4th And Goal Movie Related To Me Essay

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Sean Sopheak Rida English Composition (WRIT 1010) Writing About 4th & Goal Movie relating to Me (Week 4) September 23, 2014 After watching 4th & Goal movie, I realized that it helps me to identify who I am, my future goals, and my major in university. 4th & Goal movie is the epic tale of the six men who worked on their goals to join the top club in professional athletics, the NFL. It tells the stories about Deqawn, Albert, Gibril, Tim, Randy, and Bret over the six years while they played at City College in San Francisco. Furthermore, it reveals about the brotherhood, family, and the harsh realities of growing up as they fought for their committed dreams. In conclusion, not only does 4th & Goal reflect my ideas but also my future goals. According to the movie, the six men had their unique football skills; however, their achievements are different. In fact, all of them got the universities’ scholarships in the United States. DeQawn Mobley …show more content…

Most of young students got marriage and dropped out of school by 11th and 12th grade. There were no examples in terms of academic aspirations or career options. Despite this fact, I dreamed of going to college. I developed a fascination with computer science from academic class and online courses, and started learning about software, codes, and web development. Even though the time and money are the issues for my higher education, I knew if I worked hard, got good grades and stayed focused, I would find a way to make my dream a reality. It is my hope that through my education, my studying may one day lead to breakthroughs in modern technological practices and solve the lack of knowledge on technology in the area. In addition, I could help my family and others to fight the poverty. Finally, my skills in computer science will be an asset to my society and other developing nations as

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