A Comparison Of Curley's Wife In Of Mice And Men

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Tart, Tramp, trouble, Bitch, are just some of the names given to Curley 's wife, who is never given a name in the entire book. But was she? Or was she just a lonely girl looking to have real conversations and to be noticed? In the article “I’m not a tart,” Meester, the actor who plays Curley’s wife on Broadway, has an interesting opinion to this girl without a name. She believes that “there is both a lack of reason to truly hate this woman, and the undeniable urge to do so.” I myself find Curley 's wife to be a bit misunderstood. She is the only woman on a ranch full of grown men who work all day, I can see how she could get lonely and seek attention to herself to pass the time. Meester states that John Steinbeck isn’t being outright

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