A Career As A Nurse Practitioner

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Nurse Practitioner, professional health care I wish to pursue because of, caring for people,getting paid a lot, working a set schedule. I have been interested in being a Nurse Practitioner for about a year or two2. I have always had an interest in the medical field,but being a nurse really hooked me, because they are always in need and they are payed well. Being a nurse practitioner has a huge amount of duties some are easy and fun and some are difficult and stressful, you might deal with a tragic injury.(“Common Work Activities”1). This part of the job I feel I would dog good with because I am very good in a crisis. A Nurse Practitioner might also assist a doctor in prescribing medication, or caring for a patient. A much needed skill is computer skills, meaning knowing how to work the programs and entering things in. Another common task they might run into is dealing with an unruly patient. These are task I might run into being a Nurse Practitioner. …show more content…

To me, this feature is really attractive because I would like to have a huge amount of job security.They have a huge amount of job opportunities in the military if they are a Nurse Practitioner or any career in the medical field. One factor that is awesome, is that nurses are always in high demand so they will always be need/wanted. Also, if I become certified as a Nurse Practitioner I am certified in every state, so I can almost work where ever I

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