A Christmas Carol How Does Scrooge Character Change

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A Christmas Carol is a play in which the protagonist, Ebenezer Scrooge, absolutely hates Christmas and cares about nobody. But as this play progresses, Scrooge slowly realizes that he needs to change his ways. He realizes this when his employee, Marley, tells him that three spirits will visit him and try to make him change his ways. After all the spirits visit Scrooge, he realizes that he desperately needs to change, and that’s exactly what he does. He helps others and is nice to them. But an important question to ask is, how does Scrooge’s character change throughout the play? How do the spirits convince him to become a new man? These are the questions that this essay will be answering. So let’s look at the first Christmas spirit’s visit and …show more content…

As the name suggests, this spirit will show Scrooge his past. But how does this make Scrooge’s character change? Well, let’s look at the beginning of their visit. Before this spirit actually visits Scrooge, Marley’s ghost, who is wrapped in chains warns him. This is his punishment for being selfish and greedy while he was alive. Marley is trying to warn him so that Scrooge doesn’t end up like him. Marley tells him about the three spirits of Christmas and how they're each going to visit him one by one. Marley leaves, and the first ghost arrives. The spirit of Christmas past arrives, and she’s here to show Scrooge his past. From these visions, we see Scrooge feels guilty for doing such things and certainly regrets them. We see Scrooge used to love Christmas, he basically had the Christmas spirit. But that soon faded away, as he doesn’t have it anymore. Scrooge yells at the spirit to leave him alone, and that’s exactly what happens. The spirit didn’t change him that much, but it definitely got him to think. The second spirit's visit is where he …show more content…

This spirit will show Scrooge what’s going to happen in the future. These are the visions that do it for Scrooge, this event makes him change his ways and become a better person. What did he see that made him change? In these visions, Scrooge realizes he dies alone. Nobody was there for him when he died. This fact is because no one cares about him. Everybody hates him because of his attitude and he only cares about himself. People are also trying to steal his valuables. People out there are more unfortunate than him, so they’re trying to steal his stuff to get some money. Nobody was there to watch over them because Scrooge was the only one who did. Nobody even felt sympathy for him at all, he was such a horrible person who nobody even cared that he died. He also sees that Tiny Tim did in fact die because he didn’t get the treatment that he needed. After Future’s visit, this event tells Scrooge that he has to change his ways. His afterlife doesn’t seem good if he sticks on the path that he is currently on. If he doesn’t change now, his future seems horrible, and Future’s visit proves

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