2.2 Explain The Limitations Of Treatment For Stress, Anxiety And Phobias

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Register to read the introduction…My understanding is that anyone who is stressed can then go on to suffer anxiety, when this is not dealt with the issue can then turn into a phobia. All these issues are very closely linked and this shows that there is a need to find the root cause of it, and how it is affecting the client’s life. 2. Understand how to treat stress, anxiety and phobias using hypnotherapy 2.1 Explain the limitations of hypnotherapeutic treatment for stress, anxieties and phobias The limitations of treatment for stress, anxiety and phobias using hypnotherapy are that they are not a quick fix for someone’s problem. If they are suffering with stress, anxiety or phobias there may be a lot of work involved in getting to the root cause of what is causing these symptoms from the ISE initial sensitising event, and the client needs to be made aware of this. Some people may not want to be hypnotised and therefore it will not work. Others may find it hard to visulise a special place and this will also prove difficult if you cannot manage to convince them that everyone can do this, and you will have to work with them to create an image for them. There are others who block the treatment as they have a secondary gain from keeping the problem going, eg someone who is unhappy at work, and is off sick with stress may not want to return to work, as they will want to avoid going back into the same situation that made them ill. By not responding to the treatment, keeps the client stressed and therefore unable to return to
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