Positive Effects Of Beauty Pageants

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“The focus of NCG is on building self-esteem and self-confidence, making friendships, teaching good sportsmanship, poise and public speaking and showing the importance of being involved in your community and charity. Any girl is welcome to compete.” (Joanne Oostveen). Despite what other people have to say, that beauty pageants have a positive impact on female adolescents. Beauty Pageants first became popular in the 1800s. They were created to give teens a chance to dress up and compete, something they would do anyway around their house, while learning important life skills. Beauty Pageants have a positive impact on female adolescents because they teach resilience, prepares women for real-world situations and teach females to have self-confidence.…show more content…
"No matter what profession or role my child chooses she will more than likely, at some point, need to be able to speak or conduct herself confidently in front of others—whether it be on the PTA, as a stay-at-home mom, or in front of a Board of Directors of a large corporation." (Wendy McElroy). In life, people will need to learn how to communicate to others in both large and small groups. “Women that are in beauty pageants like Miss. America, contribute in many community services like homeless shelters and food drives.” (Horton, Becca). Beauty pageants are a great way to give back to the community. In order to win a beauty pageant, people have to do community service which most people do not do if they aren’t part of the pageant…show more content…
“You develop a great love for yourself”(Jennifer Trujillo). Two point five million girls participate in a hundred thousand beauty pageants each year in the US, but only 6 percent had suffered from depression. Some individuals think that some people in society get depression from being in beauty pageants, but that is false. People do sometimes develop depression from beauty pageants because of stress but that is very limited. "I developed a thick skin and reeled off a quick response when I was asked on a radio show how I could "parade myself around like a piece of meat." (Jennifer Trujillo). The judges of the beauty pageants to not say rude comments to put the girls down. They always say pleasant things about the contestants. They might correct people when they make mistakes, but think of them like a coach. For instance, if a player during a basketball game travels the coach has to correct them and teach them the right way to play and as a punishment the player gets taken off the court. The same way goes with beauty pageants, if an individual says or does the wrong thing, the judges have to correct them and take points off their
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