement as well as a way for the general public to remain connected and updated on the latest occurrences. Writers and editors often produced works that were mainly centered around poetry, religious views, and affairs both foreign and domestic. Journalists like upton Sinclair took …show more content…

From the clothes we wear to the sorts of activities we choose to do in our spare time. Media is a part of it all. Social media seems to be the largest and most accessible sort of media to the general public. Anyone can use it as it 's become increasingly more user friendly. Artists, musicians, and writers take advantage of the various platforms in order to gain publicity. Businesses are slowly making the transition over to online selling and advertising, marketing their products to more people than ever before. Consumer culture has never been as large as it is now, and it will only grow larger as the years go by and that is almost entirely due to media. Comparatively, in the beginning media was mostly contained to papers, prints, and magazines. Later emerged the radio, television, and after that the internet and social media. The purpose of widespread media has changed over time as well. Where it once served to inform and entertain us it now serves to bombard us with the newest products from our favorite celebrities and artists who we allow to exploit and manipulate us into buying and buying and buying some more. Was the change a very good

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