A Former Child Soldiers Essay

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Not only have these child soldiers have been through harsh conditions of training and taken away, but child soldiers should be given amnesty because they were easy to be manipulated or forced to do such crimes. The strategy that these training camps do to manipulate these child soldiers is placing drugs to their systems, to which can cause many to be confused or to not think rationally for what actions they take upon. The article, “A Former Child Soldier Shares His Story In New Graphic Novel,” Chikwanine shares his story of when he was a young child to where they have forced him from drugs to do a crime upon his friends. The text states, “There, a fighter drugged him with a mix of cocaine and gunpowder. Chikwanine was blindfolded and made to hold a gun, then told …show more content…

Along with how the person he was forced to kill was one of many who were close to him in his life and a friend, giving him to never forget and to keep going forward from the guilt. Not only has drugs been involved through manipulation, but also of threatening or terrifying these children from thinking about escaping or leaving these camps, either risking their lives or to join. In the article, “Hope for Uganda’s child soldier, “ Bosco Ojok, a former child soldier, shares his vile experience of when he could not ever dream of leaving camps after hearing of what they would do to those who try to leave to be killed or be punished brutally. It claims, “...without food or water, armed with an AK-47 to loot and to kill, Bosco Ojok dared not dream of going home... he never said a word to anyone about escaping…included cutting off the lips, ears and noses of civilians as they fought the government. If anyone heard, the frightened teen knew, it would mean his swift execution”(Blue and Woodward,

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