Why a New American Constitution Should be Approved

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After the Revolutionary War had come to an end, there were many challenges the thirteen colonies had to face. There were many economic, poverty, and social problems within the country. American citizens had a difficult time to adjust to the new national problems. It severely impacted them. These problems arose with a weak government established by the Articles of Confederation. Many Americans found that the Confederation needed to be revised. In 1787, at the Constitutional Convention, a New Constitution was made, but not all agreed. Due to this, there was a major debate among many people. In my opinion, I think the New Constitution should be approved. The first reason why I think the New Constitution should be approved is that the New Constitution …show more content…

For example, it says in Document 5, “ At least...give the proposal Constitution a fair trial, and mend it with time, occasion, and experience may [require].” This shows Americans shouldn’t judge the Constitution before hand, but still give it a chance. Even if Americans want to change the Constitution, they can. Moreover, it states in Document 5, “ Reflect that the [Constitution] comes recommended to you by men and fellow citizens who… love their liberty and their country.” This shows the Constitution was accepted by people that care about the citizens of America. The others that disagreed with approving the New Constitution are inaccurate because the constitution deserves fair judgment and suggested by respected authorities. This is why I think the New Constitution should be approved. A better way I can approve the New Constitution is to do a debate. Someone will support their argument with evidence and go first. Then, the other person will go. They will each go for 5 minutes and the judges will vote. The 3 judges will give their perspective on the topic. After, they will take a piece of paper and write who they vote for. Then, there will be a host that will open the votes. This is a better way I can approve the New

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