1984 Despotism Essay

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A system of government which is centralized and dictatorial, requiring complete subservience to the state is the definition of a totalitarian government. In a totalitarian society, citizens do not get to enjoy or experience their individual rights on the daily basis like any other normal human being. These people do not have a personal and private life since government controls every aspect in that category. Sometimes the government goes to the extent of controlling your thoughts, desires and feelings. A substantial example of a totalitarian society was when the world faced the anti semitic dictator, Adolf Hitler. A belligerent and egocentric man willing to suppress the jewish race in order to establish one pure master race. Under the control …show more content…

The start of manipulation began to rise and had a purpose as to why such despotism actions were placed upon the society. In the party’s world, the most forbidden action upon the citizens was having any relationships, especially sexual ones. The only acceptable love in this society was to have full trust in Big Brother who watched every step a person took. This restriction is necessary to achieve complete power and control over the citizens. A relationship with a significant other creates an indestructible bond alongside trust and affection among two human beings with the same desires. With a bond as strong as this, and the same ambivalence towards the party, soon they could come together and overrule.
When the mind wanders to the portions of the brain where imagination has no limits, what once seemed impossible now appears to be such an effortless action. The process of having your thoughts wander through any direction was not ideal to this totalitarian government as it could lead to unwanted conflict. The mind could be a very powerful tool, when such dedication and motivation is embedded into the brain, dominance could be reached. The fear of one day an average citizen could overpower the inner party, lead to the ultimate

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