Analysis Of Selfies Are Good For Girls By Rachel Simons

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I select the article “Selfies are good for girls,” by Rachel Simons. After carefully reading and analyze the article, I will present my response and viewpoints on the text.The author present the idea that maybe for a change selfies could be a positive reinforcements for girls. She argues that often girls in the american culture are discourage to display their accompaniments and success. Because they are view as self-center or vain. The article is written in a rather informal way using some colloquial languages. She uses words such as “selfies,” “bitch," and #selfiesunday. This article is destine to a wide and divergence range of audience, from parents and educators, to teenager, and students. Furthermore, she did a great job explaining …show more content…

But later one mention the congresswoman Nancy Pelosi comment, which appeals to a older audience. Prior reading this article I assume that when girls posted selfies of themselves posting was mainly a sign of desperations, of perhaps need for validation. But after reading Simon’s point of view in how society position girls as passive targets instead of their own individuals. I’ve started to wonder could selfies be signs of desperation? or a sign of low self-esteem. Or a cry for help and approval?. Then, I realized that maybe selfies could bring a much more realistic standard in the beauty industry. In the article Simons added, “The first three women to complete Marine infantry combat training, along with a fourth who completed most of the hurdles but was injured before her final physical fitness test, posted a jubilant selfie.” Which made me realized, that maybe “selfies” are not so bad after all, maybe is the modern way to express pride and achievements. She ends the article with “The selfie flaunts the restrictions of "good girl" culture like a badass teenager sitting in the back of the classroom, refusing to apologize for what she says. I, for one, want to sit next to her in detention.” I have to agree with her, and say that I would want to sit with her too. Simons does a great job engaging the reader and clearly explaining her point of view, even though

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