Essay On Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

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Beauty Pageants Banned: How Harmful are Beauty Pageants? Imagine seeing someone make their crying eight year old go up on stage in front of everyone, with mascara starting to drip down her face and she's tripping over her enormous dress. What would other parents think? Child Beauty pageants should be banned because they most often become dangerous for a young child to be in. Growing up, most female contestants are affected their whole lives. How often would one see a young pageant contestant that is not only focused on how she looks and how she acts. Child beauty pageants should be banned because their teaching young children to focus on beauty and attitude more than their education, their taking away their childhood, and it can lead to abuse. Beauty Pageants teach young children that their beauty is more important than their education. Beauty pageants make young female children feel like they need to focus more on their beauty and attitudes more than their education. Beauty pageants have a negative effect on young female children because …show more content…

Young children are being treated as if their teenagers. Young girls should not have to be dressed up in adult attire, makeup, false nails ect. They are dressing young children in adult clothes, when they should be embracing their childhood, without makeup and teenage-adult clothes. A child should be a child. (Wiehe). A big part in a child's life as they age is getting physical activities in as well as their education. “Youthful participation in pageants and dance competitions can be a wonderful experience and may lead to a rewarding career. The key is to provide performing children with a balance of activities that involve more than just fancy costumes, make-up, and the world of make-believe.” (Reed) Young girls should not be doing teenage like activities such as wearing false nails, getting spray tans, there are often many negative reactions from the

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