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“Who cares about Kelsey?” is a documentary that was by Dan Habib but stared Kelsey Carroll. The film is about an adolesant that suffered from ADHD. While being prescribed medication to help with this, Kelsey did not like the medication and often refused to take it. While refusing to take It may had been beneficial to her health, it was not beneficial to her mental health. Since Kelsey struggled with taking the ADHD medication, she suffered from emotional and behavioral challenges. Kelsey was a high school student who struggled greatly because of the challenges she faced. She was a higher candidate for the juvenile delinquent center than her own high school graduation. Not only had she been diagnosed with ADHD but she also carried the …show more content…

She often had visits from her mother. She was often left feeling like she had to take care of her sister’s child as she was often left with him to babysit. Not having a good relationship with either parent made her living situation a challenge. Kelsey argued with her step mother often as she felt that she always had her nose where she shouldn’t (CITE). Her relationship with her mother suffered because of the use of alcohol and the fact that she was harboring tense feelings towards her since she had confided in her about when she was sexually abused and her mother chose to do nothing to help her. Kelsey’s father often worked late and long hours which made him very absent in her life. Even though he was absent he still made time to make her feel that she could not pursue her dreams. According to Kelsey, her father did not believe in her and all she wanted to do was prove him wrong (CITE). Her social life suffered greatly due to the choices that she made. She had very few friends since her behavior deterred them. She spent as much time with her boyfriend as she could (well until he decided that they needed to split up). School was not important to Kelsey or at least she tried to act this way. No one in her family had graduated from high school, which made her want to be the first so she could have something to be proud of. Education came as a challenge: she didn’t know how to care and felt that no one else cared as well. Coming from a broken home, Kelsey expected to have a broken future as well. Lucky for her, a few teachers cared too much to let that be the case. The setting plays a big part of how and why Kelsey acts and thinks the way that she

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