Positive And Negative Aspects Of Media

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Abstract This review study shed light on the debate over positive and negative aspects of media. In this study positive side of media is highlighted as well as negative effects. Previously researchers have found that all types of electronic media whether its TV or computer or internet or social media have negative impact on children but now researchers are focusing on educational aspect of media and how educational programs can help in developing cognitive thinking among children. Finally to increase learning among children researchers suggests that co-viewing of Parent and children should be promoted in families in Pakistan. Introduction Historically media was used as a tool to broadcast news or other information related to current affairs but as time passed advertisers and manufacturers recognized its importance and used it as a tool to advertise and promote their product. Previously radio was used to broadcast information and its place has been taken by television. Television is an effective source to broadcast information and promote product by displaying persuading messages and colorful images. Advertisers use TV ads to influence people and increase their sales. According to Munaza shakeel, first tool used to retrieve information was books, magazines, and newspapers then there was photography, sound recording, radio, films and television and now there is internet. These different phases of media development have different influences on society. When there was no radio

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