7 Misconceptions Of Beauty Pageants Analysis

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Oprah Winfrey interviews Mari Wilensky, a former pageant competitor, and her pageant mom Cathy Wilensky about how pageantry affected Mari’s life. Mari and Cathy are credible for providing facts on pageantry because they have participated in pageantry since Mari was the age of four and she is now thirty. This interview occurred in 2014 which makes is reliable because Mari was thirty years old and was able to explain how pageantry had affected her childhood, young adult, and adult life. This interview video is biased because Mari and Cathy did pageants, so they only seen the positivity of them, so this is one sided. Kassidy O’Connell is the author of “The Odyssey,” article, and she is credible on the topic of effects of pageantry because she is a college student who is very active in pageants and has first-hand experience on this subject. She has her own platform about breaking pageant stereotypes. Kassidy O’Connell has a biography on her personal blog on “The Odyssey,” website, of which I …show more content…

The article 7 Misconceptions of Beauty Pageants is argumentative because Kassidy O’Connell explains society’s views and stereotypes about pageant girls, and the reality of

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