9/11 Short Stories

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3.00AM - I sit there as it all happens, frozen. Sarah convinced me to come ‘It’ll be fun’ she said ‘You need to get out of the house’ she said. Now here we are, Sarah passed out hours ago, completely wasted. I’m all alone 8.00PM - I’m trying to find something to wear, I can’t find anything! Obviously, I can, my room looks like a bomb went off in it there are clothes everywhere, but I can’t find something that sends the message I want; I’m here to party and I look pretty great but also I don’t want to be here and I was dragged into this. Sarah bursts in ‘Jesus what happened in here’ she exclaims. ‘I was just trying to… ah.. I’ ‘Look don’t bother to explain there’s no time, wear this’ She says throwing me something to wear, it’s perfect. Sarah has an extraordinary sense of style. I quickly get dressed an we rush out the door, stumbling over each other down the stairs, we get into her old jeep, her prised possession. She speeds along our street, Sarah does everything 100%, she’s a force to be reckoned with but she has beauty and grace in her too. …show more content…

I try to walk up his elaborate stairway confidently behind Sarah. A couple of the guys see her and call her over, we approach them while she tells me. ‘I’ll stay with you, don’t worry, just try to have some fun, loosen up.’ I walk behind her, taking a few deep breathes. As we reach the guys I sheepishly walk out from behind

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