Character Analysis: The Football Team

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After a tragic accident that kills a beloved coach and the entire varsity football team, the coach’s estranged brother becomes guardian to his brother’s kids and against all odds decides to rebuild the team with freshman players. BRIEF SYNOPSIS When a beloved High School Coach, his wife, and the entire varsity football team are killed in a tragic car accident, the town of Rogersville mourns. The coach’s estranged brother, DANIEL (40), a former military man suffering from PTSD, arrives in town and becomes the guardian of his brother’s two kids, CHRIS (15) and SOPHIE (6). Sophie easily bonds with her uncle, but Chris is more reluctant. Daniel is also reunited with a former friend, BECCA JANES (30’s). It’s clear that Daniel has feelings for her. Daniel decides to stay and reinvent his life, but he has reoccurring memories of the war. Trying to move on, he takes over his brother’s job as coach. Eventually, he decides that the town needs to heal. He comes up with the idea of using the freshmen to rebuild the football team. …show more content…

At first he’s reluctant, but eventually he agrees. Some of the town members are not as supportive. They don’t want to be embarrassed by the team. The debut of the team doesn’t go so well. A town hall meeting is called and after Daniel makes an impassioned plea, the council votes to keep the team. Daniel finally finds the courage to tell Becca his true feelings. He’s in love with her. Daniel also learns to forgive himself for the horrors of the war. Chris and Daniel finally bond. The team overcomes all odds and wins their way to the finals. At the finals, the team falls way behind and it looks like they will be defeated. Not willing to give up, the team fights their way back to victory. Not only does Daniel heal, but so does an entire

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