A Comparison Of Perseus And Olympian King Theseus

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Bravery, the ability to perform accordingly, even when half scared to death is an exceptional trait possessed by humans, which allows us to move ahead in spite of fear and take risks to be successful within our lives. Perseus, son of Olympian King Zeus, is a prestigious hero in Greek mythology, illustrious for severing the head of vicious Gorgon Medusa. Theseus, son of Poseidon and King Aengus, is a prominent hero in Greek mythology, distinguished for the innumerable quests he participated in for the welfare of others to help eradicate notorious, obnoxious monsters. Theseus is extraordinarily courageous, which he proves throughout the multitudinous quests he goes on, while Perseus on the contrary demonstrates inconsequential courage when compared to Theseus. Correspondingly, Theseus justifies he is intelligent as he successfully completes his quests individually, nevertheless, Perseus often seeks assistance from other immortals or magical items. Notwithstanding, the fact Perseus severed Gorgon Medusa 's head, Theseus is braver than Perseus as he is more courageous and intelligent, consequently leading him to be a better role model for adolescents. Courage, a phenomenal trait is the acquired ability to move beyond fear, which is crucial for every hero to possess. Theseus has a remarkable amount of courage, thus allowing him to confront agony, pain, and danger. As Theseus courageously went to Athens, "He became determined to choose the perilous land passage" (Rosenberg and

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